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  1. Weld a welding rod down the crease..grind to contour.
  2. Need AC idler for my 351 w...with good bearings
  3. No, not yet. I put one in another car I rewired,. I may have a pix of it. I cut a relay box out of a crown Vic and put in the mustang before I found this. Replacing It with this one in the near future. I ran lights,horn,fan off relays . set half of fuses to 12v ignition ,half to constant hot.
  4. Use this...,.Amazon 16.00$https://www.amazon.com/Auto-relay-holder-nacelle-insurance/dp/B01961AZF8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1503894400&sr=8-3&keywords=waterproof+relay+fuse+box
  5. You can shim the fenders also to split the difference
  6. Not always....yorkville audio uses this configuration in their very popular low end cabinets for commercial audio..the real concearn would be the lack of baffles surrounding the speakers. Waves coming off the front and back would mingle causing a loss of low frequency. It also contributes to serious loss of power handling capabilities
  7. While your at the radio plug, grab the dimmer to
  8. Not that big a deal to do. I had a 70 in my 69 for years before going back original.
  9. A lot of wire hype is bs. Good quality wires will work on anything
  10. That isn't big enough. The 60 should be. Filters and dryers are mandatory also. The gun you choose will tell how much air you need.
  11. Email scotty at sbsmustang@Yahoo.com..He's parting out a few
  12. Hook a drill to the cable and watch Speedo.
  13. Big debate over filler under or over epoxy...either way works...do as the tech sheet says for your brand.....
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