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  1. Thanks Guys. Mike, keep an eye out for me around town. It's basically a daily driver except for days like today with the little bit of snow and salt on the road.
  2. I haven't been on this site in quite a while and have not worked on the Mach I much either. This time of year is when I usually spend the most time on the car but I've been a bit distracted. I got a new set of wheels. It's a 2013 Boss 302 LS and it's a blast to drive. My younger son got his license in October and I have gave him the accord I was driving so I needed to get another car. I looked at the new mustangs but wanted something unique. There's not much more unique in the mustang world than a Boss 302. Since it was going to be driven often I couldn't see myself with a school bus yellow, grabber blue or the bright green. That left white, red or black. There's not too many of these but I was able to find this one for sale within a 2 hour drive with only 9k miles. Here it is next to the Mach I on the rotisserie. My compressor blew a piston rod last month so once I get my compressor replaced I'll get back to the '69. Just wanted to share the fun!
  3. I had one on my car 25 years ago. I hung it on the back window with a couple of suction cups. I only did it because I created a stencil so it would light up "Mach I" when the light went on! I agree with everyone above. I wouldn't bother now, one additional light is not going to stop a moron.
  4. Dynacorn for me too. Put them in a few months ago and the fit was great.
  5. JTG

    What do you all think?

    I agree. There are a lot of people that just want a turn key car that won't even look at yours. I running car is a lot easier to sell.
  6. I like how you used the hitch receiver for the left/right slider, good idea.
  7. I like how you used the hitch receiver for the left/right slider, good idea.
  8. That was us too. We had it all together and looked at the base and said, it would be nice if it was wider.
  9. Now the only welding I know I have left on the body is a few small patches and subframe connectors. So I started building a rotisserie. I grabbed every engine stand that I could over the last couple of years and ended up with four. One is currently holding up the 351W so I used the other three to build the rotisserie. I used the idea I saw online of using 2" square tubing for the vertical and put a 2.5" piece around it a a slider. All three of the stands had rectangular tubing for the verticals and 2" square for the base. I cut up all three verticals to use for the 6 gussets. I cut up one of the bases to use the square tubing. I built a hitch tray years ago and since I don't really use that anymore I took the 2" and 2.5" from that. For the brackets I used the leftover unistrut I used for the dolly. It worked out pretty good. In the front I used the bumper bolts. It flexed a bit so I also bolted it to the upper radiator support. I the back bolted it using the bumper bolt holes. Here's the front stand. Don't worry I drilled out the holes to lock the slider in place. Here's a closeup of the front slider with the circular tubing from the stand welded to it. Since I used rectangular tubing and bolted it to the radiator support I was able to make it adjustable. Another picture of the front. Here's a picture of the rear slider. I put a set screw (bolt) in the rear to allow us to hold up the slider while we were lifting the car. The clamp is a backup. Once we got the car to the right height and drilled a hole all the way through and put a bolt. And here's the car on its side. Now it's time to scrape and clean!
  10. After the batter tray it was the front frame rail and shock tower. I got the frame rail piece from Mike65 and it worked perfectly. Before And after, sorry the bracket for the rotisserie was already installed. With the battery tray in place I was able to cut out the shock tower and bolt in the new one while it was being welded. The existing shock tower wasn't that bad, no cracks or anything but the frame was bad around it and I replaced the driver's side so I figured I should do this one also. Here it is all cut out. Here's some of the rust. And of course the usual rust where the apron and tower overlap First the frame patches. And then the new tower welded in.
  11. Here's a pic of the passenger side quarter welded in. Here's a shot of the battery tray before http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l352/jtg463/Mustang/Battery%20tray%20repair/IMG_0206.jpg And after
  12. OK. I was going to post some more updates but realized I need more pictures online. I'll take some and continue my updating. More to come.
  13. I kept the dolly locking simple and just wrapped an old t-shirt around a couple of the wheels. I replaced the passenger side quarter, trunk dropdown and outer wheelhouse using the same method as the driver's side. Here it is all cut out. There were a couple of small patches needed on this side. I still need to take the finished product pic for the quarter but it's all done.
  14. Here's a pic of what we did to the skin. We made a template from the original to make the patch. Obviously it's not cleaned up yet but the rear valance bracket fits now.
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