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  1. thanks Jmlay, if the part I made up don't work I'll be giving ya a call
  2. thanks for the come back, but, having trouble finding part so I just made one up,
  3. hi, looking for a NPD # part, 21546, drivers side, their out an no back orders. drivers side guide, front door glass, I'll take anything, old, NOS, thanks jerry I'm close to Det;roit, forgot to say, for 69 mach 1
  4. damperdudes rebuilds harmonic balancers , and alot cheaper then some that have been mentioned
  5. to midlife & mike65, damperdudes have a harmonic balancer that looks just like what io have, is it possible that a 292 and a 312 would be interchangeable, almost the same eng except for the CI,. i would imagaine they could be the same block, i'll call and get some dimentions from damperdudes, or maybe either of you guys will know, its sure alot cheaper then getting one rebuilt thanks jerry
  6. thanks Mike, they have exactly what i need, i did fiond one at a friends house, old stock, and i've alreadfy installed it, now i have to make up my mind if i want to spend the money for one in stock, cost $350, i payed $25 for the old one, and don't know how long that will last. opf course that was the first time i did a harmonic replacement and it was harde, but now i knoiw all the short steps and also where to get one if lneeded, thanks for all the info again, jerry
  7. the harmonic balancer on my 57 went bad, the part new is not available any where, would any one know who rebuilds them?, or who might have one, thanks jerry
  8. thanks for all the info guys, don't have a summit cat, 1969_Mach1, thats what i was looking for, and i'm always in a hurry, found a guy that had lots of spare parts
  9. had a hard time finding the part i was looking for, but a guy from our club, one of those that hasso much car stuff from over the last 60 years, he had a drawer full of the parts, gtting hold of holley was like pulling teeth, so every things turned out great and running again. and to RogerC, thats the part i was looking for, but mine must be a old ball, it got a 5/8 hook up instead of the 3/8,. but thanks for the info
  10. the piece you show is easy to get, what i'm looking for is the fitting that it mounts to on the carb, you have the carb, then theres a fitting on the carb that can come off, has a o ring, then theres the gas line fitting that you show that mounts to that, i'll probly have to find someone that has some spare parts to a holley
  11. what, no answers, whats everyone do?, replace the whole carb?
  12. geraldchainsaw


    i have a 650 double pumper holley, i need one of the gas fittings, the one on the side of the carb, the one that the gas line is hooked to, any one know where i can get one?
  13. a small problem, maybe someones else has had it. carb to intake, on top of intake i get deposits of oil gas varnish or whatever,, n the pockets, so i'm going to take the carb off and use new gasklets , do i have to tork the nuts the same or just guess?, or maybe its another problem, so what have u?
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