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  1. hmm, i'll look into using what i have. if it dont work i'll just buy a new steering box.. lol
  2. i have a rack from a lincoln mark viii same as a t-bird from the 90's.. anyway this rack looks like if i made a crossmember to hold it i could use it in my car.. has anyone tried to make there own rack and pinion convertion and if so what did you or they use..
  3. your just a hop skip and a jump away.. the tranny is a r470w with a low miles rebuild and a new convertor.. you can buy the bellhousing to run a c4... thanks
  4. oh, i figured you had the data plate..
  5. yu do know you can decode the vin yourself in like 5 minutes.. the codes are easy, i know them by hart..
  6. was it origionaly a v8 car? did you decode the vin yet?
  7. looks like a great car to build up into what you want.. i wish mine woulda came with parts lol... when i bought mine all i got was a stripped bare shell and a bill of sale, but it had no real rust other than floors. the frame, trunk area and doghouse are cherry..
  8. sorry i wrote that before i saw the extra pics.. looks like you got a whole car...
  9. wow 1800.00, i hope you got more than that.. what was it origionaly something rare or just a "mary tyler moore specail".. thanks
  10. just ran to the garage and checked, i got a few 1.08's and one realy clean 1.23.. wish i had a 1.33, what car or engine is a 1.33 one from the factory.. incase i know where i can get one. thanks for your help guys.
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