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  1. Thanks for all the info, very helpful. I was able to find this on the Concours site. Looks like I'm slapping some pain on with a brush, ugh. http://www.concoursmustang.com/forum/index.php?topic=1344.msg6892#msg6892
  2. Good info on the black areas. Here’s what I’m looking at, it seems it should be body color.
  3. My painter didn't paint the entire fender extension and I'm afraid a lot of it will be visible when the hood is open. I'm looking for a photo of the visible areas when the hood is up so I can see what I need to paint. I sold my 69 convertible that I used for Chinese blueprints and I just don't recall how much you can see. Thanks in advance. u
  4. I think you’re right about the gold dichromate Raven. I did have it rebuilt as it was kinda nasty, turned out great. Here’s a pic of the back. No question, I posted because it may be helpful to someone in the future.
  5. I found a vintage alternator (on the left) in my pile of parts that came with a 69 GT Fastback I bought a while back. My research showed that this probably an original alternator. I put it next to a recently purchased Napa rebuild for comparison. Feel free to opine if you have any input. GO HAWKS!!
  6. Are the orange and black wires for the radio?
  7. Although this will make me look like a complete moron I think it's important to disclose what happened. I had the ground wire on the alternator connected to the stator by mistake. The harness is in the mail to Midlife so he can bail my dumb ass out. The good news is that while digging through my stuff looking for the old alternator I found what appears to be an original alternator (rounded castings instead of square), it's currently being rebuilt.
  8. I appreciate the input. I’m out of town but will post pics ASAP. Thanks guys, I’m a little freaked out by this and I appreciate the support immensely.
  9. I have the hood striker (not the latch) , console, 1 non sport mirror, power steering bracket. What's a front splitter?
  10. So I started the Mach for the first time yesterday. After a very short time the wires going to the alternator started smoking, I shut it down but it was too late. Copper is showing on both sides of the alternator wiring connector. I have a few questions. - What might have caused this? -Do I have to pull out the entire harness to figure out how much damage might have been done? - When I get the harness fixed how do I ensure this doesn't repeat itself? Thanks
  11. Thanks, the Mach is Silver Jade which is a factory color. Thanks for the info on the sail panels.
  12. What else would it be? 69 Convertible which I'm planning to sell this year. We never use it. I don't plan on doing the headliner myself. Everything has to be perfect, I can do a lot of things but I'm not willing to risk it. Sail panels? Do I need to use new ones? Is that part of the headliner process?
  13. Does anyone know of a company that will restore the rear harness with components to make it appear original? I think the white sleeve is the tricky part. Thanks,
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