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  1. Yes, keep in mind that some speakers will get in the way of the window coming down. The window mechanism hits the magnet on the back of the speaker. You are probably ok with most mentioned, but be aware that it can be an issue. I got mine installed and they sounded great. I thought everything was perfect, and I tried to roll down my window. I had to move mine from behind the metal door shell to have the rim of the speaker on the passenger's side of the door panel.
  2. When I took mine to get aligned, the first 2 places would not touch it. One of the guys said he would have to guess about the settings because they were not in some reference material he had. I finally found one place in town that knew what to do, they work on old cars all the time. So depending on where you took it, they could have just been guessing on the settings.
  3. Minneapolis. There are at least 4 of us on this forum from here, and there could be a hundred 69/70 Stangs in town. There are a ton of collectors here, and they like them. It might also help that 25 years ago a local Ford collector had about 50 of them and sold them all, mostly to locals.
  4. Also, as midlife suggested, they would need to be electrically completely separate systems.
  5. A T on oil pressure will work fine, but if you use it for temperature the tips of both sensors will not be directly in the flow of coolant fluid. They might read a few degrees cooler than if the sensor tip was installed right in the coolant flow passage.
  6. I thought about the same thing in mine. Put spacers under the tracks and above the carpet. i am not sure how long the bolts are that go through the floor. I do not know if you could get an extra inch out of them. Maybe there is a way to put in new and longer bolts?
  7. I recently bought an ACP FM-EF002, I would guess from National Parts depot. I hooked it up electrically before installing in the tank and with it the gauge would not cover the entire range from E to F. I had to bend the high and low stops on it, and I got it to register the entire range. I changed the floats ( as described below) and am now testing it to verify it reads F when the tank has 20 gallons, and will check it just above E to see how much it takes to fill the tank. This one came with a brass float, and I have had 2 of those brass floats fail. My other car (99 Contour) has a type of plastic material with no air inside, so I am trying that. I doubled them up and wired them to my Mustang arm. I know the float worked for 20 years in my other car, so I would guess another 20 will not be a problem. pictures below. I got the floats free from a local self serve junk jard. Make sure to test yours dry, outside the tank with a ground wire and a signal wire to connect it to the car. That way you can easily verify it will register the full range on the gauge.
  8. I must tell this story of maybe how cheap I actually am. I bought my 69 convert in about 1984. I bought new Monroe shocks for it with a " Lifetime Guarantee" in about 1985. Last month I installed new Monroe shocks ( all four) for the 5th time since I bought my car. I have the records. About every 6 years or so. Every time I do it the new shocks are free; zero cost because of the guarantee. I bet Monroe hates those like me, taking advantage or their programs. Maybe they are not the best shocks, but when you can get new ones every 6 or 7 years for zero cost, it is hard to consider other options. Last month the would have cost me $170 if I had not had the guarantee.
  9. I got mine installed with a small straight screwdriver in the small openings on the front. It is tricky, but can be done.
  10. I did not realize they all came with the plug. I have the tilt wheel, and it requires the pins removed.
  11. You were in my part of the world. Minnesota. Brainerd is a fun city in the summer. It is always fun to get away, now get back to work. Now get back to work.
  12. I found one with Bendix on the bottom. It also has a 2227161 number. Could it have been the original one with the car?
  13. Yes, but how do I know if it is a Bendix? Will it have it on the bottom?
  14. You need to remove the pins from the half moon connector they are inserted in. It takes a special tool. Some have improvised the tool out of a ball point pen.
  15. I have 4 old scrap brake master cylinders, and I am guessing one of them is the original. I want to get rid of them, but not the one that was original to the car. How would I find photos of the correct master cylinder for a 69 Mustang?
  16. Just because something is making noise, it does not mean it is working. I am thinking of a particular woman I know.. I would guess I kind of know what the noise of a motor should be. The same for the woman...
  17. Leave it alone for a while and adjust to it. If you still do not like it in 20 years, you can think of a change!
  18. How do you know if the motor is spinning? Just because it makes noise?
  19. Make sure you define if it is the pump or the motor you need repaired. Also verify it is not low on oil. If it is low on oil or a line is plugged, it will appear as if the motor is bad. I know of no easy way to check to see which is the problem... Motor, pump, lines, or cylinders. If one side wants to go up and the other does not, then the motor and pump are probably ok. If neither side will go up and you have plenty of oil in it, then maybe rebuild the pump and motor at the same time. I probably need to do it on mine. After 50 years it has finally slowing down too much.
  20. The price drops again sometime in the next couple days. Somebody on ebay was asking about details and is very interested. He will probably buy right after the next price drop.
  21. No, I got my carb up and running. Yes, the mirror I have is off a Torino or Montego, I know that. It could work on a Mustang if the plastic sleeve between it and the door has a angle to it instead of flat. It was at a junkyard, doomed for destruction, and I hate to see that. Even if I do not need it. I would guess original Mustang mirror racing mirror bodys are over $100, more for the mirror, cable, and inside adjuster. I have all of it, but you would need the wedge shaped plastic piece under it. A belt sander would have one modified in seconds. It depends on if you want factory original or daily driver.
  22. those window stops are used in a lot of places on front and back windows. Maybe they installed it without the spacer plate that holds the bolts 3 inches apart?
  23. I just installed a new master, and bench bled it. The front was pumping right away, but the back took a lot of pumping before fluid started flowing. I am not sure why. Once installed, I could see fluid coming from the rear bleed screw. You might want to try the bench bleed.
  24. Yes, but you might need that tape measure to hang that photo on the wall.
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