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  1. From my investigations about the horn, the problem is usually in the steering column. It might have poor connections between the turn signal switch and steering wheel, and poor connections in the horn switch. I do not think it is the wires ( although it could be). The solution is to add a horn relay, just like the headlight relay. If your original harness is good, I would not hack into it. The headlight and horn relays can be added as additional harnesses.
  2. Dog on it, I was slow in responding again. I was going to make the suggestion that the motor was not getting the full voltage. This actually could happen, just like the dim headlights on most of your cars. But if yours is working well, then it is getting full voltage. If there is 14 volts on the battery, there could be 11 volts at the wiper motor, which would cause it to run slow. I have not heard of this ever being a problem, but it could happen. In my car the voltage to the headlights was 11 volts when the battery was 14. So I added the headlight relay. My horn would not work because it was not getting enough voltage, so I added a horn relay. The wiper will be next? Congrats on yours, now move on to the other 6,234 problems.
  3. I am not aware of any value in an original dealer installed AC. It is unique. If you are going to drop a lot of cash into it, though, consider obtaining the parts for factory AC. It is a large job to get all the correct parts and install them, but then you have it done. I know of a few junked cars in Minnesota that have the AC parts, so I know they are available.
  4. You have done your homework, you get an B+ so far. I also have a 69 vert loaded with options, including deluxe interior. All the features of a Grande can be ordered as separate options, except the Grande emblems. I think they had a unique vinyl top, but that is all. Yours obviously does not have the vinyl top. Another place to look for evidence is under the carpet. In mine, I found the original factory build sheet. It is in rough shape, but I have it. You need to take the seats out and I think it was under the carpet in the back seat. Otherwise, the Marti will tell a lot. The restomod vs original is a tough choice. The only reason for keeping it original is to win contests and car shows. If you want a fun and safe car to drive daily, go for the modifications. I went with the modifications, including the best one, power rack and pinion steering. Good luck, reach out to us with questions. Danno
  5. Mach1, I agree completely. For the first few seconds, as the bimetal is heating, it applies 12 volts to the gauges. This allows them to respond quickly. Then the regulator starts switching on and off, creating an average of 5 volts. There is a way to do the same thing with a solid state regulator. Put a capacitor on the regulator pin of a LM317, so initially it is a higher voltage output. Then as the capacitor charges, the voltage drops to 5volts. I wonder if anyone has tried this? Maybe I should? Have you ever used a LM317?
  6. Is that Uncle Bob's monkey?
  7. I also have an Uncle Bob and and Aunt Bee. Her knees are weak and a single strand...
  8. I also have Hagerty. You must have a different car that is your primary daily driver, but they have no way to know how much and where you are driving it. I think you can typically only buy it from an agent that sells you the insurance on your primary car. That is how they know it is not your primary car. My last renew price was $288 for the year ( not 6 months) for full coverage. That is 250,000 liability limit and 1000 collision deductible in Minnesota. I have AAA towing insurance for roadside assistance. $62 per year for any car I am driving or a passenger in.
  9. I think I have one, if you still need it.
  10. I will send a private message
  11. I had the z-lok system installed, but for me it was too much trouble. If anyone wants my system, you can buy mine cheap.
  12. How about the back up lights?? Turn on the radio and put the tranny in reverse. Does putting it in reverse cause the radio to stop? Look at the back up lights while the turn signals are operating, and see if they go dim when the turn signals lights are illuminated. I have seen the spring contacts in the fuse box go bad, as suggested. I used old battery acid (sulfuric) to clean mine. but you need to be careful with that and flush it all off when done. I once left some fuse contacts in overnight, and they were dissolved into the acid the next day. There could be more gentle acids, like what is in metal polishes. Do you have a voltmeter? Put it on the radio and see what it is when you turn on the back up lights or turn signals. You should not see the voltage drop when you do this.
  13. still available; price reduced $30. I can test it on my car for vacuum leaks and movement, but I will not install it to test full functionality.
  14. Instead of grounding the wire to the points, you can just turn off the power to the coil. The problem with that is that if the car is hotwired to start, the way this is done is to put a cable between the battery + and the coil +. So putting a switch in would serve no purpose for this. If you have fuel injection, then shutting off the fuel pump is the obvious choice.
  15. I have a electric gas valve with a hidden pushbutton. You can also do it with the method RPM suggested. For my gas valve, I must push the pushbutton every time the car is started, either immediately before or after the car is started. You can hide the pushbutton in a lot of places. A great option you can also do is to use an existing switch already in the car to latch a relay and turn on your gas valve or the idea of RPM. You can put a latching relay in it, so it only needs to be on for a half second. After that, it stays on until the car is shut off. That means you need to hit the switch every time the car is started, but you never need to remember to turn it on when you leave the car. Your button to enable the car to start could be the windshield washer, turn signal, horn or other switches already in the car. Every time you get in the car to start it, you put the key in the ignition, turn it on, and push the washer button, toot the horn or flash the turn signal to latch the relay so you can drive it like normal. If the washer, turn signal, or horn button is not pressed before turning the key to the run position, the car will not start. I can explain the latching relay if you want to consider this method. The idea of tooting the horn every time you want to start the car is kind of annoying, and the washer pump will squirt on your windshield. So the turn signal is least obnoxious. Turn the turn signal lever on every time you get in the car, and the car will start just like normal. With an electric gas valve, I can press the button after the car is started. Otherwise it will run out of the gas in the carb and stall.
  16. The redish brown thing in my first photo is my long tube headers. I had never thought the heat from them could melt the drain tube, and with 20 years of use it never has.
  17. Where is this bracket at? Attached photos, I don't know if they show what you want. They are from under. I put a tape measure so you could check distance from the weld point of the floor panel to firewall.
  18. Sure, my car is in the garage and it is raining today. I will get some photos from under it.
  19. I have not used by trunk key in 20 years! The simplest and best addition to you ride.
  20. danno


