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  1. Completely restored original Ford Clutch/brake pedal assembly. Looks perfect and all new. Original parts not weaker repos. Bought this for my car but not sure I'm going to change it now. $400 plus shipping email srsfunk@hotmail.com for fastest reply. I'm not on here that often I can email or text pics, tired to upload on here but they wont load
  2. So after 20 years I think its time, still haven't touched this car in a couple years so its time to move it on to someone else. I am thinking of the auction route but wanted to try a few websites to see if there's any interest. It is about a 3 year old 3 year every nut and bolt resto,with about 10 to 20 miles since then. 408 C4, I have a restored Clutch/brake pedal set up for it as well. 4 wheel disc, 17" wheels, lowered ect. to much to list. Asking $39000 will consider part trades for 65 to 69 mustang (fastbacks only) or newer Shelby, vette or porsche Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Yes! thats the look I want. BTW my buddy has 70 bird, cant wait to show him yours
  4. The regulator is gone, its a one wire Powermaster alternator, the solinoid is down by the starter and the MSD box is under the cowl, does make changing the RPM setting a pain. The idea was to hide as much as possible and get rid of the holes in the engine bay like we do on the late models. I know I should have driven it more but I don't like how it drives, thats why I want to make changes. Between building a new house and a couple other cars this one got over looked the last couple years. Hoping to make that change. Oh and I only get maybe 6 good months to drive them up here near Buffalo.
  5. Thanks, you may have seen it on NYMustangs, I think I posted it there a while ago. The car is on 17X8 wheels, front tires are 245/45-17 and rear 255/45-17, front coils are Mustangs Plus 620s with one coil cut off and a-arms are moved up with the Shelby mod, think it sits about 3" lower, rear springs are 4 1/2 leaf mid eye also from mustangs plus The master cylinder acts like there's air in the lines, there's not I'm sure, think I need a larger bore to fill the 4 calipers. I'm not sure what master the car has on it, it was on it when I got it, one of the very few parts that hasn't been changed. The black paint under the hood is John Deere Blitz Black, its made by Valspar, I get it at work, its also what I used for the hood strip, grill, rear honeycomb, and side clading. You can get it in spray cans or quarts to mix in spray. I used a gun to spray it, seems to look more even that way. Grabbermach, you aren't far from me, I get down to the glen a few times a year (6 hrs and vintage stuff), I also drag (my vette now, used be an 02 GT) at Empire. I have to update my location I just moved but only a few miles.
  6. This was one of my favorite pics along the way, kind of the turning point. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. I've been on here a few years but never posted much, thought I share a couple pics of my Mach1. I bought the car in 1993 and its been through a lot, about 5 years ago it came totally apart, every nut and bolt was out. I did almost all the work myself at home in my garage. Three years later you see the results, since then I've done almost nothing with it. ( about 10 miles total) The past year or so I have been considered selling it, but never could figure what to ask and really didn't need the money so I let it sit in the garage. The past couple weeks I've gotten the bug to change it up again. I've had master cylinder problem for years, ever since the SSBC rear disc kit was installed so first up is a bigger master. Then on to more mods. The car has a 408 which dyno'd at 545/497 it's mated to a C4 but I dont have enough convertor, so thats coming out to be replaced by a TKO, then a manual rack and new front suspension (coil overs) to lower it farther. I'd also like to mini tub and get more tire under the back end. Would also like to change up the wheels, maybe something like ADV1 or HRE's, just not sure what to go with. I'm looking for input as to what you guys would do to it. What companys would you use for suspension and steering ect. I kind of want to take the car to the next level. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. yep, its a 289 factory intake, I wish it fit a 351w, i'd have it on the 408 in my Mach, if fact I've considered selling my 408 and building a 347 just to use the intake
  9. Intake is part number C6ZZ-6B068-A intake and carbs as pictured, one carb is missing some minor linkage, I also have the Holley trick kit for the carbs, which has a bunch of new parts and a few used. This came from the Ford parts side back in the 60's I really dont have a use for this and if someone wants it I will sell it. I have an idea what it might be worth to the right person, I'm open to offers, I dont need to sell it and I would much rather see somebody use than it sit on a shelf in my inventory. best bet is to email me at srsfunk@hotmail.com My zip is 14032, I would ship if I have to. . Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. Agree if they are OEM wheels they are 8", I had an 02 GT and tried to put the Bullits on my 70 Mach and they did not fit. It was a couple years ago but I think it was hitting the upper ball joints, cant remember for sure. If you do some checking you will find a kit to mount late model Bullits on the older cars, its basicly just spacers, but it will make them fit. As far as tire size you will be fine with a 245/45-17 or 245/40-17 On my car now I have AR Torque Thrust M's on 245/40-17 front and 255/45-17 rear but the wheels were ordered for a 1970
  11. I want to change a couple things on my car and I'm in need of a clutch pedal set-up. Right now my car is an auto and I plan to switch to a T-5 or TKO, so I need the whole pedal assembly best bet is to email me at srsfunk@hotmail.com
  12. Just finished up my 70 Mach1 and I have some stuff left that I'd like to find a home for Brand new fiberglass front spoiler Used ps bracket for headers Almost new Volage regulator, harness and alternator New felts for door panel, only have door panel side, both doors New small block aluminum water pump 70 taillight bezels, ok for painting but not good enough to use as is 2 1/16 Autogage mech. oil press and temp gauges, used would need new fural for op line 74 351w heads p/u only 72 FMX trans and convertor p/u only Brand new Auto meter 2 1/16 sport comp volt meter Used 19" 6 blade flex fan 9" yoke for small joint Parts would be shipped from 14032, make me and offer for anything if you need it, PM or for faster reply srsfunk@hotmail.com I'm sure I have more stuff will add more soon.
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