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  1. I am restoring a 69 Mustang Coupe. The car has 302 with Air. The heater Core was by-passed because of leak. I have removed entire dash and I am starting the rebuild of the heat plenum. My question is related to the under the hood hoses. Does anyone have pictures or part numbers of the hoses and water valve location. I have read several post and they have different opinions on the hoses and water valve. I purchased a hose today that I was told would be correct from water valve to heater core. It is double "S" around 8 inches long. I'm convinced that is correct. I was also told that the water valve is connected to this short hose and then connected to the intake manifold. Not sure if the other hose has the molded right angle that routes to the pump. Would appreciate any comments and pictures. BFED
  2. Hi, I'm installing a Champion Radiator in my 69 Coupe. It is a three core 24 inch. I have been trying to find a upper brace to fit over the tank similar to the stock. The tank is over 2 1/2 inches versus the stock 2 inch. I have seen pictures on the web of that Champion 338 with the top saddle. I need to know if anyone knows of a top saddle that I could buy oversized. I also need to know if anyone installed this radiator and how they mounted it. A picture would be grateful. Bill F
  3. Looking for rebuilt or used 8 inch posi third member.
  4. jholmes217, I'm at the decision making time on the rear end. I have an 8" 3.00 in the car. I need to make the change like you suggested to 3.50 posi but not sure if thats the right call. Read that its not strong and shouldnt dump the money into an 8. any thoughts? Bill
  5. jholmes217, I agree I will need to upgrade the intake. I'm using the 2121 and AFR recommends the RPM Performer. I have been looking for a 3.50 for a couple of months. Seems Chicago area is dry. What are you using in your 69 with C4? Who did your Trans? Thank for your help. Bill
  6. Just finishished installing 89 roller with AFR165, Comp XE266HR, Edelbrock Performer in 69 Coupe. I installed 2000 stall and reworked the C4. Need help with rear end. Rear wheels are Vintage 40 245/50R-16. Using car on street and strip.
  7. Rebuilding 1989 Roller for my 69 Coupe. Shortblock is complete and picking out heads and Cam. What other components do I need to change for the install. I read the damper and flexplate must be 50 oz. Do i need to change pan and pickup? Do I need to change timing cover? Car to used street and weekend 1/4. Any suggestions on Cam and Heads? Cannot afford AFR. Did I miss any other chages to components to install?
  8. We are using the the car for Street and track. It is a third car not a daily driver. The car is from California and in great shape. Its a little sloppy driving. It jumps around. I talked to a guy at OPENTRACKERS and he gave me some ideas. I would like to keep the components stock looking but up graded.
  9. I am restoring a 69 coupe. Looking for ideas on Disc Brakes, front suspension, rear suspension and wheel size. I would like to lower the stance and beef up the suspension. Need manufactors for brake and suspension parts
  10. Thanks for the input. I read several treads talking about Opentrackers. Any opinions?
  11. I purchased a one owner from Calf. Starting restoration. I would like to replace front /rear for low profile good response steering. I have read threads on mods for suspension and three names come up quite abit: Opentrackers, Laural Mountain, Global West. If anyone has input of the three I would appreciate a response. Thank You
  12. I just prchased a 69 mustang from a person in California. Is there a service that will trace the history of the car. I have decoded the VIN and post ID. I'm looking for number of owners. Thanks bfed@nep.biz
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