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  1. Good info. I thought they limited how much you could drive. Thanks.
  2. Does Hagerty limit when you can drive your car? Like only to Car Shows or on the weekends?
  3. Thanks. So the window opening was just painted black on that car? What is that color on that car? Trying to figure out what color to paint mine. It was similar to the one in the video before.
  4. What color is that? Was there some type of gasket installed before you set the windshield in place? I thought the 69's didn't have a windshield gasket.
  5. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind if I decide to got that route.
  6. Yep, my has some corrosion from a leak also. Thanks for the info on those being crap. Where can you find them individually? I've searched and can't seem to find them except in a kit.
  7. So my fuse box is in pretty bad shape. I was replacing a fuse the other day and one of the metal fuse terminal connectors broke off. I know I can buy these https://www.npdlink.com/product/repair-kit-fuse-box-terminal-8-fuse-terminals/102075 and replace the terminals, but if I'm going to do that why not replace the box with a modern fuse box? I really don't want to replace the wiring harness because wiring is not my strong point and it seems like a ton of headaches I'd get myself in to. So what options do I have. Can I do something like this https://smile.amazon.com/Holder-Indicator-Suitable-Automotive-Weiruixin/dp/B07BF2V57M/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=automotive+fuse+box&qid=1592654862&sr=8-4 or is there a better option?
  8. Thanks guys. I go out and start it every once in awhile because it makes me so happy, lol. Hoping the rest of it doesn't take 5 years :)
  9. So after 5 years of not having a running engine in my Mustang we finally got the new one going. Life get's in the way and before you know it time has flown by. Of course it didn't just fire right up with no problems though. 1st we had a bad coil which took a few hours to figure out. Then we had the firing order screwed up. It has a Trick Flow Stage 1 cam which complicated the matter. It would run on the Trick Flow and stock firing order, but was backfiring pretty bad. Took my son and I a day to figure out that the firing order goes counterclockwise, not clockwise, duh! It's actually my fault, but in my defense it's been 40 years since I even thought about a firing order, lol. I still have some wiring to clean up and a whole lot of body work to go, but it's a huge step for me and has me motivated to get it done. Thanks to the forum and especially Mach1 Driver for his awesome wiring diagram.
  10. Great, that helps me understand the resistor. Again, thanks for your help.
  11. Yes, the Painless comes with another fuse box with fuel pump and EEC relays. The only connections to the original harness is a yellow wire to the B+ starter relay and 2 red/green wires to the ignition (coil) switch. It doesn't connect to the ammeter that I can tell. Will damage occur if I wire it up according to your diagram and leave the ammeter? At this point I need to get this thing running. Sorry, forgot to say it's a 560 resistor. I'll have to research the terminal block. Another opportunity to learn something new :) Thanks.
  12. Looks like are installs are somewhat similar.
  13. That's awesome. It helps a lot. I do have some questions though because I'm horrible with wiring: The line with the fuse (Note 2) goes where? The 655R wire (red) goes to ground? What does the "V" mean. Looked at circuit symbols and don't see that. The lines that end in "NC" means what? I ordered " 1/2W .5 Watt 5% Tolerance Carbon Film Resistors" from FleaBay. I hope that's correct. I've never done anything with resistors before. Do you cut the line and solder in the resistor or remove the covering from the wiring in 2 places (leaving the wire intact) and solder in the resistor. Couldn't find anything definite on YouTube. To add to the confusion I'm installing a new Painless ECM wiring harness for the EFI 302 I've installed. Painless my butt, there is some things they could definitely explain better, lol. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
  14. Mach1 Driver, Thanks, I haven't seen this one before.
  15. Yes, I have an Ammeter (gauge says alternator). I didn't buy the PA Performance one. I'd never heard of that one until I was trying to figure tis out and read an old thread on here about how to wire that version. I have the Ford 3G. It does have the internal regulator. So the green/red that used to go to the old regulator "S" connection gets connected to the green/red on the alternator? When I eliminate the old regulator the large black wires and red wire that went to the regulator can just terminate in the harness? Anyone have an idea the best/safest way to do that? Thanks guys.
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