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  1. I'm not sure, it sure is confusing though. I wish one of the experts would weigh in here and straighten this out for us, lol! :surrender:
  2. You should definitely have chrome strips (with weather stripping) on the back of each door glass. It's the quarter windows that I can't figure out. You say you have 1 quarter window that has a chrome strip? And one without?
  3. I'm trying to figure out if the quarter windows on a 69 Coupe should have the chrome strip on the front where it meets the door window. Mine doesn't and I have seen others that don't as well, but the parts breakdown I have shows it does. I do have the strips on the rear of the door glass. Thanks for the help!
  4. Here is a photo of where I believe it goes. It should mount directly behind the coat hook in the picture. Mine doesn't have them, so I can't be sure, but someone should be along to verify. If you need more photos just let me know, my headliner is not installed.
  5. Thanks Pakrat! That diagram will help as well.
  6. Thanks! That's helps very much. :thumbup1:
  7. Thanks for all the replies! 69RavenConv, a picture would be great if it's not too much trouble. I plan to attempt a reinstall once I'm 100% sure where it mounts. I may have to do a little refurb on it because the shaft sticking out may be stuck, or I didn't push it in hard enough since I wasn't sure what it went to. I'll give it another try.
  8. Thanks mustangmaniac2! Now for the toughie!!! :whistling: Anyone have a photo of how and where it mounts? It's for a 69 Coupe, 3 speed with a 250 I6.
  9. Anyone know what this is? It's on the driver's side near the shock tower, but it's not attached to anything. Thanks!:surrender:
  10. He is off of Silverlake Rd. His email is FIEL47 at aol.com. He isn't really a drive up junkyard and prefers to mail out the parts, but he will schedule a time if you need a large or heavy part. I needed a window and he had no problem me stopping by for that.
  11. OK, I will try it under the dash pad. Yea, they're from a coupe, I watched the guy pull the moldings and headliner bows from the junker. He also pulled some radio trim from a almost complete 70 Sportsroof. He is about 3 hours from here in Fountain, Fl and he has numerous Mustangs, Torinos and Galaxies on his property. He also has 3 semi trailers loaded with parts. He's not the most organized dude, but he had almost everything I needed. I can give you his email if anyone wants it. Thanks for the help guys.
  12. Hi, recently picked up Coupe that was missing some interior pieces. I picked up some A Pillar Moldings today from a junkyard and for the life of me can't get them to fit my car. Do they go above the dash pad or under the dash pad? The car I got them from was missing the dash pad, so I'm not sure. It's almost as if the dash pad is swollen and won't the L at the bottom slide deep enough into the dash. Thanks in advance!
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