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  1. I have two of these. 1) Brand New and the newer model that is clockable. Comes in Powermaster box just like the factory. $200 2) Older model that was completely rebuilt by Powermaster. It just spin and not pop out. Turns out I wasnt running a bigger enough gauge positive cable. $150 Shipping will be $17 I'm in Northern Bay Area California if you are local.
  2. So I have to remove the headers just to remove the steering box too?? Thats not gonna fly having to remove the headers. Of course I got the Edelbrock heads and have 4 FREAKING bolts per tube....yeah 32 headers bolts. Had to file down a 3/8 wrench to get to some of them and jack the engine up on either side. Would a Rack system be easier to install?
  3. I have hooker super comp headers in my 69 Mach1. The steering box needs replacing/rebuilding or something new. Has anyone removed the steering box with the engine in and headers? I want to add the Borgeson setup but not sure if there will be room in there. Thanks Rc
  4. I have Two Powermaster Mini Starters. #1 Was mock fitted but never plugged in an ran. Still in box. This is the newer model and allows for adjusting the plate a bit. $200 #2 Is a little older and was completely rebuilt by Powermaster. The gear seemed to not want to pop out at times. I thought it was heat soak....turns out I wasn't running a large enough gauge wire to power it :oops: $150 I'm located in the Bay Area/Nor Cal Thanks Rc
  5. Thanks for the link. Most people commented that theirs fit like a glove. I'm just curious on the room I have. I'll have to look down there again.
  6. Need to fix my steering. The box is original and pretty loose. Looked into a Flamming River box or having mine rebuilt. Then I found the Borgeson and like the idea of eliminating pieces and cleaning up the setup. Will I be able to install this with a 390 and Hooker Headers? Car is an automatic too. Thanks Rc
  7. Long story but I have two Powermaster Mini Starters part #s 9506 for FE 390, 428. #1 Brand New never hooked up. It was mock installed but thats it. This one is clockable and their newer model. #2 Is a factory rebuilt by Powermaster. Everything on it is brand new and maybe 6 starts. This one is not clockable. Post or PM with questions. Thanks Rc
  8. How long ago was the box rebuilt? Is it a 16:1? Did you rebuild it?
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