    and tin foil underwear I made my own, but they make too much noise walking thru Walmart
  21. I have an electric trunk release I grabbed out of a 83 Crown Vic at a junkyard. As you might know, these work perfect in a 1967 to 1973 Mustang, Cougar, and other Ford cars. Bolts right in to the same location as the existing one. Then run new wires, install the pushbutton, and you are good to go. One of the simplest improvements that makes driving and using the car so much easier. Works fine, I also put new wires on it. $60 plus shipping?
  22. danno


    Yes, it is difficult living in the leftist Minnesota, but with the bad comes the good. There was a couple good days in 2007. There is too much feeling bad for others and not looking out for yourself. I like to think the violence in Minneapolis would not have happened in Texas, but Houston has had their problems also. The city council voted to defund the police, but the reality is that cannot happen because of the city bylaws. They must put it up to a vote and see if it will happen, and I am sure it will not. We might get change, but not defunding. Slowly stores are opening back up. Any building burnt out beyond repair has been demolished and the site cleared already. Summer is returning to Minneapolis, I need to get my car out of the garage and start driving it.
  23. danno


    I am right exactly in the middle of it. I live in Minneapolis, less than 1 mile where it all started. Seriously, they burned my police station, post office and 20 other buildings within a mile of my house. I feel relatively safe, but the neighbors did take police action of our own. I was on my part of Lake Street for 5 nights in a row, protecting local businesses. We had neighborhood residents, just like me, there to protect them. Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I was there from 9pm to 5am, patrolling back and forth with my baseball bat. That is all I had for protection. A lot of neighbors were there with serious guns. That is not for me. But our businesses survived and we did not need bats or guns. The violence went to other easy targets with no protection. The violence and destruction came from 20 year old white kids with some wild agenda. That, along with the fact that Minneapolis has the worst mayor in America, and equally as worthless Governor, and the result is property damage between 300 and 500 million. But, in going with the mayor's agenda, nobody got hurt. That was the plan by the mayor when he abandoned the police station last thursday night and let the rioters burn it down. Nobody was hurt, for the price of 500 million in property damage. Where do you draw the line? My Mustang is safe in my garage. I am safe now, having a cup of coffee. Minneapolis will not recover for 20 years. The worst mayor in the history of the country.
  24. Yes, that is it! I can make something that will do, I just did not know if they were available. Thank you!
  25. You want all that hot water to stop going to the heater core when the AC is on. So it is supposed to stop it. The reality is it usually only slows it down.
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