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  1. that were cut and taped under the dash. Being partially colorblind makes it tough, but it looks like they belong in the moon shaped plug that goes to the column. Would having any wires there cause the gauges not to work? I bench tested and all respond fine (tach dash), but plugged in I have nothing but lamps and the pass side blinker light (left side works, but the arrow doesnt light up. Poss related or not related is that my brake lights dont light up...switch is good and plugged in. all park lights work fine, as do the turn signals. Looking at the pins, the last 3 on the inside are not plugged in. On a tach dash, are the holes all used or are some not? I will post pics of colored wires, son said they are different colors of green, light and a dark, one with what looks like a white stripe, and a tanish one. Do they make the pins, or should i just wire outside of the plug? I did search and read about 30 posts on this subject, but with a tach dash it seemed to not apply to most, and others had issues with the pod not working which is not my issue, it works fine outside of the car. Thanks!!
  2. you need the clip set at the right distance and it wont pull out. I pull my cap and rotor (just so the rotor doesnt catch my fingers), hold pressure down on the dist, then bump the solenoid....drops it in place every time. done it a thousand times.
  3. I have this exact issue, did anyone ever find the solution here? My gauges test fine outside the car using a metered 2-5v....I have a tach dash so only the fuel and temp are there...and not working while plugged in. on the bench hooked up they work great. i also used black tape to ensure they were not touching. I have a few wires cut in the dash...none directly going to the plug. i heard about a possible wire grounded that should not be - this might be it, anyone know what wire it could be?
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