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  1. They are Breather's for the tank, with one way non return valves
  2. Been away from here for a while, but finished up the interior this weekend
  3. great work on the tank Paul, The whole project is an awesome achievement,
  4. I didn't buy the open tracker set, but I did make my own, so here are a few pics of how mine were installed, hope this helps,
  5. Nah mate I don't think yours is too low at all
  6. Hi Guys I'm interested in buying some Foose wheels from concept wheels, but can't get any reply from emals etc, I'm just wondering if anyone here knows whether or not they are still in business. Or if you guys can recommend an alternative supplier for some Foose Nitrous wheels fitted with BF Goodrich T/A KDW 2 tyres thanks Lee
  7. Mine has been stroked to 393, and love it, what do you mean by clearenced?
  8. Well Ill be watching this thread closely. just planing a rebuild at the moment and looking at wider rims, haven't deciced on a style yet. I have 18x8 and 17x7 Coys at the moment and looking at maybe 18x10 and 17x8, curious as to best backspace/offset, not too concerned about massaging the guards to get clearences, How wide can I go without changing to coil overs etc. I have noticed some hear have gone 11" on the rear. cheers Lee
  9. Thanks guys for the info, still thinking of taking the plunge and getting one sent over, just need to save a few more pennies
  10. Hi Guys a newbie here from down under (Australia) Just wondered if anyone on this forum has any experience with the Gear vendors overdrive, as I am thinking of putting it on my Mustang, and nobody down here knows much about them, any info would be appreciated, the car has a FMX box and at present running 400bhp at the wheels. cheers Lee
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