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  1. Haven’t done anything for a long time....time to get back at it. Welded in trunk floor this weekend.
  2. If you wanted to gamble on another door from them you could purchase another one...and return the old one in the new box
  3. Send a PM to Danno. He is a member here and he sells original radios. I got one from him with the ipod conversion done to it. Quality product.
  4. Congratulations...looking forward to seeing your pics
  5. I saw that car last weekend at the Goodguys Puyallup show. Pretty sweet ride. We saw at least 7 or 8 Riviera's participating in the show. I don't remember any being at the show in years past.
  6. Hey Prayers1, Can you post a picture of your fix? I'm sure I will encounter this as well when I go to put mine on. Cheers Lee
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