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  1. I think I have a set, gotta dig thru the garage.
  2. There are secondary vin's stamped on the top rails above the shock towers but u gotta pull the front fenders.
  3. I have one available, PM me your email address and I will send pics.
  4. Flux core has limitations and cannot be used for thin material like .024 solid core.
  5. Looks like fatigue cracks but they are in a strange place.
  6. Anvil auto has something close.
  7. My car is still in the building process but I shaved the drip rails and will eliminate as much chrome as possible. The remaining chrome will be black chrome.
  8. 390mach1 - PM sent waiting on your reply
  9. I am looking for a wiper motor and arms for a 69, are yours still available?
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