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  1. sixt9stang

    Rusty crank

    Interesting. Did not know that. Right now I am planning on bringing it into the shop and having them take a look. Right now the worst part is where the rear main seal would ride. I know there are repair sleeves that can be installed in that but I don't know if they are prone to leaking.
  2. sixt9stang

    Rusty crank

    about 2 years.
  3. sixt9stang

    Rusty crank

    I do have another crank but this one was balanced with my rods and pistons so I would have to get everything rebalanced.
  4. sixt9stang

    Rusty crank

    Sounds like a plan.
  5. sixt9stang

    Rusty crank

    Apparently when I got my crank back from the machine shop the plastic bag wasn't sealed that well and some moisture got in there. Here is a pic. I was starting to clean it with some steel wool but figured I would see if people thought it was shot or should maybe be turned .020 under. It is currently turned .010 under.
  6. My car is a factory disc car. Let me know if you need anymore pictures.
  7. sixt9stang

    heads questions

    The e-street price is for 2. I am thinking of going with them. Might be worth the $700 or so more to step up to the AFR 165 heads.
  8. sixt9stang

    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    Best of luck!
  9. sixt9stang

    Rear Axle Question

    I think the cheapest and best upgrade is the Explorer rearend. The Jeg's rearend is $1200. I am sure you can find an Explorer rearend and have it. Uult how you want for less than that.
  10. sixt9stang

    Engine build vs Crate discussion

    Barnett, it is possible you missed it earlier in the topic. The engine hasn't been in the car for a little more than 11 years when a lobe rounded off the cam. The cam that was in it was an Edelbrock Performer. The engine had 69 302 cast heads on it with screw in studs and unknown valve springs. It also had the Edelbrock Performer intake. The engine would float the valves at anything about 5800 rpm. This was all in the original 69 302 block bored .030 over. I now have a 302 roller block bored .030 over that I will be using for this build. I had the machine shop shave the lip off the back of the 69 crank so that I could use it in the newer block. This way I could keep my balanced rotating assembly. I have all ARP hardware for the engine but it does have a stock crank and rods. Would just stepping up to the Performer RPM intake be better or would there be another intake in that price range work even better? I have never calculated compression ratio before but have read up on doing it a bit. I will have to check into what I would be at with the pistons I have and the ARP heads. Adding the ati crank damper and rollmaster timing chain to my list. Thanks again for all the wisdom!
  11. sixt9stang

    Engine build vs Crate discussion

    Gotcha. I guess then I should just stick with the 302 block since it is already machined to save money. I have a possible 351 block I could grab to build down the road. Don't want to rev to 8k lol. Just around 6k safely. I am guessing I just need to have the right springs for the cam. So if I go with the AFR 165 heads, any cam recommendation? I'll have to check if the rocker studs that come in those heads are the correct size for my rockers.
  12. sixt9stang

    Engine build vs Crate discussion

    Ya. I was reading some older comparisons where they said the heads we're about $1,200 thinking to myself that I really missed out.
  13. sixt9stang

    Engine build vs Crate discussion

    I am guessing I should go with the 58cc chamber AFR heads for more compression? There are some decent priced used sets of 165s on eBay. Still looking around though.
  14. sixt9stang

    Engine build vs Crate discussion

    Good info. I would say that the biggest thing the car will be used for in the immediate future will be spirited driving on the country roads near where we live and cruising to get togethers. I plan on putting an overdrive trans in at the same time whatever engine I do goes in. I definitely loved the sound of my 302 revving at close to 6000 rpm so I would like to safely rev it to at least 6k. I want to get quality parts when it comes to the cam and heads so I will probably base this build around the AFR heads. That is if I decide to build vs buy an engine. I would just be looking for advice on the size of AFRs and then what cam to match the heads with. I was thinking that I would get the AFR 185s as they are still under $2k and could possibly be used on a 302 or future 351 if I wanted more cubes.
  15. sixt9stang

    Engine build vs Crate discussion

    Thanks. I will check them out too. Didn't think about them before. I am sure they are quite expensive though.