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  1. Windshield, door and 1/4 window glass, wiper motor, hood and door hinges, dash side bezel, kick panels, water pump sold thanks Carmen.
  2. Bumpers, Bumper brackets, 2piece strut brace, license plate bracket, hood latch, headlight bucket, door handles sold
  3. I have a complete tail section cut out of a coupe. Where are you located?
  4. I had purchased a 351 69 coupe, originally a California car that was brought up upstate NY where I found it. It was an auto car tho
  5. Bump, someone is posting ads that are taking over the first page of for sale ads.
  6. Although shipping might be rather expensive
  7. Price drop 275$, open to offers. Hard to find a complete set in this colour, trust me. When I thought I had lost these and started looking for a replacement set, not easy to come by.
  8. I have one off a 351 M-code. What am I looking for to verify it's original?
  9. Yes I do, if your interested in seeing pictures, leave your email address.
  10. Exhaust Manifolds, motor mounts sold thanks Michel
  11. Exhaust Manifolds, motor mounts sold thanks Michel
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