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  1. shelbyshelby

    Window Crank/Handle

    I’m not having any luck ID’ing the correct handles, even the new ones don’t have a listing for a early December 68 built, 69 with deluxe interior with stereo speakers. I did find in my parts this one but it doesn’t match the numbers from snafu. It also has a white knob that’s been painted black so I’m doubting it’s original to my black interior car. It has a C8UB number?? My doors aren’t together yet, to try it. I’m gathering parts so after paint it’ll go together quicker, I’m not in a rush. Anybody have an assembly manual or other possible resource to identify the correct handles. I have read that there’s a difference in length and/or different depth handles for the stereo speakers. Google is failing me on this one. Thanks for any more insight.
  2. shelbyshelby

    1968 Fender

    Hope I’m violating rules, just thought since some us have multiple cars, one of you may have 68 parts available. Im looking for a nice 67/68 drivers side mustang fender oem/original or nos. I’m in ky but willing to travel to pick up. Better the condition, the more I’m interested. Let me know what you got. Leoatbpd@aol.com
  3. shelbyshelby

    Door Needed

    Looking for a nice 69/70 door. Any body style, with or without internals. I need the inner shell to be in good shape. I can live with any other issues. I’m in ky but willing to travel to pick up. Let me know if you have anything available...Jeff leoatbpd@aol.com
  4. shelbyshelby

    Window Crank/Handle

    Thanks snafu for the info and number. I’m beginning my search for 2 really nice originals or nos. Any chance you have really nice ones for sale? Leoatbpd@aol.com
  5. shelbyshelby

    Window Crank/Handle

    Does anybody know the correct Ford number to the 69 window cranks with stereo? I don’t know if they’re different length to clear the speaker grille or what’s the difference is? Is this the right number C9UZ-8223342-A? Thanks for any help...Jeff
  6. shelbyshelby

    WTB: 69 Fastback Interior Qtr. Trim Panels

    Sorry for delay, life is just so busy at times it’s hard to get caught up. Here’s the two I have. One looks to be nice shape except paint. The other looks ok but I noticed a small tab that appears to go towards the stuff plate is missing, may be a clean brake, idk if it’s supposed to be there or if it’s usable or not. They are dirty from storage. Let me know if you want a better look at them, I can wash a take more specific pics, especially the area I think may have a tab missing
  7. shelbyshelby

    WTB: 69 Fastback Interior Qtr. Trim Panels

    I have a pair from a cache of parts I bought to resale. I’ll look tomorrow when I go to the parts to see about condition, I believe they were nice iirc except the paint job
  8. shelbyshelby

    Looking for hood latch bracket

    I believe I have a nice spare grille support for your 69 in a cache of parts I bought. I will check tomorrow when I go to the parts. If it’s nice , it’d be $30 plus the ride. Somebody else may come along with a cheaper one if you wait it out though.
  9. If you end up piecing it together, I have the 2 upper brackets that mount the top of the steel panel, no hardware or bottom hinges. The 2 shiny ones have sold along with the 2 screws which I believed to be the bracket to body screws. They are in good shape, no rust or bent $20 for 2, plus the $7.20 ride.
  10. shelbyshelby

    69-70 Parts in ky

    I’m not sure what the cross member came out of. I acquired it in a cache of parts. It looks to me like it’s the common 67-70 SBF with auto or manual. It has some numbers stamped in it if you can make any sense of them, I can’t. The factory bolts don’t come with it anymore.
  11. shelbyshelby

    69-70 Parts in ky

    I have 2 of one side, I believe they are both right hand side. Both are nice shape, little to no beat marks on them. They have been cleaned and painted or powder coated black. Came in a parts cache, from an avid collector / restorer, so I don’t know any history on them. I think one of them has a date coded motorcraft tag March 1975. Idk if it was a take off from that long ago or not. If one would help you. I’d take $80 plus the ride. Let me know your zip and I’ll check on the shipping. I can get you more individual pics later today. They are both in the first pics but can’t see much detail.
  12. I did this combo and bought a lower hose for a 70 with a 351C. It had to be trimmed some to fit. It’s on and yard driving but the hose has only about 1 inch of clearance to the power steering belt. If you find something better, please post. I need to do it better.
  13. shelbyshelby

    69-70 Parts in ky

    I have 2 front eye bushings I pressed out of a new pair of Eaton springs to install the global west delrin bushings. I believe the aftermarket springs are different sized OD than original. If you want these, they will arrive for the price of shipping only. They are .257 OD or there about. They were installed in the new springs but never installed on a car. No-go on the brake lines.
  14. shelbyshelby

    69-70 Parts in ky

    I don’t have the harness. I wasn’t any help. I still have a lot of 69 parts. Thanks everybody for the inquires and purchases. When time permits, I plan to organize and posts some pics of the parts.
  15. shelbyshelby

    69-70 Parts in ky

    I won’t have the rubbers n fuzzies or hydraulic cylinder. Do you need the underdash harness or the engine harness that feeds the gauges?