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  1. If you end up piecing it together, I have the 2 upper brackets that mount the top of the steel panel, no hardware or bottom hinges. The 2 shiny ones have sold along with the 2 screws which I believed to be the bracket to body screws. They are in good shape, no rust or bent $20 for 2, plus the $7.20 ride.
  2. 69-70 Parts in ky

    I’m not sure what the cross member came out of. I acquired it in a cache of parts. It looks to me like it’s the common 67-70 SBF with auto or manual. It has some numbers stamped in it if you can make any sense of them, I can’t. The factory bolts don’t come with it anymore.
  3. 69-70 Parts in ky

    I have 2 of one side, I believe they are both right hand side. Both are nice shape, little to no beat marks on them. They have been cleaned and painted or powder coated black. Came in a parts cache, from an avid collector / restorer, so I don’t know any history on them. I think one of them has a date coded motorcraft tag March 1975. Idk if it was a take off from that long ago or not. If one would help you. I’d take $80 plus the ride. Let me know your zip and I’ll check on the shipping. I can get you more individual pics later today. They are both in the first pics but can’t see much detail.
  4. I did this combo and bought a lower hose for a 70 with a 351C. It had to be trimmed some to fit. It’s on and yard driving but the hose has only about 1 inch of clearance to the power steering belt. If you find something better, please post. I need to do it better.
  5. 69-70 Parts in ky

    I have 2 front eye bushings I pressed out of a new pair of Eaton springs to install the global west delrin bushings. I believe the aftermarket springs are different sized OD than original. If you want these, they will arrive for the price of shipping only. They are .257 OD or there about. They were installed in the new springs but never installed on a car. No-go on the brake lines.
  6. 69-70 Parts in ky

    I don’t have the harness. I wasn’t any help. I still have a lot of 69 parts. Thanks everybody for the inquires and purchases. When time permits, I plan to organize and posts some pics of the parts.
  7. 69-70 Parts in ky

    I won’t have the rubbers n fuzzies or hydraulic cylinder. Do you need the underdash harness or the engine harness that feeds the gauges?
  8. 69-70 Parts in ky

    Here’s the trim pieces I had for a 69. I had 4 bottom pieces L/R and about 3 A pillars L/R. Only 1 pair of top windshield trims, that were damaged. May be able to see the damage in the pics. The other trims look very usable with the average dullness that should restore fine. Here’s the kicker, I’ve not determined if they are coupe or fastbacks. I assume at least the the A pillar trims are different lengths but idk. I have some fastback trims at another location to measure but it may take me several days to get there.
  9. Parts for Sale - Multiple Listings

    Do the parking lights have any rust pitting or loose sockets?
  10. 69-70 Parts in ky

    I’m not sure. I’ll be at the parts tomorrow and will see if I can identify them. I have quite a few trim pieces. I know what they look like, just wondering if the A pillars are different lengths for coupe / sportsroof? Are you looking for coupe or sportsroof? Need all of the pieces?
  11. 70 FB Backup Switch Wire Routing

    I’m just guessing here, I think 3 and 4 speeds routed under the floor, I’m interested because I just plugged my reverse switch up and let hang down on my restoration because 1) my jack just got threw in the scrap because it started leaking off 2) I don’t know the proper routing yet or have any hardware if it’s required.
  12. 69-70 Parts in ky

    Kinda like I spy but here’s a small portion of the parts I have. Some are reconditioned and some are clean used, some may be take offs from the 1970’s. The motor craft tags are dated 1975. Idk I obtained them from folks that bought a storage unit out and didnt know any history except the family of the deceased didn’t want the mustang related stuff. I have much more. If you need something I may have just ask, I bet we can make a reasonable deal.
  13. 69-70 Parts in ky

  14. Parts for Sale - Multiple Listings

    Are the horns functional? Sound as they should?
  15. 69-70 Parts in ky

    I don’t have any glass. Thanks for the inquiry