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  1. So my Coupe had no windlace when I bought it and I'm not sure if this windlace is different than what I already bought for the headliner. Scott Drake Mustang Quarter Post Windlace Pair 1969-1970 (cjponyparts.com) I'm thinking it is and I need to order the windlace for the quarter post also?
  2. That males sense and explains why they were with my cowl hardware. Thanks!
  3. OK. So shims for body alignment or steering column bracket. I guess I was drunk when I put them in the cowl parts bag, lol. Thanks.
  4. So I went through all my disassembly photos and these didn't show up anywhere. They were in the hardware bag for the cowl, so I'm maybe under the cowl somewhere? Looks like spacers of some kind. I went all through the Parts and Body Illustrations and couldn't find them in there either.
  5. Looks good. What are your suspension mods? Tire size and offset?
  6. I really wanted the Fiero seats in mine. I just couldn't find any close that were a decent price. I ended up buying Infinity Q50 front and rear seats for $200. The front seats were larger than I expected. I re-sold the fronts for $200 and did some mods to the rear. They were too tall like the seats you have. I shortened the bottom seat and put the top section behind the bottom, making it sit lower. It still sits a tad high but I think they will work. I bought Scat seats for the front. They look and feel good. I'm a little worried about how long they will last though. Not sure the quality of the material. I made my own tracks for them since they wanted $80 each for Mustang specific tracks.
  7. That's a very sharp car. I've always loved red and black together.
  8. That's really cool. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do that though. It'd probably be easier than what he did though since I don't have a hood scoop. Good thing about that is it's not permanent and I could change it if I didn't like it. I do like those hood stripes. I've never been a big fan of the stripes on the side though.
  9. Yep, that's what I had read. Not a lot of 69/70's around here so I can't say I'm used to the blacked out hoods. I have a couple weeks to decide since my painter is on the road. The more I look at the Le Mans the more I get used to them. Of course I got used to the stripes I had before, even though they were horrible, lol. That would be different. You're not worried it would throw of the visual balance of the car. I've seen some cars like that and they didn't look bad.
  10. I didn't even realize the gold car was a 70 style. I thought it was a more modern design. I showed it to the wife and got a mixed response though. I think it looks pretty good and will still consider that design. rmarks, your search skills are definitely better than mine. I found everything but the pics I was looking for, lol. Those are some great examples. I can see where the stripes on the crown of the hood kinda looks weird looking from the side on the 69. Overall I like the look though. Thanks for your thoughts fellas. My painter (son) did this to his Mustang a few years back. Unfortunately he lost it shortly after. He added twin turbos and was out testing them and it caught fire. He thinks it was an injector, but was never really sure. He had forgotten his fire extinguisher and still kicks himself over that.
  11. So I'm at the stage of deciding on stripes or not. Car will be same color as before (burnt orange/copper) and I bought white paint initially to do Le Mans stripes. Now after more research I've read Le Mans stripe don't look that great on 69's though. I think they look good on the blue car posted, but it's not a good pic looking down the hood. I do not have a hood scoop like the blue car. I've also thought of these larger stripes like on the gold car. I have no idea on the dimensions for those though. It had these ridiculous stripes on it when I bought it. Don't know what the PO was thinking. Anyone have good pics of a coupe with Lemans stripes? Opinion's on Lemans on 69's?
  12. If all else fails try cleaning the fuse contacts in the fusebox.
  13. I did this when I converted to EFI. It's nice, but by time you buy the high pressure fuel line and fittings.it gets pretty expensive. https://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-tank-kit-efi-22-gallon-with-sending-unit-and-255-lph-fuel-pump-mustang-1969-1970/p/FTKEFI2/
  14. Good info. I thought they limited how much you could drive. Thanks.
  15. Does Hagerty limit when you can drive your car? Like only to Car Shows or on the weekends?
  16. Thanks. So the window opening was just painted black on that car? What is that color on that car? Trying to figure out what color to paint mine. It was similar to the one in the video before.
  17. What color is that? Was there some type of gasket installed before you set the windshield in place? I thought the 69's didn't have a windshield gasket.
  18. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind if I decide to got that route.
  19. Yep, my has some corrosion from a leak also. Thanks for the info on those being crap. Where can you find them individually? I've searched and can't seem to find them except in a kit.
  20. So my fuse box is in pretty bad shape. I was replacing a fuse the other day and one of the metal fuse terminal connectors broke off. I know I can buy these https://www.npdlink.com/product/repair-kit-fuse-box-terminal-8-fuse-terminals/102075 and replace the terminals, but if I'm going to do that why not replace the box with a modern fuse box? I really don't want to replace the wiring harness because wiring is not my strong point and it seems like a ton of headaches I'd get myself in to. So what options do I have. Can I do something like this https://smile.amazon.com/Holder-Indicator-Suitable-Automotive-Weiruixin/dp/B07BF2V57M/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=automotive+fuse+box&qid=1592654862&sr=8-4 or is there a better option?
  21. Thanks guys. I go out and start it every once in awhile because it makes me so happy, lol. Hoping the rest of it doesn't take 5 years :)
  22. So after 5 years of not having a running engine in my Mustang we finally got the new one going. Life get's in the way and before you know it time has flown by. Of course it didn't just fire right up with no problems though. 1st we had a bad coil which took a few hours to figure out. Then we had the firing order screwed up. It has a Trick Flow Stage 1 cam which complicated the matter. It would run on the Trick Flow and stock firing order, but was backfiring pretty bad. Took my son and I a day to figure out that the firing order goes counterclockwise, not clockwise, duh! It's actually my fault, but in my defense it's been 40 years since I even thought about a firing order, lol. I still have some wiring to clean up and a whole lot of body work to go, but it's a huge step for me and has me motivated to get it done. Thanks to the forum and especially Mach1 Driver for his awesome wiring diagram.
  23. Great, that helps me understand the resistor. Again, thanks for your help.
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