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  1. Thanks. That's was what I was thinking. Still debating the Shelby drop. I'd read that for regular street driving that it's not really necessary. Did you notice a difference? Thanks for the info. Hmmm... the ball joints had been replaced previously and with the exception of the boots were in good shape. When I removed that UCA though I could feel play from left to right. Could be the reason the shims were needed. Thanks all.
  2. So I'm in the process of doing a front end rebuild and when I went to remove the drivers side UCA I noticed shims behind the rear part of the UCA. I'm guessing these are for alignment. After I get the car back together I will have an alignment done anyway, but should I reinstall these when I install the new UCA or leave them out?
  3. That's it Bob, thanks. Like Brian, I thought it would be called something like a distribution block, but it's just referred to as a rear brake hose. Weird. Thanks fellas. Len
  4. Anyone know the official name for the doohickey thing that the rear left and right brake lines hook up to? It's held on by the axle vent. I searched and searched and can find photos, but can't find the actual part to buy.
  5. Check your fuse block. I messed with mine for a week (changed switch and wires)because they didn't work and it turned out to be corrosion on the connectors where the fuse is. I couldn't believe it!
  6. You mean these? http://www.cjponyparts.com/window-molding-clip-12-pin-on-type-1966-1973/p/HW247/
  7. Yep, be careful. I just did this last weekend and cracked my windshield:hammer:. I couldn't believe how easy it cracked.
  8. Thanks for the motor mounts. Great seller!
  9. A little help please. My 69 Coupe has the 250 I6 and I will be installing a 95 302 from an Explorer. Will my 250 motor mounts work? If not, which 302 mounts do I need? Also, I'll be installing a T-5 at the same time. Can I buy a driveshaft yoke from a Mustang with a T-5 and use that or do I have to use the one T-5 conversion places sell. Just trying to save a few dollars on that piece, actually, a lot of dollars:turned:
  10. I haven't removed my front windshield yet, so I'm not sure of the difference. I've searched and read (and read, and read) and everyone is saying the front and rear are a different length on a Coupe. Zanado is the only person I've heard saying they actually bought some.
  11. Is this them? http://www.npdlink.com/store/products/product-152027-0.html?shop_by_year=1969 It says "Window Molding Clip Kit Front", but in the description it says front and rear. It never says which model they are for though. They look a little shorter than the ones I have.
  12. I've looked in their catalog and can't find any for a 69 Coupe. I can't look at their website because my Flash is screwed up. I'll see if I can access their site from work.
  13. I've been searching for the upper rear window molding clips for a 69 Coupe, but like a lot of the stuff for the coupe, they aren't reproduced. Will the 67-68 clips http://www.cjponyparts.com/cp-rr-top-window-mldg-clips-6-1967-1968/p/HW635/ work? They look like they may be a little shorter. I have 3 of the 4 originals. If worse comes to worse I'll reinstall with just the 3.
  14. I went to a local glass shop and he cut a mirror down and glued it over the old one. You tell it if you look close, but it looks really good.
  15. U.S. Air Force 1981-2006 HH-3 Jolly Green Giant and HH-60 Pavehawk Helo Crew Chief.
  16. 48 and married. Retired from the Air Force after 26 years working on Pavehawk (HH-60G's) Helicopters. Currently work for an Air Force Special Ops unit as their deployment manager. I have 3 kids and 5 grandsons, woo hoo! Originally from West Milton, Oh (20 miles north of Dayton), but I just couldn't see going back to the cold after being in the south so long, lol.
  17. Seems I'm missing these as well. Anyobe have pics of where they mount?
  18. I never meant to imply what forum it was in my attempt to keep things as neutral as possible. Part of the reason for keeping it neutral as possible in case 69shelbycoupe wanted to comment, it was up to him. He hasn't commented on this thread anywhere that I know of. Yes, he did send pictures, but left out pics of the rusted areas, except for the area on the corner that he stated "It's just surface bubbling and could be sanded and sprayed with filler primer". It is definitely the same lid in the photos he sent me as the clear coat is badly peeling on the outside of the lid. I agree that in the small (ish) group like this that I did feel a sense of trust that I wouldn't feel on some larger sites. Just another reason to trust no one and by no means am I saying that this is the fault of this site.
  19. Buyer beware when dealing with this seller. This is his idea of "no rust or dents". He did provide a partial refund, but I sure didn't get what he said he was selling. He was reply was "I thinks it's fair"
  20. I agree he's not a total loser, but to advertise it as 'dent and rust free" is a total lie (btw, it does have dents on the inside). He made it semi-right with the partial refund. I sure didn't get what he advertised though. Anyway, you can look at my response to 69shelbycoupe right in the "Parts for sale/Wanted" section on 1969Stang.com.
  21. Well, the guy refunded me $75, so I'm still out $35 in the deal with a lid that is far from rust or dent free as he stated. He told me refiunding me $75 was totally fair. I don't see it that way. Only a blind person could look at this lid and call it rust and dent free. I really think people need to be warned that this guy can't be trusted with his parts. Should a post a warning about him in the selling forum as a seperate thread or in the thread he's selling other parts? Or not at all? Thanks for the advice.
  22. Yea, I used Paypal. Never realized that they protected you outside of EBay. I'll give the guy a chance to come forward and reslove this himself, then I'm going to Paypal. If he doesn't make this right should I mentioned something about this in the forum he's selling other parts in? I sure would want someone telling me before I bought from someone misrepresenting his parts. Rangerdoc, I'll keep you in mind if this doesn't pan out. Thanks.
  23. Need some advice please. I bought a trunk lid from a guy that advertised it on a site as "Rust and dent free". After negotiating back and forth we came to an agreement of $65 for the lid. Great price for a rust and dent free lid in my book. Before I made the payment I asked for photos and when he sent them to me I noticed rust on the outside rear edge. He said it just surface bubbling and could be sanded and sprayed with filler primer. Not being a body guy I was disappointed, but if that was all that was wrong with it I could deal with it. I made the payment through paypal and he shipped it. When I got it the first thing I noticed was the underside lip was severly rusted and parts of the lip (part crimped over) was actually rusted away. I took photos and sent them to him asking why he didn't mention the rust. He replied saying "honestly i didn't even realized that. I was mostly looking at the outside of the trunk lid for rust and dents". After that I took another closer look at the trunk and the edge where he said could be sanded and filled with primer was actually rusted through and you can actually see 2 seperate layers of sheet metal. I'm pretty peeved about the whole thing, but don't want to over react, which I can do pretty easily :glare:. So here I am, what would you do? Demand partial refund to offset the rust? Demand entire refund? Call him out on the forum he participates in since he's selling other stuff? I don't think there is legally anything I can do is there? [ATTACH]7966[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7967[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7968[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7969[/ATTACH]
  24. http://www.cjponyparts.com/product.asp?pn=B3R It's on sale now too! Or front and back. http://www.cjponyparts.com/bumper-chrome-pair-1969-1970/p/B3P/
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