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  1. On Dearborn cars it should be on the front radiator support somewhere. Passenger side I think. Not sure about other plants. -Mike
  2. Not me. I just assumed it was because I was on mobile. Weird.
  3. Your picture isn't showing up on your post. I think that he was asking.
  4. Title matches the vin on the dash and fender.
  5. Curious if anybody else has seen anything like this. -Mike
  6. Zachary?? Yeah, I'd be the same way. Of course it's a problem I will never have. :)
  7. It's still on the car, but I could see smoke coming from the internal switch itself. I'll probably swap it out with another one next week. As long as the headlights are off, it doesn't get hot/smoke and everything else that apparently goes through it works (e.g. brake lights). I didn't see any burnt wires anywhere and the switch connector looks fine. -Mike
  8. I went to this show today -- it wasn't too bad, but I was disappointed in the vintage cars there. I counted 99 total cars at the show, and 20 of them were '73 and earlier mustangs. There were two '69's and 3 70's. The best of show winner was the other '69 - a Boss 429 in perfect condition. It was the best Boss 429 I had ever seen in person and very deserving of the win. Of course when you don't drive the car, it's much easier to keep in that condition.
  9. Well it seems the dash light issue is a problem in the fuse box. It was one of the few things we didn't take off the car when it was restored. I have a spare fuse box from a parts car I will be replacing it with. Has anybody ever done this? I'm wondering how much of the dash I will have to take apart to do it. And if it's not one thing, it's another. I was driving the car yesterday and suddenly smelled something hot and then had some smoke coming out of my dash. After taking the pad, cluster, and radio out, I finally traced it back to a bad headlight switch. It is barely a year old! On the bright side, I drove my car my a total of 250 miles today without issue and have her safely in my garage again :)
  10. I agree that would be annoying if most of the windows were up. Seems pointless to me since if they were going to do a concours judging on it, they ought to be opening the doors and really getting up close with the car anyway. So yeah, for a show like that, whats the point? I'll have to keep an eye out to see if I come across any shows like that.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did some research a while back and figured this came from a '74 Galaxie, but I can't be 100% sure. And I forget what the compression was rated at, but it will work for what I wanted right now anyway.
  12. Thought I'd give you guys an update. Turns out the guy who had the '69 351w actually had a 302, so that didn't work out. With memorial day off this week, I was able to get 3 days to work on the car with my father in law. We brought the car to his shop on Monday, pulled the engine, rebuilt the '74, and had it back in and running last night (Wed). I finally got to see what the inside of my engine looked like, and it was an absolute mess. As far as we can tell, it looks like a rod cap nut came off somehow. In the pile of broken parts I found a bolt without a nut and no damaged threads, so this is likely the culprit. Of course, I have no idea how that happened as when the engine was rebuilt it was torqued to the right specifications using a torque wrench. Anyway, here are some pictures. And here are pictures of the cleaned up and rebuilt '74 and going into the car. Fired up pretty easily last night.
  13. I bought a majority of the stuff I needed from CJ Pony Parts and NPD. If you are not in a rush and can buy parts well ahead of time, buy them from CJ's only when they are running a sale and you will almost always find the lowest price across any of the companies. Outside of a sale, they tend to be on the higher side. When I needed something quickly, I usually went with NPD to avoid any potential backorders from CJ's.. -Mike
  14. Actually just heard from someone locally that might have '69 351w we could use. Will be checking on that this week.
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