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  1. "If you want to send me some of your car's details i will gladly post it on some of our Mustang Sites in Australia." Well I have it listed in the classifieds section. There are links to lots of extra photos and I even uploaded 2 pdf files that were posters I had printed for the car show. They have good photos and all the specs of the car. 390 with auto tranny and all matching numbers car. Someone from out of state contacted me tonight who was looking for something very specific initially agreed he wanted it full price, he had planned on sending some to inspect the car prior to finalizing the purchase. Then he decided that he REALLY wanted acapulco blue. His perfect car that he is holding out for is exactly like mine except wrong color. he then said I should stick it on Ebay and ask 39.9k for it. I am not up on the current value of a new restoration with only 100 miles on it, but maybe I could get a few more dollars for it.
  2. I heard there is a high demand and you can get a better price. I'm asking $35,000 for it and really don't care to get more than that, but if someone were to offer a higher price I wouldn't turn it down either.
  3. Someone brought up the idea of selling my car overseas and I was wondering how would I reach that market? Also what is the process like? I heard about someone selling a car to Australia and got scammed on it, the car got shipped and he never got the money.
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    gotta let her go :(

    by the way for those who have not seen it yet, I have a page with a few videos. I posted this here during the summer. They are 30 second videos because that is all my digital camera will do. And for whatever reason it produces large file sizes for such short videos: http://alliancept.us/mach1/ I also have some high resolution images and plan on taking more of the undercarriages tomorrow. The last 2 files are posters I created for a car show, they are high resolution so feel free to use any of it you wish. The hard part was taking the top view of the car. I stood on my garage and my wife drove the car out slowly as I took many shots of it. I then spent a long time piecing all the images together in photoshop to look like one picture. It was more difficult then one might think becuase the lighting was different on the car in each shot due to the car moving to a different spot for each pic. http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/003.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0001.jpg http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0003.jpg http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0005.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0009.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0011.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0017.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0020.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0020%20%282%29.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0023.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0025.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0028.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0032.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0036.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0080.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0081.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/IMG_0086.JPG http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/mach1poster2-final.pdf http://mymach1mustang.com/hiresimages/mach1poster_final.pdf
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    gotta let her go :(

    We are going to south America and there is not the same market there. I put it on Craigslist today and have had quite a few people interested. I would be interested in knowing how to advertise overseas though. Any thoughts on that? How much would it be worth to an overseas buyer? It is a factory S code car and I have the Marti report for it. The car won Best Ford in Show and 3rd place concours at a Concours d' Elegance show in August. It is very tempting to figure out a way to just take it, but I just need to let it go.
  6. by the way, I put together a fun page during the summer filled with videos to show my step son the car who lives in England: http://alliancept.us/mach1/ These cars are not only great fun but they are a much better investment than retirement accounts. These Mustangs will do nothing but increase in value. I know of folks who would take a second mortgage to purchase one and the loan for the car is then tax deductible.
  7. Wade

