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  1. When I was a kid, my folks use to drive to Seneca and shop at Roses and Big Lot stores all the time. And the jockey lot we went to at least once or twice a year, but your correct it's nothing what it used to be for many years ago. I always enjoyed the trips to SC when I was a kid, when I got old enough to get my driver's license I started driving down into Toccoa, Ga and up through Westminster, Seneca, Clemson, Anderson and Greenville, SC. To this day I still take a long drive through those same areas mention above a couple times a year just to get away and reset mentally.
  2. It could the browser that I'm using. I'm not very computer savvy anyways, this forum is the only one that I have trouble logging on and using the like or thank you button.
  3. I would gladly accept your invite if I'm able to finish up the Stang before then, I want to have my transmission rebuilt and completely redo my interior that's about the two major things left to do on my car. I'm hoping to finish the car completely by the end of this year so I can drive it. Can you give me some details on the car show in June, please?
  4. I'm having trouble even trying to get logged in anymore, which I've never had before. I get this screen that comes up every time when I do, then I click on send anyway and it will either take me back to the forum or I have to retry logging in again.
  5. I'm having trouble when I click on the thank you button or like button at the bottom of the page, a box pops up and says " Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Yes, the 275 is fairly taller but it looks good imho. I didn't use lowering blocks for the rear I went with these leaf springs Scott Drake C5ZZ-5560-4ME Scott Drake Lowering Leaf Springs | Summit Racing with Bilstein shocks front and rear from Street or Track. I can get 2 fingers between the fender and tire on the rear and my fenders are not rolled.
  7. Thanks for the compliment, sir. I'm currently living in Asheville, NC, but I'm originally from Franklin, NC. So, I'm familiar with Murphy. When they closed down Books A Million years ago here in Asheville I used to drive down to Anderson, SC to Books A Million just to buy Hot Rod magazines. Then they quit publishing about 18 different car magazines and I quit going to Anderson. They were a car show / fund raiser for a cop that had been injured a few weeks ago in Seneca that I was wanting to go to, but I was working that weekend so I wasn't able to make it.
  8. Also forgot to mention my car is a 428 Cobra Jet car "Q" code. My front wheel is a 15x7 and backspace is 4.25", front tire size is 235/60/15. No modifications to the front or back with the tires, and no interference.
  9. I'm running a 15x8 Magnum wheel with 4.5" backspace. My tire is a Mickey Thompson ET Street radial tire size 275/60/15. And the rear has been lowered a inch from factory height. No modifications have been done to my car to make the rear tires to fit. Below is a picture of my car, hope this helps.
  10. Ok, that sounds pretty simple and easier than I was expecting. I've been dreading doing this for some time now, but I think I should be able to tackle this on my own without fear of screwing up. Thank you, for your help!
  11. So if I don't remove the front glass, what is the best way to keep the headliner pulled tight until the glue dries? With the back glass removed I could see using several spring type clamps to keep the headliner tight until the glue dries that would work. Thanks for your advice aslanefe!
  12. Thank you sir! I will need to look at my car a little closer to see if it has been done like yours. I read somewhere on the internet that the front and rear glass had to come out, I might have interpreted that wrong. Maybe it makes it easier if the glass is out, anyway I've been dreading doing the headliner because of thinking the glass had to be removed. It took me a minute to figure out your picture. Thanks again!
  13. TexasEd are you saying that the front and rear glass does not have to come out in order to install the headliner? I'm going to be installing a new headliner in my car sometime this year and I was dreading to have someone come out just to remove the glass from the car.
  14. I looked back to see who I bought my parking lights off of from Ebay and they came from Ohio Mustang Supply. And these were gold just like the picture below.
  15. I went with ACP as well and had ordered them through NPD. When I got the front parking lights from NPD I had only 1 that was ACP and the other was another brand, even though both left and right was listed as ACP. I bought a set together instead of having to buy separately that was ACP on Ebay and sent the ones I bought from NPD back, the ACP are very close to the originals imo.
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