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  1. Wondering what AOD people have used to convert from either a C4 or C6. I'm not interested in finding a used AOD to rebuild and would like to know what success people have had with Conversion kits from PATC, or Performance Automatic, or Lentech, or B&M - or any other vendor. I'm changing my C6 to an AOD soon. The C6 is behind a 408 stroked full roller Cleveland with 450 hp and 510 ft/lb so I need a pretty hefty AOD. Since the engine has a lot more potential with just a few changes I need something that will last a while. I've looked at their websites but I'd like some feedback on what has actually worked. Thanks.
  2. My 408 Cleveland fits fine in my 69 convertible, with a C6. I installed Borgeson power steering and also a power brake booster and have lots of header room. Plenty of room to change plugs. At first glance people confuse it with a Big Block because it has tall valve covers to fit the full roller rockers, etc. Much better engine than the Windsor, although it is a CJ 4 bolt main block, with cast closed heads. It does have the Windsor rotating assembly to get the bigger rod journals, but it is all Cleveland power.
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