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  1. Thanks. That custom console got me a lot of attention on the Torino board as well. The car came out great but it just wasn't what I really wanted so I decided to sell it. Believe it or not the new owner called me up unhappy with the car. You just can't please some people. Now I'm building the car I really wanted, so this is going to be a long-term project. I'll be working on putting in a one piece floor pan next.
  2. I'm BACK! After a long absence I finally have my next project. Before I start some of those newer members may say, "Why is this donk posting a '67 project in a '69/'70 forum?" Well I've been a member for a long time and started out with a '70 vert. Then I moved to a '71 Torino, and now I'm on to a '67 coupe. I have been planning this build for a long time, though '67/'68 fastbacks remained out of my financial grasp, I have scored a deal that I couldn't resist on a '67 coupe. While on hiatus, and planning my build for when I finally got another car, I decided to go down the EFI road. It started by scoring a complete EFI setup from a '92 Mustang (wiring harness, upper/lower intake, PCM, etc.) on CL for a $150. I went through and cleaned, repaired, and modified the wiring harness as my first project. When that was done I managed to score a 5.0 with about 800 miles on it since rebuild (minus the parts I already have) for a whopping $400. I then cleaned and painted the motor in the black/candy brandywine color scheme I'm going for. Just recently, my patience paid off and I scored a '67 coupe, San Jose car for a steal. Car has 289, C4, deluxe interior, overhead console, Shelby hood, shaved door handles, A/C, power steering, and factory power front disc brakes. So here I am back with my next build.....Feels good to be back again.
  3. I'm going to be doing an EFI install as well soon, I have a 92 5.0 H.O. and have been looking for solutions. Ron Morris used to sell a complete fuel kit, but I don't think they have it any longer. It utilized a fuel sending unit with an extra tube for the return line and fit in any stock tank. http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/engine/1310-how-to-install-the-ron-morris-performance-efi-fuel-system/
  4. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Fiberglass Specialties products. Specifically the Eleanor body kit. I have a lead on a complete kit for a steal but was wondering what the overall quality of their products were. I know with all fiberglass there is going to be some fitment issues.
  5. I'm leaning more now toward one of two things both sticking closer to my art backgroung: 1) Making items for garages and man caves out of old car parts. 2) Car renderings.
  6. That was a thought as well, but the issue would be the noise. Between the air compressor and generator. Wouldn't take long to drive your neighboring vendors nuts.
  7. I spent three days in Carlisle with a group of friends there were vending, selling all of their left over parts. For three days I sat there walking around and trying to come up with ideas of what kinds of on-site restoration services some one could start. The thought is that someone buys a used part they need a the swap meet and then can come drop the part off for restoration and repair and pick the part up later completely restored. So I'm wondering what kinds of on-site restoration services would you like to see or have access to? Or what type of specialty niche services that are hard to find would you like to have available? A couple of ideas I have come up with are: Carburetor rebuild services: On-site complete carburetor cleaning and rebuilds. The downside to this is that there is no way to do the zinc replating or have a way to test carbs once rebuilt. Gauge restoration services: Complete gauge restoration and repair. New lenses, faces, quartz clock upgrades, plastic repair, etc.
  8. This will be my fourth consecutive year. I go up with a small group of friends and we rent a cluster of four vendor spaces and sell all of our spare part. Since I don't have a car or parts left, I'm just going up for the hell of it. Because we get vendor spaces we get access on Thursday, so we will be heading up Thursday morning and pack up and leave Saturday evening.
  9. I'm a fan of not having an antenna. I think protruding antenna's ruin the look of the car. I like the shaved look much better. Gives it a cleaner and more modern look. I'm also a fan of shaving the drip rails.
  10. Thanks. I found the build tag on the motor. It was rebuilt in 2006 and only has a few hundred miles on it. So I didn't see the need to pull the heads. I wiill take a peak in the cylinders when I pull the oil pan and replace it with and early model 302 oil pan. i took a breaker bar and turned the motor a couple times and it moves nicely. I really don't expect any issues with it. All-in-all I think it was a nice score for $400. Next I'll be on the hunt for an AOD trans for it.
  11. Painted and mocked up the engine today. Still need to source an early model 302 oil pan and dipstick so I can convert it from rear sump to front sump.
  12. Then I rememberd a buddy of mine that has an '88 Mustang and has a 5.0 in storage at one of his buddy's garage. The story behind the motor is he purchased it from an engine builder that said it was rebuilt (you can see the new freeze plugs and inspection marks on the heads). He put it in his car and couldn't get it running right. After getting tired of dealing with the builder he yanked it and put another motor in his car and then discovered he was only running on 7 cylinders due to a bad injector. This motor only has about 600 miles on and after keeping in storage for three years he offered it to me for $400. I had to jump on it because I don't think I could have gotten another 5.0 this clean for that cheap. So my next project now is to dig into it and inspect everything. So for a grand total of $550 I have a 100% complete 5.0 EFI setup and an engine that is possibly rebuilt already.
  13. I then decided to clean an paint the intake manifolds and take some steel wool to the fuel rails. I know the color of the car is going to be candy apple red with black stripes. Below is the end result.
  14. So this thread is going to seem a little bass ackwards since I don't have the car yet. Before buying my '71 Torino my goal was to build a modified Eleanor. The Eleanor project fell through, then I landed the Torino then I sold the Torino with the intention of finally looking to build my "dream" car. Well life, family, and home repairs ate up my "car fund" money and purchasing an actual car was put on the back burner. I know what I want to build and was talking it over with another car buddy of mine who restores Mustangs and he told me, "Sometimes you just have to buy the button before you buy the coat." He suggested since I knew for sure what I wanted to build I should start scouting parts here and there as deals pop up. When time comes for me to get a car he offered to find one for me since he has endless connections and is constantly buying old Mustangs and has people contacting him every week looking to sell him their unfinished "projects". One of the things I know I wanted to try out this time around was swapping in a latemodel foxbody 5.0 EFI engine with an AOD trans. So after a ton of research I set out on a quest to see what I could dig up. While browsing CL one day I came across an ad for a guy that was selling the complete EFI setup off of a '92 5.0. He was switching it to carb for his old Bronco. He was asking $180 for everything. I called him up and he said if I could come pick up the stuff that day he would sell it to me for $150. I was at his house 45 minutes later. So the first step was tackling the wiring modifications. There are three wiring harness (main, EFI, and O2 sensors). I stripped all of the sheathing off of the wires and repaired any damaged and then started removing anything that I didn't need and labeling. I also rerouted a bunch of ancilary items like relays so that they would then be mounted inside the car verusus in the engine compartment.
  15. The hood scoops look nice. I know when I first purchased an aftermarket one it never fit the contour of the hood correctly and also the studs were prone to breaking off.....Ended up finding and original scoop. If you made yours true to original fitment then that would definitly be in demand. So much crap on the aftermarket now in terms of fiberglass, Shelby parts especially. Based on the feedback on this thread, you could start a good business from it making nice custom parts. So much are available for 65-68 but very little for 69-70 in terms of hood options, side skirts, etc. Ring brothers is the only one that makes a complete kit (Dragon) for the 69/70 cars and they want an arm and a leg for them.
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