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  1. RPM, It didn't sell because of me. Not because of a lack of buyers. BobW70mach1 was ready to show up with the funds sight un-seen, just based on the pics I loaded and our phone conversation. If it goes back on the market this summer, he has first chance at it as per my word. I was actually surprised someone was ready to pounce on it as fast as they did. I have not been active here in some time so I was not sure what the market was doing. The price was agreed upon and will stay the same if it goes back on the market later. B.
  2. Update. I am taking the car off the market for now. It still may come back this summer. Bob has first dibs. Micks has second dibs. Sebastian has third dibs. I have a lot of my heart into this car. Had it for nearly 30 years. I found some revenue to take care of my needs for now. But if things don't better by summer I will be forced to sell the old girl. Thanks guys. B.
  3. Partially restored car for sale. Engine, transmission, rear end fully rebuilt. Traction lok rebuilt. New drive line. "Big" brakes in rear. Engine compartment complete with new harness, radiator, the works. Carpet is back in. Console detailed and installed. Dash fully rebuilt, detailed, and installed. Instrument pod rebuilt and detailed and installed. Lots of misc. parts cleaned up, detailed, and wrapped waiting for install. New suspension springs front and rear. New gas tank. New rear end harness. New radiator. Alternator fully rebuilt. New starter. All of the "normal" sheet metal has been replaced. v Factory A/C installed, even though she is not a factory A/C car. I have the original heater unit which goes with the car. I also have the original rear end carrier with ring and pinion. Engine got lightly ported and matched CJ heads date correct for car with new valves, guides and springs. Has aluminum PI intake. Block is all new parts with .020" over sized pistons. Performance balance job on reciprocating components. Cam is a hydraulic roller with slightly larger lobe profile than the factory cam. Transmission is a Ford AOD fully rebuilt and beefed up clutches and shafts. Red Altos. Parts bought from Click Click Racing. Traction Lok installed with new 3.73:1 gears and new bearings. New "Big" factory Ford rear drum brakes. All new braking system. Asking 20k. Lots of work already done on this beast. Car was built In San Jose, so it's a double "R" code car. White interior and Royal Maroon exterior. Of course she's not painted at this time, just in epoxy primer. I have a ton of pics of the work as I was doing it. But the files are too large to post here. I can mail any serious interested buyers a thumb drive with all the pics. Thanks, Bruce
  4. For specific info on the AOD itself, check out clickclickracing. The AOD can be built to take your proposed power levels no problem. B.
  5. Here is a pic of the oil constrictor. This is located right under the rocker pedestal on each head. You can buy the setscrew with the hole already drilled. Just have to tap the passage way and screw in the constrictor. If your engine is already running you might want to use a different method of restricting the oil going to the rockers. B.
  6. How about going through the speedometer cable grommet? Pull the grommet, slit it and open up the center a bit, then push your connectors through and reinstall the grommet. B.
  7. Yes, my research shows only Bendtsen's is making the adapter to fit the AOD and it's variants to the FE. I went with their adapter. The car is not running yet but the transmission fits just fine. HOWEVER, the two top belhousing bolt mounting tabs had to be spot faced down about .250" inch to give the bolt heads extra clearance for the firewall. Because of the thickness of the adapter. Also, my FPA headers also hit the adapter and I had to remove a wee-bit of material from the adapter at those points. B. http://www.transmissionadapters.com/ford_fe.htm
  8. Side markers came into being starting in 68. Prolly why you see newer cars with wrap around lights front and back to satisfy that safety requirement. Why would you shave the drip rails? Isn't that a major structural joint for the roof panel? I wish newer cars still had them. I hate driving with my windows all the way up. I prefer a little fresh air regardless of the time of year. B.
  9. Nice. Yeah, the 428 is a knuckle buster all right. Your knuckles when you go to work on it (LOL). B.
  10. This is for the 69 inn your signature right? Which engine? And confirming you have a throttle cable NOT a rod and arm system like on 68's? B.
  11. I don't think the Stangs ever came with a remote passenger mirror. Anything is possible with enough ingenuity of course. B.
  12. Here is the posterior of a 70 dash. Structurally the same as a 69. The main differences are the flasher mounts and the hole for the ignition switch. B.
  13. Here, you need this bracket. AND you are going to have to do some surgical precision cutting to remove those pieces that were added by the PO.
  14. Here at Rock Auto. B. http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=1482122&cc=1132434&jsn=432
  15. Sorry Moose the "GT" and not "GTA" slipped by me (LOL). B.
  16. Loose bolts or a bad Bendix drive on the starter can cause noise. I would try and find the source of the noise before replacing anything. How about your torque convertor bolts/nuts? Are they tight? B.
  17. Well, if you are getting voltage to the starter, but it still won't start, sounds like the brushes are hanging up inside of the starter. There is a simple way of checking the starter when this happens. Have someone tap the side of the starter with a hammer when she wont start all the while holding the key to the crank position. If she turns over as you tap on the starter it is the brushes. B.
  18. You might need a repair sleeve on the axle. Can you take a mic reading next time you take it out? B.
  19. Yes, a pressure test is a wise idea. HOWEVER, you need a regulator to adjust how much pressure you apply to the core. You don't want to apply full shop air pressure OR household water pressure to the core. Keep pressure to less than 20psi would be my guess. B.
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