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  1. Well for whatever reason it won't let me attach images now. When I select the image and then hit upload the page just goes white. I guess whenever the moderators get it fixed I will upload more.
  2. Coy does not make the wheel that looks like this anymore. These are mb old school wheels. 17x9.5 in rear with 315/35 and front are 17x8 with 245/45
  3. I will get better pictures outside later. They fit inside the wheels wells nicely. I hate tires that stick out of the rear quarter or fender but these fit just right. I think I need to lower it just a bit more
  4. Got my wheels and tires. 17 x 9 1/2 in rear with 315/35 drag radials and 17 x 8 in front with 245/45. I will post up more pics on the car soon
  5. Got the brakes all swapped over to the 9" rear. Also got it bolted up. Just need to bolt in the gears and axles.
  6. Swapping out the 8" rear and putting in a 9" with 3.70 posi. I am transferring all the brake hardware and lines to the 9" before I put it in
  7. I met Vaughn in person. He is a cool dude. Got to spend the day with him and watch him in the RTR stangs. Awesome!
  8. I'm looking for a good working 9" posi third member with 3.50 gears maybe even 3.70 gears
  9. So I wonder about antique tags. They make you exempt after tagged. Maybe I'm missing something but the page is talking about reconstructed vehicles so that shouldn't be a problem unless I'm reading it wrong
  10. I went back today. Took a couple tries but I passed!!! Antique tags so I won't have to worry about that again as long as I live in DE. Now I'm looking for a set of 3.55 posi for 9" 28 spline
  11. I am getting antique tags also and we have the same restrictions for them. But I am not worried about that. I will drive it anytime anyway. Thats not a big deal. I just need it to pass once and never again will I have to worry about it with the antique tags. They just mail me my new one with no fees too
  12. The interior is complete. All windows are in. I took through inspection three times now and have failed emissions every time. Everything else has passed. The hc at idle the first time through was 2800. The max limit is 900. So I lowered my timing from 15* to 8*, leaned the idle fuel mixture a little and put alcohol in the tank. Next time through was 1500. I pulled out in lot and adjusted the carb and lowered the timing again and ran through and it tested at 1200. I think I need to mess with the carb and timing more. I may have to down jet the carb or go with a smaller one. I originally was gonna put a 650 on it. But I went with a 750. The reason why is because of all the reading I've done about Cleveland's and such a lot recommended a 750 even on stock motor. Normally on a build as mine I would have used 650. Not sure what to do right now but I want to get it passed before my temp tag runs out
  13. Thanks. Yeah I had the same problem with mine and I tried to restore with no success. So I too bought the ones from cj pony parts. The picks help. Thanks
  14. Does anyone have pics of how this is mounted? Example of how it is fitted to sill plate and top near the window felt and glass. Im even having trouble which one is left and right. I've never seen these installed so I am unsure which way they go.
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