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  1. I am still definitely interested in buying  one of the radiators you have .   I want the 4 row one, but I am not sure it will fit.  I need to do a good job of measuring.   I also know that the fan is closer to the radiator at the bottom than at the top,  so I need to measure the bottom.  I will do that and get back to you.

  2. Barney is always right.  I have seen this behavior in other posts.  No point to argue with him. He does have a lot of valuable information, but he has a definite opinion.   Go easy on him,  someday I might be like that.  A lot of the regular posters on the site know it. 

    Thanks for contributing, 

    1. mwye0627


      Agreed...    I looked in to some of the many forums he has been banned from and their experiences are similar and in some cases even worse.    A few years back he registered on a Ford truck diesel engine forum after he had bought an f-250 at an auction.   Barney entered the forum admitting that he knew nothing about diesels and especially nothing about computer controlled engines, period.   It took less than one day for him to seriously piss off the lead moderator and most experienced person on that forum.  The expert read Barney's description of his vehicle's symptom and gave him a a likely fix, which many other members agreed that it was a common problem and relatively simple fix.  Barney wanted to argue with the experts and kept asserting his 45 year experience working in the automotive field.  After 2 days it got to the point where NO members would even respond to him.     Perhaps that's what I should do - Just ignore him.  But when he is determined to assert himself as the Global Expert of ALL Things, even when presented with definitive information from the engineers and manufacturers of the systems in question, as an Engineer myself, it has a tendency to set me off...    If I have to be faced with much more of the ignorance that accompanies even his helpful posts, I will just resign from this forum.   This is STILL the best forum for '69 and '70 Mustangs, but other forums have banned Barney, and for that they are better for me.


    2. danno


      Thanks for the reply.  I understand.  I think most of us take what he says and realize it is not worth arguing, just nod you head and say "yep". 

      Stick with us, I agree this is a great forum. 


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