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  1. LiLMike, Thanks very much. I believe it will help greatly with our adjustment problems. Much appreciated. Rod.
  2. Hi Guys, We are having issues at the moment trying to fit 70 bolt in glass to a 69 Mach1. Think the answer lies within this Thread, so bringing this Thread back to the top so that my son - who is doing the work - can find the Thread. Hope you don`t mind. Rod.
  3. Hi Fellas, We are finishing off a restoration on this Mach1 - We are stuck on how to correctly fit the sail panels inside. They are new reproduction units - do not have the old ones - for the life of us we cannot work it out. Have done a search on the Forum but did not come up with anything conclusive. Anybody have experience with these? Appreciate any advice. Rod.
  4. Here is my 69 Grande. We chose a dark grey colour for the trim in order to give a contrast to the body colour, but did not want black as it would have been too dark ( in my opinion ). Very happy with the end result. Rocket.
  5. Here is my 69 Grande. We chose a dark grey colour for the trim in order to give a contrast to the body colour, but did not want black as it would have been too dark ( in my opinion ). Very happy with the end result. Rocket.
  6. Big Secz, Nice photos of your installation. Sorry to see that you are not happy with the Borgeson set up. I have the full kit including the saginaw pump here waiting to be installed on the Grande, but very reluctant to have it fitted now. Bugger! The research i did before ordering the borgeson unit was all good with happy owners. Maybe it is better suited to the earlier model Mustangs? Looks like i will go to plan b and get the TCP Rack and Pinion Please keep us informed of how it all progresses. Are there any happy Borgeson owners out there with 69 70 Mustangs? Rod.
  7. Can recall reading on one of the forums that the issue of the steering not returning to centre is caused by using the original pump. My kit arrives tomorrow, but screw using the old pump - will order the saginaw unit and wait for it to arrive before fitting everything up. "Cupid" should have the definitive answer because he has the saginaw pump with the kit. Please keep us informed of how it performs. Rod.
  8. Big Secz, This is a vey informative Thread. Through your efforts - there is no longer any mystery about how to install the kit. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow, so your Thread is an immense help. Although it is not as straightforward as hoped, i am of the opinion that the messing around will be more than rewarded by the new driving experience. The Aussie Fords of the 80`s used a similar system to the Borgeson and were pleasant to drive on long trips. There is also the added bonus that this conversion will eliminate those clumsy hydraulic hoses hanging under the car. I have one more area of concern. Had a look under the bonnet of the Grande and noticed the factory air cond compressor sits right above the power steering pump. Not much room there! Intend to stick with the factory steering pump for a while, but if the Borgeson system is not good at low revs ( parking etc ), it may require a change to the Saginaw pump. Have my doubts that the longer neck of the Saginaw pump will fit in there. Anybody fitted a Saginaw pump with the factory air cond compressor? Thanks again Big Secz. Great job. Rod.
  9. In the final process of purchasing this kit for the 69 Grande, but it will not arrive for several weeks. Big Secz, do you have a good camera? Any chance of you photographing the installation. In particular the column alteration and lines. Ricks 70 Stang, do you think it would have been any easier fitting the lines to the box before bolting the box in? Rod.
  10. Found a supplier for the new Leaf springs in Australia. Hills Mustangs and Classics in Sydney. Very pleasant to deal with. They arrived yesterday and we fitted them today - They are Lovells 1" lowering Springs on the front and 4.5 Leaf Mid Eyes on the rear. Have driven the car and like the way it now handles. Initially thought the front was sitting just a bit too low, but have warmed to it now. Rears ended up just right for me although i realise they may settle a tad lower over the next couple of weeks. Next job is to fit the Dakota Digital Dash, followed by the Borgeson Power Steering conversion and a Lecarra Leather Wrapped Steering wheel. Really digging driving this car. Rod.
  11. Hi Rick, Thanks for keeping us up to date with progress. Sorry to read that your alternator crapped itself. Not much fun driving it like that. Well my attempt at buying a Borgeson Kit has not been successful so far. Sent an email to sales@borgeson.com on the 4th April - but as yet have not received a reply. Bugger! If the kit is good we would fit it to half a dozen of our Mustangs, but effing unreliable suppliers make it difficult for us. Look forward to reading your report after you have driven it for a bit. Rod.
  12. The Dakota Digital Dash components arrived earlier this week. They were very well packaged for the trip to Australia - Here are the components - Must admit i was a bit surprised to see all the components. Was expecting a complete woodgrain fronted instrument cluster. Thought we ordered it as a complete unit. No biggie, it looks pretty straight forward to fit the new gauges to my cluster. My sons 65 cluster did arrive as a complete unit. There is a full packing list and comprehensive fitting guide with the kit Just waiting to hear back from our Mobile Auto Electrician to find out when he can install it. Will post lots of photos when it is installed. Rod.
  13. Hi Rick, Thanks for posting. The Aussie Fords were also a pain when it came to fitting the lines. We have a hoist so hopefully that will make the job a little easier, and the car has standard exhaust manifolds. Very interested to see your observations after you have driven the car on the highway once the wheel alignment is done. Any chance of some photos? I will document each step during the installation when the kit arrives. Rod.
  14. Hi Fellas, Have been driving the Grande around over the last month or so and becoming annoyed at continously correcting the steering at the straight ahead position. The front suspension and steering components have been renewed with the exception of the steering box. Looking for a better driving experience and have been researching Rack and Pinion kits and the Borgeson Conversion. After many hours checking out various Forums i have narrowed it down to either the TCP Power Rack and Pinion or the Borgeson unit. The TCP kit is going to cost around 3,000 - bit expensive for me. The complete Borgeson kit is only $860 + Shipping to Australia. http://www.borgeson.com/xcart/catalog/Mustang_P_S_Kit_19681970_289_302_351W_Power_Steering-p-1554.html Australian Fords from the 1980`s had a similar setup to the Borgeson kit and were/are quite pleasant to drive. At this stage i intend to go with the Borgeson kit because there are good reports on the Forums as well as a reasonable price. Does anybody have a Borgeson kit on their car? Opinions of both setups would be welcomed. Rod.
  15. Hi fellas, will take some decent photos and post them up over the weekend. You will see from the new photos that it really is sitting far too high - particularly in the rear. Having trouble sourcing new Leaf Springs here in Australia. Found what looks to be a good kit listed on the Mustangsplus website. Sent them 2 Emails through the week, but they completely ignored me, although on their website it appears that they are happy to do International Sales. Edit - Mustangsplus sent me an Email with the shipping price. Chap explained they were temporarily very short staffed at that time. Fair enough - criticism withdrawn. Sent an Email this morning to Mustang Depot - hope to have more luck with them. Could be a blessing really because i intend to do either the Borgeson Steering Box upgrade or a TCP power Steering Rack and i see Mustang depot carry both items. Was able to buy the new front springs locally from Lovells Springs. their service was very good. Ordered Tuesday and delivered Friday. Rod.
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