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  1. I also have a build sheet for this that was under the rear seat.
  2. Documented GT with PS/PB, Auto, and AC. Car is in Ft Worth. Upgraded the radiator to a nice aluminum dual SPAL electric fan setup. Car is in the GT Registry. Asking $22K
  3. I put them in my '69GT and had no problems what so ever with any clearance issues. I did have to trim the bottom of the pod itself, to make it fit flush with the console though.
  4. I meant work "with" not "for". Not sure what I was thinking, or maybe was drinking.
  5. Good news! They are a very good company to work for.
  6. No it wasn't an original AC car, but it already had the Classic Air on it when I purchased it.
  7. Thanks Pak. I have the original owners manual, build sheet, and lots of docs. It still has the original GT gas and all the interior pieces. I do like the accents that the black gives. The headlight buckets just give it a meaner look in my opinion.
  8. My bad. You could use it as a base point to build your own though.
  9. I would expect at least that. Here in Fort Worth we get some extreme temps and I went aluminum with dual SPAL fans and can sit in traffic with the AC running with no problem. In NJ where I lived previously that would have been overboard. Here's the setup I used. I had to have the brackets custom made as they were much deeper than the standard big block radiator were.
  10. Matt, I went with the console setup and its better than anyplace else and they are facing you for great readability. Pretty easy to install and look factory.
  11. That sounds like its running pretty good where its at? Why the need for a new alum rad?
  12. I'm thinking of adding some satin black paint treatment to my white GT. The car originally had a flat black hood according to the "69 GT Registry. What are the thoughts on painting the area around the headlights and rear tail lights? What was the original hood paint like? Was that on certain models only, I've seen it a on a few cars and like the look. Here is my current car................. Looking at something like this without the Boss sides...........
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