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  1. Thanks for some names to research, I'll check those now.
  2. I can normally search and find dang near anything on the net. I've not been able to find a 6" cowl hood is Fiberglass or steel, with the exception of UP22.com(Unlimited Fiberglass), I did a search on the net for the company's name and read nothing but stories of how the hoods don't fit, avoid, etc. etc. Anyone else know of a manufacture of a 6" cowl hood?
  3. Fair enough... Thank you for your input.
  4. Fair enough... Thank you for your input.
  5. I know WD-40 evaporates over time, and gives dust something to stick too. Does anyone think a Graphite based lube would work as well?
  6. Actually the other way... Napa = 309.00 each MP = 578.00 / pair
  7. I'll give them a shot if Mine doesn't respond to the WD-40. I go to Gun Barrel City alot. I live in Tyler.
  8. What will you do with the Big Block springs once removed?
  9. What are you going to do with those springs? I need some for my 460.
  10. I'm going to try the WD-40 on mine, I have searched for the Quartz conversion without any luck. They have it for the round clock, not the rectangle one like ours.
  11. What does your fuel pressure look like at idle and under load? Fuel filter?
  12. My race car is Turbo charged, and I'd swap the supercharger in a heartbeat for a Turbo setup for my 460.
  13. I found these also, They look the same. $578.00 http://www.mustangproject.com/Catalog.aspx?search=MP-LED-HD&category=ALL
  14. I found this article for you to read. http://www.mustangandfords.com/techarticles/30220_clevor_engine/index.html
  15. Stay Windsor, Modern day Windsor heads for the small block ford are so much better the the heads available in 1969, That is why the Boss 302 came about using the better flowing Cleveland heads. I just don't see the point in complicating the setup. This is just my opinion, it and $1.30 with get you a soda at you local petrol station.
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