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  1. Yep, 100%. Thanks Tom, you've been a big help.
  2. Geez these electrical problems are killing me. I replaced the switch and the turn signals still don't work. The blue wire in the connector powers the turn signals and I have power there until I turn on the turn signal, then I lose power. If I jump the red/white (emergency flashers) wire into the blue wire the signals work no problem. I have swapped the emergency flasher with the turn signal flasher with no luck. They both have the same part number #552 and Advance Auto lists both emergency and turn signal as 552, is this correct? Also, in the diagram the red/white wire is black/red, but mine is white/red. Is it normal for Ford to change the wire colors different than the diagram? There is a junction in the diagram that appears to be where the turn signal gets its power, but I can't find that junction. It appears by looking at the actual wires that the turn signals get it's power from the blue wire that runs to the flasher and comes out the other side orange. This orange wire is connected to a junction that has 4 or 5 wires coming out of it (one of those coming from the washer switch which could be related to my washer pump not working). Any ideas? This is getting on my last nerve:surrender:
  3. Thanks guys, great suggestions! I'll give them a shot. Tom, I replaced the entire switch because you mentioned that the cam was only a fix for a turn signal that wasn't clicking into place. My issue is no turn signals. Thanks again for the help! Still haven't re-attacked the wiper switch, I have it on ignore for now. Leonard
  4. I ended up buying the entire switch to fix my inop turn signals and now I need to transfer the connector to the new switch. I went to Advance and Autozone to buy the tool to remove the old wires from the connector and they don't carry them. I've seen them online, but for the life of me can't find one now. Anyone know what the official name of this tool is so I can search for it? Or is there a home remedy for releasing these wires from the old connector? Thanks.
  5. Mine was originally Silver Jade, then Yellow and now Copper. I would be willing to provide all the info.
  6. I think your 2nd link must be this: http://www.cjponyparts.com/product.asp?pn=HW1688
  7. Hmm... I see the one you posted now. When I clicked on it the first time it took me to their search page.
  8. Is this the one you were trying to post? http://johnsmustang.com/Parts/details-1535.html It doesn't look too bad, but could be better.
  9. Great idea Tom, I'll test the switch just be sure. Thanks! Leonard
  10. I do see where you would need to occupy your mind on something else. Good luck to your Dad and your car :tongue:
  11. I hope your Dad recovers well. I wouldn't be able to look at my car if something was wrong with my Dad. Good luck!
  12. OK, I got back at it today. Thanks for all the suggestions. I disconnected the harness connector at the switch and my continuity from the connector is good is good all the way to the pump connector (no resistance). On the switch connector I jumped the green and the orange/white wires and the pump runs. This is telling me the switch is the issue right? That''s how I see it, but I just wanted to bounce it off the forum first. It's funny because I originally ordered the variable wiper switch made by Drake and when I installed it nothing worked, no wipers or pump. I recently sent that back for refund and would recommend that people stay away from that switch. Thanks for all the help :)
  13. If it's leaking where the driveshaft enters the 3rd member it's the pinion seal. Pretty easy to change if thats it.
  14. Well, I cleaned up the connector and it still doesn't work. With the key on and the car just sitting there I get 11.2 volts from the connector, with it running I get over 12 volts, which should be more than enough to run the pump. Connector has power, pump works, put the 2 together and nothing. I'm chasing my tail, what am I missing?
  15. When I bought my car the reservoir and washer pump were missing, so I replaced both. The pump won't operate when I push the washer button, but it will if I jump a hot wire straight to it from the battery. I have verified power and ground at the washer pump connector. Best I can figure is it's not getting enough power to run the pump from it's connector. What would cause not enough juice to flow through it's dedicated plug? :surrender:
  16. Here are a couple more photos before the rebuild.
  17. It's really hard to tell from your photos. What is the rod sticking out of the left side of the pedal? Isn't that part of the pivot that should face the other way and go through the pedal support? I just did the rebuild on mine and here is what it looks like out of the car, maybe that will help.
  18. Has anyone ever replaced just the turn signal cam VS the whole switch? How did it go? It's crazy how much the whole switch is, but then again I haven't troubleshot/removed the old one to see if that's the problem. Just leaning forward a bit before I jump into this one.:001_smile: Here is the cam I was thinking of: http://www.aapd.net/cmpdetail.aspx?ID=3802
  19. Tom, I also added an aluminum radiator to my car and had the same question. I went to the local parts store and asked the guy about plugs for the cooler holes. He said they didn't carry anything like that and said you would probably end up adding a dedicated transmission cooler anyway if you added an auto. I'm sure I could have found plugs if I looked hard enough, but I'm not worried about just leaving the hopes open. If you are are worried about someone seeing empty holes, by all means plug 'em up, otherwise I see it as no big deal. :euro: Leonard
  20. Great pic, makes it all clear now. It appears at some time in my coupes life that the parking brake release handle rod broke and they welded it back together, but didn't replace the spring:frown: Seems the deeper I get, the more issues I'm finding.:scared: Thanks Tom. Leonard
  21. Hi, should there be some type of spring or something that pulls the parking brake handle back in? I lubed mine up to where it moves freely now and doesn't stick, but there doesn't seem to be anything that pulls it back in once you release the handle. :euro:
  22. On my coupe the PO painted the quarter ornaments black and painted over the chrome strips. Now I would really like to strip the paint off the chrome and maybe eventually paint the ornaments back to the car body color. Anyone know what holds the quarter ornament on? Also, what holds the chrome strip to the ornament? Are the chrome strips pretty thin? I hate to damage them because they are way expensive:scared: Thanks.
  23. Thanks Pakrat! I appreciate you clearing that up for us :rockon:
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