    gotta let her go :(

    My wife and I took out on nice weekends for a short drive around and stop at the local Dairy Queen. It is awesome to drive, but time for someone else to enjoy it. I'll find something else after the move.
  8. Hey guys, I appreciate all the help I've had on this forum. Unfortunately I will need to sell my S code Mach 1. It is a fantastic car and have never dreamed I would ever sell except for when the time came when I was too old to drive. But we are planning a move out of the country and need to start selling off all our stuff. If anyone is interested I have lots of photos and can take photos or video footage on request. It has less than 100 miles since restoration and I am asking price of $35,000 is just below its NADA classic car value.
  9. I REALLY hate to do this! We will be moving out of the country and I have to sell my Mustang. I have grown very fond of this car and hate to part with it. I had been working on a website detailing stuff about this year of Mustang and there are a lot of details about my Mustang here: www.mymach1mustang.com I'm not in a rush to sell it and will not respond to low ballers. I am asking just under its current value at $35,000. This is a first class car. It won Best Ford in Show and 3rd place Councours last summer at the Concours d' Elegance show. There is less than 100 miles on it since restoration was completed. I can provide more photos and even video footage by request. I can be contacted at wade@alliancept.us
  10. I was told this was the factory under hood lamp for a 69/70 Mustang: What do you think? has anyone seen this style and is it for the Mustang?
  11. Sorry to sound confused, but how do we find out if the underhood light was part of the visibility group? I get conflicting stories form different people. So far it appears the consensus is that no it was not part of the visibility group. It is not in the Illustrated Facts and Specifications Manual and Max Power said he has not seen it in cars with the trunk light option. Well might be a good thing, one less thing to install to restore all the factory options that used to be on this car :)
  12. I'm not planning this on my mustang but I have another 390 vehicle that I'm thinking about upgrading to a 3g alternator from a mid 90's Mustang. This way I can get rid of the external voltage regulator and add additional accessories such as an electric fan etc.. I believe the stock one is 61 amps and the 3g is 130 amps. Anyone do this and have some advice? How about the ammeter gauge, will it be affected? Thanks, Wade
  13. So would this be an option itself and not combined in a group when it was ordered? If that is true then it would show up on a Marti report if factory installed. I would assume it would be part of a package. Thanks, Wade
  14. Really? I was told the visibility group included: -Left-Hand Remote Mirror -Underhood Light -Luggage Compartment Light -Glovebox Light -Glovebox Lock -Underdash Lights (Coupe only, came standard on FB and Conv.) -Ash Tray Light (1969) -Lighted Ignition Switch (1969) -Parking Brake Warning Light (1969) Anyone know this for sure? Someone did tell me it was installed at the dealer. This car has this option package per the Marti report, but the car was purchased by the previous owner in boxes. Most of the option pieces were missing and I'm trying to figure out what belongs on this car from the factory.
  15. I'm needing to install the factory under hood light. It is supposed to be there originally as part of the visibility group option. I've been unable to track down any photos of where it is located and what it looks like installed. Thanks
  16. I tried to do a search but I keep getting a database error. So I'll just post my question. Does anyone know what the Mach 1 had as a factory wheel? According to my Marti report there is no wheel option listed, it only mentions the tires: F70X14 wide oval belted tires. I've seen mention in other places of factory "Styled steel wheels" but would it have that on it as part of the mach 1 package? If so, would the spare wheel also be a "styled steel wheel" to match or just a black steel wheel? Thanks!
  17. I tried to do a search but I keep getting a database error. So I'll just post my question. Does anyone know what the Mach 1 had as a factory wheel? According to my Marti report there is no wheel option listed, it only mentions the tires: F70X14 wide oval belted tires. I've seen mention in other places of factory "Styled steel wheels" but would it have that on it as part of the mach 1 package? If so, would the spare wheel also be a "styled steel wheel" to match or just a black steel wheel? Thanks!
  18. I was just told that the spare was a full size spare wheel unless the car was ordered with a "Space saver" spare wheel. Mine was not ordered with that. According to the Marti Report My car was ordered with: F70x14 Wide Oval Belted Tires White Sidewall tires Would the spare be that size too? And what is the difference in the "E" versus "F" sizes? thank you
  19. I'm posting a few photos. One of them shows the judges around it, they kept coming back and looked it over 4 different times and one said "man you guys make it hard on us". I have quite a few more to post but it has a 5 pic limit. The Chevelle SS was a very nice restoration and I had never seen a Plymouth Fury like that. Now I just need to fix a few details, priority one being the spare wheel.
  20. Thanks for the response. I took more photos and after many hours I got the poster done and took it to the car show today. I think many folks were just as impressed looking at the poster.
  21. hey guys, I just got back from a car show today and came back with 2 awards; best Ford in show and 3rd place in the concours class. I drove it there and then spent and hour cleaning little bugs and debris off of it. I got dinged for several things by the concours judges, I need to get a spare tire and jack. I did not think they'd look in the trunk. Anyway, I need to find a good place to get a factory correct spare tire, jack and mounting hardware. Does anyone know if the Cougars had the same spare tire set up? there is a big junkyard full of old Cougars not too far away. Anyway, I was not expecting to win anything but was very pleased. There was a band playing and after the awards they dedicated their next song to the 1969 Mach 1 Mustang and then played Mustang Sally! It was great fun at the car show. I was parked next to a 427 Cobra and there was a GT40 across from me.
  22. I am putting together a poster for an upcoming car show. I have all the angles I need except the top view of the car. I tried to get an overhead shot and without a large crane to lift me high or a wide angle lens, I can't get the whole car in one shot. So I took several photos and have been trying to piece them together into one picture. Here is what I have so far: http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/overhead2.psd I've been skewing, distorting and all kinds of stuff. I'm not that good with photoshop and trying to get this image done before Tuesday so I can get it on the poster and to the printer. There is still a faint shadow of the right side wiper on the left where I had flipped the right side of the hood and layered on the left side to eliminate the glare. There needs to be some blending done on the doors just behind the mirrors. The rear window does not look quite right. This is probably easy for most, but I have put in tons of hours trying to get this right and I'm to the point of giving up :surrender: Oh yead how about the front, does it look right? I think it needs to be stretched slightly wider. the images I used to create that one are here: http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0087.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0088.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0089.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0090.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0091.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0092.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0093.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0094.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0095.JPG http://alliancept.us/mustang_poster/overhead%20pics/IMG_0096.JPG If someone could patch this up for me it would be greatly appreciated. Wade
  23. anyone have factory stats for the 390 stang? I have HP and torgue ratings but cannot find the 0-60mph time, standing quarter mile or top speed. These stats are readily available for the 351 and 428 cars but I can't find those stats for the 390. Anyone know? Thanks oh yeah how about factory mpg rating too, it was 8 mpg for the 428.
  24. I got the best advice on this forum. I wanted a car to restore. Some of my best memories have always been hanging out with my friends and working on our cars. We did things like put a V8 in a vega, swapped a corvette engine into a Jaguar, put a built 351C in a fox body... etc.. It was fun and we all would take turns helping each other out. But my wife did not want donor cars out in the drive and was afraid it would start to look a bit like a junkyard. And all those friends are too busy to be hanging out much anyway, we have all grown up and busy with families. My wife and I talked about the process of a complete restoration, I wanted to know every part of the car, I wanted to rebuild the engine myself. But someone on here mentioned the fact that it would probably cost more to restore one than to buy one restored. AND if you get a second mortgage to buy a nice one, it is a completely tax deductible loan! The payments on a loan like that are far less than the money I would put out each month buying parts for it. So it was a dilemma, I thought that I did not deserve the car unless I did it myself. Almost like when I used to do remote wilderness hiking and spend 3 weeks hiking and backpacking through the Denali wilderness to get to see some spectacular view. Then you see some folks will fly in to these remote areas hop out all nice and clean with their nice white tennis shoes to see the beauty, I would think that I earned the right to be there and they did not. It was if they cheated and I did all the work to get there. But for me it was very satisfying to go through the ordeal, the hard work was rewarded. I viewed the car the same way, as if I was like those white tennis shoe wearing folks who didn't get dirty or break a sweat. Somehow I didn't deserve to own a car I didn't build. BUT I had to get over it and realize that I can enjoy something nice right now. The guy I bought the car from did an absolute top notch job, everything done very professionally. I bought it just before it was completed and there were enough small details for me to work on so that I get the satisfaction of doing some work. that's my 2 cents.
  25. Nicely done model! I can't locate a Revell model that has the standard hood scoop. I did find the AMT that I linked to previously.
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