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  1. a small problem, maybe someones else has had it. carb to intake, on top of intake i get deposits of oil gas varnish or whatever,, n the pockets, so i'm going to take the carb off and use new gasklets , do i have to tork the nuts the same or just guess?, or maybe its another problem, so what have u?
  2. been a long time since i used this forum,  maybe i'm not using it right

  3. hi,  can't find your last msg about the egn

    1. 69RavenConv


      Hi, I didn't post anything, I just "liked" Midlife's post.

  4. having a bit of a problem with the egn switch, after a few days i go to start the car, i have to play with the key in switch working back and forth, after minutes of trying it finally kicks over, pretty sure its the orig switch. when i first had the problem, i could go and jump the cyl with key in run position, and it starts up. i have a new switch assy, how hard is it to change?, i'm old so i can't bend like use to, probly take a younger person, any way any thoughts?, thanks jerry
  5. so far it starts all the time, but i cleaned the batt posts , cyl, both sides, anyway, so i guess i'll have to wait for the next time, probly be when i'm 300 miles from home, thanks for the adivise, jerry
  6. to Brian conway. i tried the neutral position, nothing, but now it works, so i'll go and check my connections, clean them up etc. wi8ll keep posted as to what happens, thanks, guys
  7. ok, thanks for all the advise, so now i have alot of trying, one more thing, right now it starts u[p with no problem, could it be some kinda heating problem?, what ever it is, cooled down and now works, not saying the rad, maybe the coil, or what ever?, just a thought.
  8. today i went for a ride in the mustang, 69 mach 1, auto, 351w. put the car back in the garage, took a 2 hour break and wanted to go for another ride, tyurned the key, nothing, no clicks, no radio, nothing, moved the shifter around, automatic, nothing, went for a ride in another car, came back got in the mustang again and it started, any one know whats happening?, thanks jerry
  9. thanks for the info, i have no problem with the frame mounted brace, what i wanted to know about was the mounting hole for the steering cyl, it looks to be about 3/4", are there special washers or mounting wa;shers that fit in the hole?, theres so much slop, the cyl shaft is around 1/2" and the hole is around 3/4", to much slop, has to be some kinda special mounting pieces for the hole. or is that the way it is?, thanks jerry
  10. hi, i can't find it in the repair manuals, the power steering cyl that mounts to the frame, the bracket on the frame has a 3/4 or 7/8 hole that the cyl rod goes thru, does any one have a picture of what or how is used to hold it in place?, i made a nylon type washer to fit in the hole and 2 nylon washers outside the shole to hold it in place, but i don't think its right, does any one know?, thanks jerry
  11. to 69Ravenconv, don't know what a e-flasher is, can u explain it to me better, thanks jerry
  12. ok, went out and checked everything again, all lites turn on with lite switch, right side turn signals work, front and back, and brake lite when i hit the pedal. but, left side turn signals don't work, front or back, left rear lite brake pedal dosen't work when pressed, i'll probly end up taking it in to a electrical shop, man, i hate to do that. forgot to add, i cleaned all connections, checked #'s on bulbs
  13. yes i'm using the 1157 bulbs, i'm going out and check to c if the brake lites work, i did change the flasher with a new one, i guess i'll have to go out and clean everything, i'm sure its a simple thing, but not at the moment, thanks the info, jerry
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