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  1. ....To love a car where the manufacturer originally used the marketing term "razzle-dazzle" :) :)
  2. I don't know that much about OHM'S law, I think he rode around in a chauffeured Rolls Royce, solving murder mysteries, HA
  3. Being the long time Central Florida resident, I always say a little thanks to the inventors of air conditioning. My wife attended John B. Gorrie Elementary in Tampa, I believe he resided in Pensacola, which is near the area of a certain person who posts on this forum and is good with electrons. : )
  4. Just looked, the photos are 7 years old, buyer beware
  5. This is online as of Thursday Morning;
  6. New oil pressure sender and now I don't think the engine is about to blow. Yippee So, finally got car on the road Saturday morning. Cars and Coffee in nearby Oviedo, Florida. Good crowd, lots of pent up demand. Any day you can drive your Mustang is a good day.
  7. Thanks guys I will experiment this weekend, let you know how it goes. JIM
  8. hello there Yep 69 = Windsor Ontario Stock pump, one rubber or flexible line and one hard line, no idea if that is a proper setup. It does work. Gauge was fine for years and now shows uncomfortably low oil pressure. Thanks
  9. Had a question on changing out the sender. With the 351 and power steering, it looks like I need to either unbolt and lay down the power steering pump or actually drain and disconnect the lines, which I am loath to do. My mechanical skills are not quite up to the level of my peers on this forum. The whole issue has come about because of a low gauge reading. I have read many posts about the lack of accuracy of our gauges circa 1969, but the temp and fuel both are exactly where they have always been, the oil is disturbingly low. Thanks for any input. JIM
  10. If I'm reading the date code correctly, today is 51 years since that glorious day in Metuchen. (I winder if that is an oxymoron) :) JIM P.S. Dog is not original equipment
  11. How about the "driver is hot lets put in a roof vent" modification? Would it auction for more or less with that mod.?
  12. Glad you are making progress, unless something has changed, I had to send my Florida tag to the land of the northern bureaucrats (Tallahassee) where you cool your heels and hope they says yes and send (it) back. Had some weird rules about discoloration modification, etc. I'm sure the concern is about making sure they can mail me red light or toll violation tickets. JIM
  13. ??? Ah yes he is over the pond, whoa not only 6 mpg but super expensive gas. Maybe something easy like a hung up brake pad? Good Luck JIM
  14. Is it possible you got coupe/convertible windows instead of the fastback glass?
  15. I watched a West Coast Cougar You Tube video on converting to power brakes. Jogged my memory so I went to his web page. He (West Coast Cougar) says on his web page that disc brake pedal is longer then drum brake pedal. Also says you can trim an automatic brake pedal to work on a manual transmission car. (Both disc applications?) Then you have power or manual brake applications. Does that mean four or six possible combinations? I was always lousy on these type of brain teasers. He also indicates that 69 booster, pedal and hanger are one year only applications. Sorry for the confusion, but it looks like there are a lot of potential combinations that could be wrong vs the one right. JIM
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