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  1. I used a cutting wheel on my grinder to cut a nice big hole on top. Putting a new one on with fresh bolts was easy with a wrench
  2. I had the same prob. Turns out my box was warped/misformed. It did not allow the flap to move freely no matter how much i lubed or messed with it. So i reached in with a razor blade and trimed the flap. Works fine now?
  3. pull out the entire dash and dinomatt the fire wall :) and reseal your heater box. for me it was one of tho's things where i went in to fix one thing and there were 5 things behind it , i needed to fix wile i had it out. Its not hard , just takes time I think i had every thing back together in a hour and a half.
  4. Mine came with little wire clips that bolted in to the hood , and the chrome trim clipped onto them. Your right about the center point thing . drives me nut too. It was really easy to instal tho
  5. use the number on the "air horn" ? (Top of the carb, front pic.) google it or call this guy at Coastal Carburetors 843-410-7946. LOve's Hollys!
  6. rack and pinion, and a coil over set up. I used "track or street" and i LOve it! Im still working on a good rear suspension. I replaced every thing stock the first time around, springs, nice shocks, Roller spring perches, ball joints, bushings exe. It just wasn't good enough, The technology is 40 years old no matter how fresh it is. my 2 cents
  7. So im trying to decide.. For the same amount of money . What is the better choice for a REAR suspension upgrade? Im already runing a "street or track" coil over suspension in the front of the car. For the rear i was looking at New leaf springs and a Watts link or something like Heidt's Bolt-In 4 Link Kit. http://www.streetortrack.com/Fays2-V...-pr-24433.html http://www.mustangdepot.com/OnLineCa...ion/4_link.htm What do you think ? Thanks in Advance !
  8. fmx transmission is cast iron i believe . so its really heavy with limited resale valve. I swapped my FMX with a tko 500 bc Like you i had a 351w, and the T5 whould have been pushed to its limits. Even the nice t5 is only rated to 300-350 foot lbs of toque. If you go with a 5 speed, plan on changeing your rear end as well. $250 parts + 7 hours labor The whole job cost me about 5k? A c4 whould get the job done but.... if your going to stick with an auto transmission! I whould save my pennies and nail down an AOD . You will be happy for years to come!
  9. ok so from what ive read i found that people are saying its better if the shock/spring mounts to the lower control arm vs the upper... any truth to that?
  10. So I've been looking at steeroids r&p set up for my car. From speeddirect.com and the salesmen Randy told me they also coil over spring set ups on there web sight for $850 bucks. Does anyone know anything about there " vector" coil over set up? I don't really know the first thing about this stuff.. Thanks in advance!
  11. I just found out its an FMX transmission if that makes any difference? EDIT: I dont know if it slipped? i was running only headers and dont have the kickdown hooked back up
  12. just checked the linkage its fine from what ive read the transmission will work without vacuum it just wont go into 3rd gear I pulled the transmission cooler lines and check to see if the pump was pumping fluid and it deff was. so i no longer thinking its the pump.. do you guys think it could be a clogged filter? a buddy of mine said hes seen the filter deal fall down to the bottom of the pan on some GM cars. dont know if ours are the same. WHold love any suggestions if youve got any, Thanks
  13. pantera: you said you were puting 5 1/4 speakers in the kick pannel? Is that in place of the vent? Does anyone have any pics of speaker placement and size's they used for them...
  14. DRASTIK: the car was running and it was in park. I was just out there with my buddy and i disconnected the modulator line from the tree and ran it directly to the vacuum port on the back of the intake manifold. well just kinda held it in place. wile my buddy put it into gear. IT WORKED! lol until i made it a little more permanent and tried it myself. It whoulnt go into gear again.
  15. The fluid level after the 20 mile run read "over filled" OH i dont know if this helps but wile i was driving it back from the shop, right before a complete stop the car would shutter. and it wasent the brakes it was deff the transmission. but that seemed to go away by the time i got home
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