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  1. I just wrote them and asked if they are going to do any for 69 Coupe's. I'll post the answer when they respond.
  2. Doesn't work for me. All I see is a blue Mustang sitting in the dark.
  3. Yes, it's pretty hot here. It's so hot the fire ants are moving north for the summer. LOL!
  4. Yes, it's pretty hot here. It's so hot the fire ants are moving north for the summer. LOL!
  5. Thanks fellas! I'll guess I'll keep it and weld it up. Like Coz said, the quality isn't there anymore.
  6. So I ordered a new battery apron since mine is rusted out. When it arrived I unpacked it and noticed what I thought was a crack. I took pics and sent them to CJ Pony parts who said they would send a new one and they had the old one picked up. Well, the new one arrives and it's cracked as well. I emailed CJ Pony and Gary replied with this: "Leonard, I did forward your email and picture to my manager. He says that it is actually a fold in the metal and not a crack. All of those parts are going to look like that. If you are unhappy with the quality we can take it back for a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience." I can see through this fold as he calls because it is void of metal and I don't think it's a fold at all. Has anyone else ordered a battery apron that has this fold/crack? I find it odd that a part would be made with that deformity, but I like CJ's and don't want to be at odds if with them if they're right.
  7. Do you have photos of the Neon seats installed. I was just reading that thread and was interested. Thanks!

  8. Do you have photos of the Neon seats installed. I was just reading that thread and was interested. Thanks!

  9. Do you have photos of the Neon seats installed. I was just reading that thread and was interested. Thanks!

  10. I got the carb rebuilt and when I reinstalled it the car ran fine. Problem is after about 30 seconds fuel starts leaking out of the accelerator pump cover. When I pulled the carb apart initially the needle seat was sticking out about 1/8 of an inch, so I seated all the way in. Should it be sticking out or flush? Only other thing I can think of is the float is incorrectly set, but I didn't make any adjustments to the float. The rebuild kit I bought from Autozone was pretty close to useless. Any ideas?
  11. Anyone know if the needle seat is pressed in or what? Don't want to screw anything up. Still waiting on rebuild kit to come in, but want to be ready.
  12. Sorry, correction again. Shop manual said a Carter YF, but parts breakdown had a Ford 6531. Had to print both pics and take them out there to figure which was correct. It's the Ford 6531. Thanks. Edit: Which is actually an Autolite 1100. Geez, took awhile to figure that one out :)
  13. Thanks Revhead! Not sure of the model though. Which part store carries Borg-Warner? I checked Advance and Autozone with no luck. Edit: Just figured out the carb is a Carter YF 1V.
  14. OK, after much tinkering I thought I had it figured out when I took an ohm measurement across the secondary post on the coil and got zero resistance. Everything I read said that indicates a shorted coil. I replaced it and that wasn't. Tested the rest of the electrical and eveything seemed good. Remove the carb tonight and their was no fuel in the bowl and the fuel inlet needle is stuck. So now can I simply unstick it and hope it doesn't do it again? Sure would hate to do that and it happen again. Does that part come in a carb rebuild? At this point I will gladly buy the kit if it comes with the necessary parts to prevent this again, lol!
  15. Thanks for all the tips. I'm headed out to try the suggestions now.
  16. Well, I got the car back together after 3 or so months of it just sitting there and me and the wife took it out Sunday for about an hour drive and it ran great. Monday I decide to drive it to work which is about 6 miles. Halfway there it dies, no warning or anything. I tried to restart it while rolling down the road with no luck so I pull over and after about 30 seconds it fires right back up and runs fine. I get back on the road and 200 yards later it sputters and quits, again no restart while on the road. I get off the road again and it restarts after about 30 seconds. This time I head back home and the scenario repeats itself twice more every 100 or so yards. Finally I decide I better just get a wrecker :surrender:. I go out today to mess with it and first I think is fuel pump or plugged filter. I disconnect the hose at the clear filter by the distributor and get plenty of fuel when turned over, same thing at filter at the carb. Reconnect all lines, reconnect coil and it fires right up and runs for about a minute and dies, refires and runs about 30 seconds and dies. From there runs times seem to get shorter. I'm starting to think carb rebuild, maybe a sticking float? I didn't want to tackle that until I got some advice the experts here. So what do you think? Oh yea, engine is 250CI I6. Thanks!
  17. Thanks guys. 70Mach, I bought the tool because I needed a rivet gun anyway and the one I bought does 3 types of rivets. It will come in handy later I'm sure. So D.Reese, is the remote that big of a pain? What issues did you have?
  18. Finished mounting the sport mirrors on the doors yesterday and I'm quite happy how they look. The paint is a pretty close match. I still need to mount the inside remote on the drivers side though and hope to finish thta this weeked. I learned more about nut rivets doing this then I ever I expected I'd need to know :) Thanks to all that helped with my questions.
  19. So why did you decide against the corner patches? My door will look that the first pic once I cut out the rust and wondering why you went with a skin.
  20. The full length hump hugger looks pretty good, not sure how it would work with a stick. Of the other 2 I think the one with side by side cup holders would look better. Thanks for the replies!
  21. Still interested if the piece (drivers weather strip) I need will fit my 69 coupe.
  22. Thanks guys! Glad to know I can buy that tool locally at Harbor Freight, sucks I'll probably only use it one time in my life, lol! Is that called just a regular pop rivet gun, or is there a special name since it installs rivet nuts also?
  23. Looking for chrome piece that mounts on drivers door glass and holds the rubber weatherstripping on.
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