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  1. Hey Guys, Just a couple quick questions on converting my car from a FMX transmission to a 4 speed top loader. I have all the linkage in the car with the clutch pedal, now with the center console out of my car, is the hole where the automatic shifter big enough for the top loader or is it too big?? I have no clue what to expect. The console i have is for a manual so im not worried about that. Its the actual hole thats in the floor? And also, is the driveshaft the same for an FMX and 4 speed toploader?? Thanks guys!
  2. You guys rock! Thanks again for the pics and the help!
  3. Hey Guys, I put in my Turn signal switch and there is one part of the switch i have no clue where it connects? It might not even be for my car. There are two pics, its the white connector thats hanging off the steering its connected by a wire to the actual turn switch. Let me know where it goes or if it even goes on my car please! Thanks for any info!
  4. Stupid question, if i went with a bigger flywheel the bellhousing has to be bigger right? Im very new sorry for the dumb question. If so will it mate to the 1983 block? I already had a bellhousing that had a casting number of D1TA which is supposedly for a 351 out of a truck (i looked it up) and it was way too big! almost an inch wider.
  5. Alright guys i have another problem with this motor that i am building. I need to know what size flywheel to go with and clutch. Ill give a little history on the car and the motor. Its a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1, i purchased with no motor originally an automatic car. Im converting it to manual with a 4 speed toploader. The motor is a 351w out of a 1983 Truck i believe. Bascially im just using the block. Im going to have forged internals, proform carb. Aluminum heads. The car is going to be a weekend cruiser with a bit of power. Now the question i have is what size flywheel should i go with?? 164 tooth or 157 tooth? Obviously if i go with the 164 tooth i could probably go with an 11" clutch? I just need some advice on what route to go with. Thanks.
  6. Basically all the guy is using is the block out of the original motor. Its going to be all forged internals, with about 450-500 hp at the motor. So id say mild performance. The car is only going to be a occasionally weekend cruiser with some power.
  7. The Block might have come from the truck but i am buying a new flywheel anyways. What do you recommend? 157 tooth or 164 tooth? As for the T5 setup, ive looked into it the cheapest anyone around here can do is well over $4500! :(
  8. Thanks for the replies! Thing with scattershield bells is in Canada they want almost 600-1000 bucks for one! I should have added that my car is strictly going to be cruising with an occasional fun, no drag strips for this car. So i feel spending that much on a bellhousing would be crazy.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm very new to this site and the whole building a mustang world. I have a question that needs an Engine Guru to answer. I recently bought a 1970 Mustang Mach 1, the vehicle came with no motor so i went to a local performance shop and they are building me a 351w. Now he included the block for free for me and when we looked up the casting number it came up as a 1984 block. My question is, I want to put in a top loader. Will i be able to put in a 1969-70 era 351w bellhousing?? Are the blocks the same from 1969 all the way up to 1984?? Thanks for the help!
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