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  1. So I happen to have a set of brand new 351C comp rockers in 1.73 ratio and was wondering if I could run them on my 408W with my AFR heads? The rockers require 7/16 rocker studs which my AFR heads have. Would just like to get a little more lift out of my Little roller cam. Will these work?
  2. Go with ABS, because you WILL hit something with it and when you do, the ABS will bend and flex, as the fiberglass will crack and break
  3. Fiero Seats are pretty much bolt in, just need to extend the rear bolt mount back a tad bit... Mr. Mikes Fiero seat covers are awesome btw... I found 2 fieros locally, one had a V8 Conversion and both ahd near perfect seats in them and I got guy down to $500 for both cars, but just picked up a 73 Vega and 64 Impala wagon so no room for 2 Fieros
  4. Hell lets make it $100.00 for everything plus you pay for the ride, need it out of my shop
  5. Have the following items remaining. Koni Classic Front Shocks Rancho Rear adjustable Shocks 1 Pair of Front Coil Springs (OTR) 1 Pair of Mid Eye rear leaf Springs with extended hangers (OTR) Someone give me $150 plus shipping for EVERYTHING
  6. Well if you can pick it up cheap enough and if it has parts that you need / want for your car or a future project then try to scoop it up. Its really IMHO not worth saving but that is your call. I recently ran across what I'm pretty sure is a 69 GT car about 10 miles from my house and on my first visit I noticed a LOT of really good stuff and got excited, but when I revisited the car during the day and chopped down a few bushes I saw that it was only worth the parts that I wanted / Needed .... Mainly a 100% Complete Fold down seat kit with untouched trap door and all the brackets, along with a Tilt Steering column..... The guy that owned the car died and his mother was now in possession of it and she was not at all happy when she pulled up and saw me inspecting it. I'm sure it held some sentimental value to her, but after my inspection I quickly saw that it was a Rotted shell that apparently had the clock catch fire at some point in its life and had burned the dash out b4 it was extinguished. Long story short... If its a good M2 front kit and good rear kit and has a nice 9" and host of other good useable parts, take 1k cash with you and tell him all ya have is 1000 bucks and it needs WAY more work than its worth LOL
  7. Would probably take more effort than its worth honestly, especially after removing the stuff from one car and getting new hoses made up to fit, re-sealing everything etc... Just spring for the classic auto Air kit and be done with it.
  8. Price Reduced to $700 ..Come on someone buy these bad boys
  9. Yeah Skid I got the 2 screws in and ended up making a few brackets and epoxying some Fuzzy Rivets (Plastic Door panel Push Pins) on to the back of the panel and VOILA its all in
  10. Running 275/45/18 out back on some 18x9.5" US Mags U111 Ramblers. Best friend has 285/40/17's on the back of his 69 with the mach 1 wheels as above and neither of us rubs.
  11. You can probable locate some of those tires on Ebay brand new believe it or not, lots of places have stock left of discontinued tires. I found a 275/45/18 which almost everyone has stopped making and those that do still make them want as much or more than what I could get Mickey Thompsons for. Granted they may be a year old but I don't really care about them being on the shelf in a warehouse for a year or more b4 I get them, long as they are not dry rotting or showing signs of age I'm all good.
  12. Have a nice set of Coys C-67 wheels and tires for sale with knock off spinners. Rims are 17x8 with 4.75 Back Spacing and 5x4.5 lug pattern..Front tires are brand new and rear still have a few thousand Miles left in them. They are currently on a 68 Fastback with wilwood big brakes. Asking $800 Obo..will ship on buyers dime or can arrange free transport for free if you live between Baton Rouge La and Houston Tx. Pm for more details or contact me at 225-241-3278 Mike
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