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  1. So TCP is at a complete loss of why this is happening on my car. They are calling up a guy who has installed a lot of these systems and ask his advice on it. Does anyone have the dimensions of the lower control arm/engine mount should be located on the frame and the specs for the stutrod frame suppose to mount. I want to measure these out and make sure mine are not off from factory spec. thank you Ryan
  2. No i havent and no word back from TCP as of monday. Ill give them a call tomorrow morning, they say they open at 7am PST but i think they really get in about 730PST
  3. Good idea RPM, Both sides are giving the same issue currently so nothing is off from one side to the other
  4. The strut rod is measureing almost 20" in lenght (verified correct with TCP) Lower control arm is 15 3/4" from center of eyelet mount to ball joint ( verified by TCP) makes me wonder if the factory installed my strut rod mounts wrong??? I have not brought this up to TCP yet, but cut off 1/4" of the strut rod off on a band saw to gain the needed space.
  5. RPM Yes it is from the strut face, but the LCA is not square/center with the mount location as you can see in the photos. I am at a loss since this frame work metal is all factory original. I do wish i had some OEM spec measurements to work off to verify all factory mounts are correct.
  6. ALAN_MAC yes i have inspected all boxes and bag and parts for part numbers and even measured them out. TCP tech seems to be stumped on the issue and said that this has happened a handful of times. they are trying to sort it out
  7. FVIKE ive installed them according to their bag labels, i did not inspect their actual stamp. I will do right now!
  8. I purchased the Total Control Product front coil over suspension kit. I've watch the 2 youtube videos a couple times each and have gone over the instructions with a fine tooth comb. The issue i have is the strut rod they supplied is pushing my lower control arm too far back toward the rear. Ive tried pulling my camber all the way forward and maxed out the strut rod to the minimum length and still does not line up the lower control arm. I cannot even get the verishock to go inside the aluminum mount. Ive measured everything out, check and double checked part numbers and everything seems to be correct. TCP right now is kind of shrugging their shoulders as they don't have an answer for me. All the metal on this car is factory original
  9. channel locks on the mount and a plumbers soldering torch heat up the metal mount on low heat while applying a little pulling away pressure with the channel locks ( dont want to get too hot may thermal shock the windshield and blow up) once the the glue warms up it will pop off with ease. any additional clean up with a razor blade on flat with some soap water
  10. Mustangs Unlimited 10% off and Free Shipping Code HC16 11/18/16 - 1/19/17 www.mustangsunlimited.com mu nation buyers club members get another 5% off sale price
  11. Summit racing is having its black friday Nov21-28 going on right now
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