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  1. shelbyshelby

    More help needed - Back-Up light Switch

    You mentioned “when shifted into neutral”. It doesn’t have a neutral feature, it’s only for reverse lights. Only the automatics had the neutral safety feature. If the trans is in reverse in your pics, I think I might try just putting a vacuum cap or similar piece over button that would effectively make the button a little longer and maybe turn the reverse lights on. Also, it seems like I remember maybe the 1st 3rd shifter stops can be adjusted to deep into shifter causing reverse to not fully shift. Just throwing out a couple ideas to check.
  2. shelbyshelby

    Mach 1 clock

    I have 2 of these clocks, both have the white second hand. That’s not to imply they’re all like that. Maybe somebody with more intel will be able to confirm one way or the other.
  3. shelbyshelby

    Door Prep

    Wanted update this thread in case it’d help anybody in the future. I have 3 sets of deluxe door panels. Only my original door panels line up to the lower holes. So the intel must be correct about the original installer using an awl to drive the holes at random is at least plausible. I’m guessing that’s why the new door panels aren’t pre-drilled in the lower location.
  4. shelbyshelby

    Door Prep

    Per casyrhe’s experience with no predrilled holes, in 2 different brand panels, I’m going to wait til later to do the lower holes. I’ll finish my door skin for now and do the lower holes after paint, when new panels are bought. Thanks casey
  5. shelbyshelby

    Door Prep

    I can see that being a + in a way caseyrhe. Especially if the doors were just randomly punched with an awl from ford. Did you drill all new holes panel/door or manage somehow to get the new panels drilled close enough to reuse the prior holes in the metal door shell?
  6. shelbyshelby

    Door Prep

    Couple of questions regarding prep for a door. Preparing a door shell for epoxy before putting on a new skin and want to get all the prep before epoxy or indtalling my nos skin. One of my last areas of concern is this weather strip area. Wondering if the wavy metal needs to be straightened some to install the rubber later or if the rubber installs, leaving the strip as is? Also, I’m converting this standard shell to deluxe. In so, notice the standard shell I’m prepping doesn’t have screw holes at the doors bottom for the deluxe door panel. Curious if those who have bought new door panels, if the new panels line up with existing door shell holes? Got some advice on vmf to use an awl to replicate these concave screw holes, any advice/tips on when or how to do this? I’m favoring using my old door panel to position the lower deluxe panel attaching screws so I can do it before the new skin goes on. Thanks for sharing any tips that may help me....Jeff
  7. What year pump do you have? Is it known to be good?
  8. shelbyshelby

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    What seems to be better mig the seam shut and grind it flush or braze it back? Anybody have a pic of the seam mig’d shut?
  9. shelbyshelby

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    Speaking of the deck lid, where the tail panel meets quarter extension, where the deck lid gasket would lay if the lid is closed, mine had brazing in there. Is that something ford did or a previous owner? Looking at mike65’s pic, it would be about where his welding cable is laying
  10. shelbyshelby

    Unbearable squeaking coming from the front

    What Barnett said. My experience from the by gone days, were the upper control arm shafts drying up. That’s why these cars often got holes torched in the shock towers to install grease fittings there or else the shaft would get tight, then the shock tower stress cracked all to pieces. Putting new parts on is the best way to maintain the mustangs, but money was tougher to get back then I suppose.
  11. shelbyshelby

    Rear wheel spacing

    I’ve noticed the wheels arent really centered in my 69’s rear wheel wells, both sides. New leaf springs, u-bolts and tie bolts, original 9”. I’ve looked online a bunch and notice some 69’s are similar to mine and some seem to be better centered but it’s tough to get the right pictures to compare. Anyhow, grendi just posted a pic of his on his window trim post. His looks to be like mine. I’m not sure if this is designed that way or a problem exists. Here’s grendi’s pic of his, hope you are ok with TBUT of the pics grendi, to further the hobby. With yours being off on one side, makes me think yours may have a problem. Maybe one side is in the wrong spring perch hole.
  12. shelbyshelby

    Window Crank/Handle

    I’m not having any luck ID’ing the correct handles, even the new ones don’t have a listing for a early December 68 built, 69 with deluxe interior with stereo speakers. I did find in my parts this one but it doesn’t match the numbers from snafu. It also has a white knob that’s been painted black so I’m doubting it’s original to my black interior car. It has a C8UB number?? My doors aren’t together yet, to try it. I’m gathering parts so after paint it’ll go together quicker, I’m not in a rush. Anybody have an assembly manual or other possible resource to identify the correct handles. I have read that there’s a difference in length and/or different depth handles for the stereo speakers. Google is failing me on this one. Thanks for any more insight.
  13. shelbyshelby

    1968 Fender

    Hope I’m violating rules, just thought since some us have multiple cars, one of you may have 68 parts available. Im looking for a nice 67/68 drivers side mustang fender oem/original or nos. I’m in ky but willing to travel to pick up. Better the condition, the more I’m interested. Let me know what you got. Leoatbpd@aol.com
  14. shelbyshelby

    Door Needed

    Looking for a nice 69/70 door. Any body style, with or without internals. I need the inner shell to be in good shape. I can live with any other issues. I’m in ky but willing to travel to pick up. Let me know if you have anything available...Jeff leoatbpd@aol.com
  15. shelbyshelby

    Window Crank/Handle

    Thanks snafu for the info and number. I’m beginning my search for 2 really nice originals or nos. Any chance you have really nice ones for sale? Leoatbpd@aol.com