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  1. Be careful putting insulation in. Least don’t be afraid to minimize it. I ordered the stock replacement and it’s a bit too much, may not be if you trim down, like an inch or 2 all the way around. If I ever need to take mine out, I will try a layer of sound deadner and remove the stock insulation. One more mention. The stock, fuzzy insulation, if I were to use, I’d install it first before painting. Get some over spray on it. That way if any of the panel was held out a smidge, the white insulation wouldn’t be visible. Well damn, yet 1 more mention. The sail needs a little bit of spongy towards the bottom to make it fit against the hockey trim. My originals had a remnant of foam there. I guess my thought would be to minimize the insulation towards the top. I have ridges panels and they fit like a glove. Far superior to the tmi panels imo. Just be conscience of getting too much thickness behind them.
  2. There is a hole in the body for the clip to attach. My tmi sail panels just came unglued when I snapped it in. Ridgerunner on here makes nice fiberglass replacements if you want another option.
  3. Thank you much bswor, I was nervous indeed. Glad to see it back.
  4. Do you have it completely installed with weatherstripping and no issues?
  5. Kris, which measurement did you use? I used 1” on the drivers door and the fit is perfect. Ready to do my passenger side and curious what you did.
  6. I have that radio in my 69. I don’t have the bezel on yet, as it hits the FM/AM buttons. My bezel is aftermarket so I don’t care to notch it. Hope it don’t look too chopped after I do it or else I’ll switch radios. I’ll warn ya, those radios are not very loud. I don’t think any number of speakers will help much. To be fair I have a lot of high frequency hearing loss. I can’t hear mine with the windows down and traveling at any speed . Maybe yours will be better than mine. Mine came from a 1977 towncar in a wrecking yard.
  7. I agree with the others. Another thing I did when I first acquired my 69, whenever I realized a part was missing or un-restorable I typed it in my notes in my iPhone 4. I just documented the parts I wanted to buy as good used ford parts, not new parts as they are available anytime (not as true today). The list got huge, but eventually I found the pieces at swap meets, search tempest/Craigslist and eBay and such. I met several new friends with much more knowledge than me. 13 years later (today) and up to an iPhone 13, I’m down to 1 passenger side door glass. Don’t give it up, 69 sportsroofs has been my fav since I was 5 yo. I can say it’s worth the effort. You’ll meet plenty car guys and gals to help guide you. RPM certainly put you onto the best names. Everybody on this forum loves to see pics and help out. Vmf is a good resource too but not as family like as 69Stang.
  8. Thank you guys, you’ve answered my questions.
  9. Great, what about the bolts? Silver cad or body color too?
  10. Installing my door parts. The rear window stop has a plate and 2 bolts that are just to the rear of the door panel and visible. Should they be body color or plated or something else?
  11. In case you want to clean under there. The area under the pan generally gets baked oil caked in there and pretty nasty. The hardware that looks like rivits twist out. I get them out by using a putty knife and peck with a hammer between the rivet head and pan.
  12. Still trying to find a nice 69 passenger side clear glue in glass for my 69 sportsroof. Also need a door lock rod for the drivers side. Holding out for good original parts. Let me know if you have either available?
  13. Thanks Mach. I need the card too. I should’ve been more specific. I need the paint color of the metal tray under the cardboard.
  14. My package tray isn’t original to the car, kinda looks like dark charcoal metallic is on it but not sure. Can someone advise if the package tray on a sportsrooof non fold down seat should be body color or dark charcoal gray or black or?????
  15. Thanks unilec, I may go that route and make the best of it. I’m still holding out for a better glass since they’re a pain to put in and I want to be satisfied.
  16. Cantedvalve, Did you have time to status check the glass?
  17. I have one with a chip, another with scratches. I’m looking for a pretty nice glass. When yours is clean, does it have any flaws? Can you ship to 42518 ky?
  18. I’ve been searching for a nice passenger side door glass for at least a couple of years. Getting a little desperate now that the car is nearing completion. Anybody have a 69 pass side clear sportsroof glue in door glass they can sell and ship. I’m in ky if there’s any within driving distance.
  19. I think it’s a urethane primer that’s applied to etch the glass. My glass had it on there already so I didn’t buy it, it was $35 a bottle at the parts house I use.
  20. Thank you much. I went with the 3/8. Install went perfect today.
  21. Anyone know for sure what size ribbon I need to install the windshield with? I’ve researched a lot, coming up with 5/16” or 3/8”. It is a replacement glass and I don’t see any markings on it.
  22. I just did this. I would not recommend the ones I purchased from NPD. I don’t remember the brand right off but they weren’t tmi ones. Mine had plenty material to wrap around the window pinch weld if needed. The new cardboard is too stiff and flat. That caused a lot of light to bleed out of the top. The clip on the rear came off on both. The adhesive they used to glue the moonskin on didn’t dry. It was a gooey mess. I made my own plate to secure the clip on the back with black weatherstripping adhesive and contoured the panel some with steam and weighted it with body dolly’s. Once contoured, the moonskin was bubbled. One came out ok but it looked used after all that. I gave up, I just ordered 2 Fiberglas sail panels from Ridgerunner on here. He makes them and come highly recommended. I was planning on ordering the tmi version had I not came across Ridgerunners offering but tmi aren’t in stock anywhere. I would not recommend headliner adhesive. It dries much like pvc glue in my experience. I much preferred the black weatherstripping adhesive. It sticks very well and you can adjust it for several days. The 3M super77 might go on smoother.
  23. Do you have an installed pic and price? I’m ready to order. Do you have a site? How do you prefer yo communicate? I sent a message if it’s any easier.
  24. Curious if you’re still making 69sportsroof sail panels.
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