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  1. Congratulations and well deserved! She's a beauty! What color is that?
  2. That's a great color. Can you tell me what it is?
  3. Hi Jay, I forgot about that episode. That is possibly the most gorgeous red I've ever seen on a car. Thanks for throwing that into the ring! Tom
  4. Thanks again everyone. Love all the comments! Original color is Lime Gold. But the 2nd owner painted it black. I love the Ruby Red!
  5. Thanks everyone for their input. I feel like I'm going to love whatever color I go with. I'm leaning towards the silver because I like how the black will pop against it. I also feel like the silver will tie everything in together. The chrome, my wheels, etc. Thanks again and feel free to chime in and make my decision that much more difficult! But it's like picking between the hot blonde or brunette. Can't go wrong!
  6. I have my 69 Fastback about ready for new paint in the next few weeks. I was pretty much set on Ford Magnetic Gray, and going black on the headlight buckets and taillight panel. I am also planning to paint the hood black in the same design as a 69 Boss. I have at least a couple of weeks before I decide on the paint, but lately I'm considering going with Lexus Atomic Silver. I love the way that this paint reflects light and gives it a darker tone around the curves. So please chime in with your opinion. Lexus Atomic Silver or Ford Magnetic Gray? Thanks.
  7. I had a good transaction with Mustang Depot. If you order on Wednesday they have a coupon code for 5% off. I forget what it is, but if you call them they will give you the code. They didn't have much of it in stock, but they filled the order pretty fast.
  8. Great looking car! Did you buy those flush mounted taillights or make it yourself?
  9. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know. A friend of mine helped me figure out the backspace. The model number is vn4277956557 if that says anything.
  10. 17x8 on the front and 17x9 on the back.
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