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  1. Vicfreg, Barnett468 knows a lot of the details. Sometimes more than we want to know (ha ha). He helped me set the timing curve on my distributor, you can probably read the chatter we had about it last summer. So you should feel confident about his knowledge.
  2. Barnett468, if you read this, I want that radiator you talked about. Check your private messages.
  3. I did it also. The horns would start with a normal sound, and a tenth second later would be a sick buzz like an alarm clock. They were not getting enough current through the horn switch and wires. I added a relay at the horns, like the headlight relay.
  4. I am still definitely interested in buying  one of the radiators you have .   I want the 4 row one, but I am not sure it will fit.  I need to do a good job of measuring.   I also know that the fan is closer to the radiator at the bottom than at the top,  so I need to measure the bottom.  I will do that and get back to you.

  5. If you want to keep the original look like Mike65 has shown above, I have another option. I can install a separate auxillary audo input on these. I have it on mine and have done it for several on this forum. With this mod, you click a switch and it converts to the aux input. Then if you want Bluetooth, you put a Bluetooth receiver on the aux input. The Bluetooth receivers are about $25 on Amazon. I can do the work on a AM/FM radio ( like Mike's) for under $100. I also have a radio like Mike's that I could sell to you. You could get the radio with MP3 and Bluetooth for about $150. I can explain more about it if you are interested.
  6. Yes, I have one. Send me your email and I will email you photos.
  7. I was looking at those coolcraft and other 4 row models, and I see 2 issues. First is I do not know if I can fit the extra 5/8 inch thickness it requires. Second, is it worth the cost ( as in do I really need it?) I will need to look at my fan blade spacer and see if it can be cut by that amount. How much do you want for them? $300 is no problem, because that is what I would pay if I bought from CJ. I am happy to pay a fair price.
  8. Yes, I might be interested in them. I assume they are 24 inch wide, standard type? What is the high efficiency core all about?
  9. I mentioned my car runs hot because if one has more cooling capability than the other, I want that one. I was considering a 4 row, but one is not available that looks stock. They also cost considerably more. If I fix the reason it runs hot, the 4 row should not be necessary.
  10. My 69 convertible has a radiator issue, time for a new one. It is a stock 302 with air. It runs hot, I have been trying to find out why for years ( that is a different subject). I am looking at the stock 24 inch 3 row or a ALUMINUM "looks like stock" 24 inch 3 row. So they are very similar, including price (both $299 @ CJ's). What are the pros and cons of standard stock copper/brass or aluminum. Does aluminum offer better heat transfer and thermal conductivity?
  11. The ones from certain 1980s era Crown Vics and other Fords fit perfect in a 69/70 Mustang/Cougar I have one in mine, and I know a lot of the others here have them. I might have an extra at home if you are interested in it.
  12. Sold on ebay for $1140. Anyone watching will now realize the value of these. I have watched them for years on ebay, and I knew it would sell for about this price. So if you still looking, now you know how much to expect to pay
  13. I understand. Good luck, let us know how it goes. You will get it done someday.
  14. I understand. Your decision makes a lot of sense. Let us know how it goes.
  15. So the cruise was not an option in 1970?
  16. You certainly have a lot of patience. I have been in those situations, and walked away and came back a week later. Start from the beginning and rework all the steps of troubleshooting. You will get there. Beer sometimes helps.
  17. First of all, the relay is not needed if the switch is big enough to handle a few amps. I have the factory switch in mine, and it has probably had the top go up and down 3000 times in the last 50 years and still works fine. So if a normal switch is used, a relay is not necessary. The switch you show looks fantastic. If you do use it and the relay, the relay to do it is a very unique type. I would guess there are some that are made for this purpose. It must be normally off, and a ON for the top to go up, and an ON with the polarity of the motor wires reversed for the top to go down. If it is made for something like this, you have selected well. If it is not, then it will not at all work.
  18. Yes, it is kind of a hidden location. This is also where the fog lamp switch went. With 2 holes, I don't know what they did if you had a convertible with cruise control and fog lamps?
  19. Yes, but he could not translate to the software in the computer. His computer would set it all up automatically with the fixtures. If he could not do it on his fancy automatic system, he could not do it. Maybe he just did not want to, because it would be more work than he wanted?
  20. I do not know the brand or model on mine, there is nothing on them. After you get the speaker hole cut, roll down the window and measure the distance between the door skin and the window arm. Then make sure you speaker is less. I do know that ( the way it used to be) better sound comes from speakers with bigger magnets. Bigger magnets mean they are longer in depth. So if you use a speaker with shallow depth, you will not get as good of sound. New speakers might play tricks with the old ways?
  21. Some of the measureemnts are in the Ford Shop manual. Otherwise you need someone willing to get the measurements you need off of a car with known perfect dimensions. There could be an online reference you could purchase, but I am not aware of it.
  22. Dallas Mustang could easily have $500,000 in retail value on these items. But the descriptions are vague and you have no real idea what you are getting. But it is looking like you can get things for pennies on the dollar. So you spend $20 on 6 prings, use one, and toss the other 5. you still can come out ahead. If you know what you are buying. I would bet someone from CJ will be there to buy half the stuff, then sell it to us for full retail. That is who really comes out ahead.
  23. although it is an online auction, you must physically pick up items bought. There is probably someone on this forum who could do this is someone wanted a part?
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