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  1. Is there more than one drum brake shoe size for a 69 9in? My car was originally a 2v 351 car and since I put bigger disks up front I figured I could just rebuild the rear drums to stock. I took the rear brakes apart years ago to have the housing acid dipped and the center section rebuild, and all the brake parts found their way into a larger pile of brake parts from different cars. The parts stores wants to know what carb the car has but doesn't specify whether their shoes are for a 8in, or if there where different size shoes for 9in's, other than the larger shoes are no longer available. What size do I need?
  2. I'm done using CJ, their website is the easiest to use, but they are a little higher with their prices and everything is back ordered. My hood took 8 weeks! Even bumper bolts were back ordered a month. Laurel Mountain Mustang, Virginia Classic Mustang, Mustangs Unlimited, and Mustangs Plus. I try to spend with them all.
  3. It was a little closer than I thought, but it killed my Friday evening.
  4. Focus on that one car until it's done. I've been on and off with mine for just under 15 years. I've never driven it and have 20k wrapped up in it. If I hadn't bought 16 other projects in that time it would have been done years ago.
  5. It was a mustang II in primer. Possibly a king cobra, it was a hatch back with the duck tail spoiler.
  6. I love GT-40s, but I love the 69/70 mustang too. I just hope they used a dynacorn body for it. It might grow on me, but looking at a stock body of a 69 or 70 I can't help but know Ford hit the nail on the head with it. I feel bad for everyone who's had to design the mustang afterwards because the bar was set so high that I don't think that it can ever be eclipsed. How great would it have been if Ford ran that body style for 14 years like they did the fox body?
  7. You have to buy sound deadener and line the inside of one. Holy crap I've used 36 sheets of the Jegs knock-off dynamat stuff, and I need to buy more. Has anyone else used this stuff before? Are you happy with it? Is there anything else I should do to make this car more comfortable before I try to rack up a million miles driving the shit out of this 14 year project when I get it done?
  8. So I get a call tonight on my way to the garage from a friend telling me I need to call another friend because he has a lead on a barn find Shelby. (It's about a three hour round trip.) They can't tell me what year, the one said it looked rough and was missing the engine, and they both were wanting me to head there immediately. It was then when I realized that something had changed in me. All I wanted to do was go to my car and work on it. For years I'd get leads and race to the car in a panic. I'm going to go check it out tomorrow, but it will be my last wild goose chase if it is a coupe with an R model valance. If I don't scoop it up and it's a real Shelby I'll post the details here for one of you guys (phone number if I can get one, or directions if you live close enough, along with a VIN number.)
  9. So after 14 years of being taken apart, I can't remember if there was one on the car when I began or if I lost it. I don't want to use an adjustable one. What have you guys done. My car has front power disks, and drums in the rear. What sucks is I have a bunch of NOS ones from 1982 Ford trucks, thinking I could use one being that trucks normally have v-8s and are light in the ass, kind of like mustangs. I talked to a couple friends and they acted like every car has a specifically designed proportioning valve for every engine and brake set up a maker offers.
  10. Can someone tell me what color the dash is supposed to be painted.
  11. Am I the only one being forced to get a more affordable daily driver because of gas prices? I've only had my super duty a couple of months, but $200 a week is killing me. I've had to pull a 65 coupe with a 200 from next to the barn into the garage to work on. The 69 is going to have to wait a little longer.
  12. Do you remember how great it used to be? Way back before ebay, and the big car auctions drove all the prices through the roof?
  13. 30, I went to U.T.I. out of high school for auto mechanics, spent 6 years in the Corps working on KC-130's. Went to Wyotech to learn auto-body, on again off again going to University of Cincinnati. No woman, no kids, too many projects. Driving a truck for a construction company for money to finish my 69. Hoping it will be good enough that people will pay me to work on their old Fords.
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