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  1. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    Made the Race Armada Tx Poker Run again this weekend without incident or problems, but man those Texas roads are getting as bad as the Louisiana Roads are LOL. Got to lay some hate down on a new Charger as well as a 68 Camaro.. I was actually quite surprised the Charger didn't put up more of a fight since it was the scat pack set up or some such non-sense and we went from about a 60 Roll.. He was with me on the jump but soon as the Ol Stang hit 6k and shifted from 3rd to 4th it looked like he slammed on the brakes LOL.
  2. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    Hey Grabber, you want those 4.5 leaf reverse eye springs?> They are laying out by my buddies shop in Lake Charles, I can box them up and send to you but they are heavy as hell and not sure what shipping would be on them.
  3. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    Well they rolled the 275/5518s out next to the car and i knew they were a no go LOL. Think i may consider some 17" rear rims for better tire selection
  4. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    Will do bud..May get me a cheepo set of shocks to measure some lengths just to see if my Ranchos are longer than stock. Heres how she sits now
  5. MikeStang

    Best manufacturer for NEW AOD?

    Man find you a 4R70W someone has used for under a grand, call Baumans and order a controller for 600 and get a crossmember kit from Joe Persad for like 300 then shorten or have a new alum driveshaft built for 100-400, if u wanna use B&M shifter add 60 bucks for their control lever kit, add a TPS To your holley carb and away you go for about $2000 give or take a few hondos.. Bone stock a 4R will take 400 hp, add jbody mod and will take 500 or more. My lightly built 4R has been taking all my 408 can dish out
  6. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    Yeah its a pretty big tire but i have a narrow rear end and aftermarket rims and the car kinda swallows the 275/40/18s I currently have on it.. Guy at tire shop said they will mount them and if I dont like them we can try something else or put my old ones back on. Hey at least maybe it will raise the ass end of the car up a bit Haha
  7. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    Well I need new rear tires anyhow and found some 275/55/18 Michellins Locally at NTB for 165 each which imho is a great deal so im gonna have some more sidewall now to help out, Shocks will be next i think if tires dont help
  8. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    And im not sure on the spring rate barnett, i just called John at Opentracker and told him I wanted 4.5 leaf mid eye springs for street performance
  9. MikeStang

    Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    Barnett like I said my best friend runs a 285/35/17 and his ride is MUCH more pleasant than mine is but i know a larger sidewall will help some. Buckeye, I was wondering about the shock length also..there is about 1.5"-2" of compression left in the shocks if I recall from last time i looked which dont seem like enough to me personally but i was told that with the angle in which tgey are mounted that should be enough...Thoughts?
  10. Good evening Gents. Have a few questions with regard to ride quality with relation to rear leafs, shocks, tire selection and ride height. My car had reverse eye leafs and was to low and rode a lil to rough for my taste so i added 1" longer shackles and saw no real height increase. I decided to swap to a 4.5 leaf mid eye spring to raise it more and it helped to the tune of right at an inch, however the ride is still bone jaring on these Louisiana roads. I currently have 275/40/18 Rear tires, Rancho adjustable rear shocks set to soft, cal tracs and my axle is about 2" from the frame bumpers. I know the 40 series sidewalls aint helping but the only other size 275 i can get is either a 55 or 60 and not sure if a 60 will fit. Consequently my best friends car is set up identical to mine but his ride height isnt as low, he has Koni rear shocks and runs a 285/35/17 and his car rides much smoother than mine. Literally my car feels like a damn log truck and its beating me and the car to pieces in short order... Any suggestions? Cal tracs have been adjusted every which way and dont affect ride quality
  11. I use a cheap auto zone controller with temp probe in the intake, and have 2 relays wired that actually take the load of the fans coming on. The sensor reads that its time to come on and tells the relays and the relays switch powa on and voila fans blow at high speed...been working like a charm for 3 years now.
  12. I wanna know where you got the Louvers at, I may need a set.
  13. Well looks like I would have to raise my car up about an inch to squeeze these new tires under the ass end, so putting them up for sale. Brand new PAIR of Mickey Thompson Street ET's in a 295/65/15 size. Looking to get what I paid for them which was $300. I don't mind shipping but you pay freight. I am located in Walker Louisiana. Msg me here or at 225-241-3278 Pics to follow when I get home
  14. Okay I picked up a pair of brand new MT Street Ets in a 295/65/15 size for 300 and now i need a set of rear wheels. The car currently runs 275/40/18s in the back and has a 65-66 Model 9" width rear end so i got a lil more room. My question is what vehicles and yr models carry a 15" rim that will work so far as Back spacing and offset...just a junk factory set is all i want..
  15. MikeStang

    Subframe Connectors

    I have always wondered why someone doesn't make a sub frame connector that cradles the front frame rails and runs all the way up to the torque boxes and ties in like I did the connectors that I built for my 66.. "Pics posted somewhere on here" I built my SFC for the 66 out of 3x3 Square tube and they are pretty damn sturdy but I knew they were major overkill but since I had the material left over from the rotisserie build why let it go to waste :) I didn't know the rear divider couldn't go in if you had a fold down rear seat... looks like I wont be running a divider once I install my fold down LOL. I saw where the guy installed the M2 cross-member like I have but I wonder if it would help the torsional flex out if you were to cut some stiffener plates the same shape as frame rails and weld them to the sides of the rails on both sides and tie them into the cross-member some 1/8" or so would be easy to cut out and add on and I happen to have a 1/2 sheet left over that is doubling as a parts bench LOL.