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  1. Sounds good. No hurry. I was hoping to get everything done and put back together before winter but I am not even close lol.
  2. Love seeing the build pics. Thanks for posting!
  3. Sorry I didn't keep in touch with you about this barnett. Busy with kids and stuff. Anyways, if you still have the distributor available I would love to get it from you. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, I have not used them. When my car was originally restored my step-dad decided to just weld random metal into the floor. I wish we would have used actual panels but it has held up so I can't complain too much.
  5. Here they are from National Parts Depot. I am sure most vendors have them though. https://www.npdlink.com/product/floor-extension-front-toe-lh-canadian-made-outer/101493/200477 https://www.npdlink.com/product/floor-extension-front-toe-rh-canadian-made-outer/101494/200477 They also have them cheaper which are from overseas.
  6. I would grab that if I was anywhere near close.
  7. I was reading a couple of posts about when people use the original timing cover that it did not clear the double roller timing chain with the fuel pump centric or something along those lines. Did you have any issues with that?
  8. barnett, would the distributor you have need an external box like the 6AL or anything extra? I will definitely take you up on your offer if it doesn't need an extra box and also has a steel gear already. Will think about the water pump also. Thanks!
  9. Guess I don't understand why it wouldn't be "ready to run". The cheapest distributor that I found quickly searching Summit is the Pertronix. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pnx-d330710/year/1969/make/ford/model/mustang I don't think I have the original any longer. I think I have a furaspark ignition system laying around but that was off a 351 non roller.
  10. Gathering parts for getting my engine up and running and looking for a new distributor. Anyone have any experience with the Speedway Motors Ready to Run distributor? It is on sale right now for $150. It has the steel gear already so it should be good for the roller motor I am using. Any opinions or other suggestions for a budget distributor that will be decent for the 302?
  11. Found what I think is the only picture of the car not too long after I got it when I was 13. I purposely stood where I was to cover a massive dent in the quarter lol. This was probably late 1994.
  12. Figured I would start a topic in the Project forum to keep everything in one area. My car is a 1969 Coupe with a 302, automatic, power steering, power disc brakes, and a 2.79 open 8". I got the car when I was 13 for $400. It was quite the basket case at the time but it did run and drive. It started life as Lime Gold. Over the next 6 years my step-dad and myself, mostly him, did a garage resto on the car and painted it black. At the time we did not do anything to the engine or transmission. The only thing besides body work that we did was put on dual exhaust and different wheels and tires. I drove the car during my senior year of high school but of course I was not easy on it and the engine started knocking. The car got parked and I went to college. When I came home I did start it and move it around but not much. I think it was during my second year of college I started working at the Ford dealership in the Quick Lube. After starting to save up some money and getting an apartment with a garage I brought the car up. I had a mechanic at the dealership help build the engine and the trans. We put an Edelbrock performer intake and cam package in the engine and Hedman headers, Holley 600 carb, Griffin aluminum radiator, and a DUI distributor. Probably some more stuff I am forgetting. After that I drove it every summer for a few years and put a lot of miles on it. I also put on a full stock suspension package from Laurel Mountain Mustangs and a front splitter (the car was too floaty over 100mph). Don't know if they are still in business or not. One spring I swapped the original heads for another set of '69 302 heads that I got cheap from a guy that had screw in rocker studs and some unknown K-motion springs. I put on Harland Sharp roller rockers and continued to drive the car quite a bit. Winter of '06 I parked the car in the storage unit, still running and driving. Spring of '07 my fiance and I bought our house and it was time to move the car there. I decided to do a once over on the engine before moving it and checked all the rockers since the valvetrain was a little noisy. I found one was loose so I tightened it down a bit, me not being that knowledgeable and not realizing that a lifter had bled down over winter. While driving the car the 30 minutes to our house, all of a sudden the lifter pumped up and wiped a lobe on the cam. Fast forward 12 years and 3 kids later. I am finally getting to work on the car again. Over the years I have made attempts at getting a different engine together with different goals. Right now I have a 302 that is going to be the temp engine. The temp engine came out of a '89 Lincoln Town Car with 80k miles that ran great. I also pulled the transmission that I might use. I have the engine on the stand and down to the short block. I am in the process of cleaning it up and laying out parts to figure out what I have and what I need. I also have an 8.8" rear end out of an Explorer that I would like to use. I am trying to figure out if I should keep the timing cover that is on this engine and running an electric fuel pump; or do I run the older timing cover and plug the dipstick hole in the block?? Some things I need/want for this summer are a distributor and a Performer RPM intake to replace the Performer. I could still run the Performer if I decide I don't want to spend the money on the other intake at this time. I also need to decide if I want to try and install the AOD and the 8.8" this summer or just use the old C4 for now just to get the car running and driving. Anyways this has gotten quite long so here are a couple of pics. Temp Engine: Laying out parts: My car back when it was running and driving: Where it sits now and for the last 12 years:
  13. I don't know anywhere near as much as barnett but in my opinion your valvetrain should all take about the same amount of turns to achieve the proper preload. You should not have to shim some of the valvetrain. You might have some lifters that are not pumped up all the way.
  14. Most likely. I do not plan on doing a performance build with this 302. My plan is to throw this engine in to get my car running cheap and then this coming winter or as money allows, build a better 302 or 351.
  15. Thanks. After watching Engine Masters where they tested intakes I was definitely thinking about going to the RPM intake. On another note the 351 out of the 86 pickup was stuck solid. I did pull it all apart anyways and it looks like it should clean up if I want to have it machined someday. I then got another 351 block that had been machined .030 over but had been sitting for cheap. After cleaning some light surface rust in a couple of cylinders I found some grooves that I can catch my finger nail on from a broken ring most likely so that block is a paper weight right now. I was really looking for something I could get that was cheap and running that I could throw in pretty quickly. Enter round 3 for an engine. A 1989 Lincoln Town Car with 80k on it and runs like a top. So the question is; What do I use from this engine/car? Should I use just the short block and throw on the heads from my '69? Should I use the long block? Would this car have the duraspark ignition that I could use? I am also thinking about using the transmission if that could be a good overdrive trans to use. Sorry for all the questions. Maybe I should start a new thread.
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