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  1. Thanks a bunch Kris. Pics are a big help. I purchased a roll of Air conditioning Unit installation foam from HD. 1"x1" and it compresses quite well so looking at your pics i'll glue it to the roof portion rather than to the moulding as it fits that area well. I pre tested it and it compresses to the thickness of your gasket. Do you have a few pics of the 'skeleton' of your convertible top? The two small bows are identical but one has the angle brackets with a pin..not sure if it goes 1st or 2nd. Thanks again...John
  2. Kris. Thanks. Do you think that seal is original? If so they weren't too fussy how they put it on..lol. I found some goofy stuff on this 70 vert too while disassembling. Unfortunately i didn't take pics of that area. Is that a rubber grommet on the pillar?? No grommet on this one. Thank you..John And i assume the studs on the top moulding goes down through that foam gasket. The foam gasket i found is 1"x1" but certainly will compress down to what u have there
  3. Swap flashers to see if you received a dud unit...John
  4. Just ready to install the wide stainless moulding on top of the windshield pillar. New windshield is in. The assembly manual shows a 1"x1"x 53" foam seal under that wide stainless moulding. Anyone have a pic of exactly how it goes? the manual certainly isn't clear as the foam seal does not look square ...thanks..John
  5. That looks awesome! Great work. My 69 is acapulco as well. Love the colour. ..John
  6. Looking mighty good Kris...keep posting the pics! ..John
  7. Vic..on the 70 convert i'm finishing up those window guides above are stamped RH and LH on the flat base. ....John I also had a few questions for you but it says you can't receive emails?
  8. Purchased a 15L to do carbs and small parts..works awesome. Now looking for one to accommodate a cylinder head. Anybody purchase one of these? Thanks..John
  9. Need the passenger side * eyebrow * moulding only. Bought repos but they were no where close to fitting. Thanks..John
  10. Hello Midlife. By cowl strut you mean the support bracket/brace that bolts to the shock tower under the upper shock bracket and gets bolted to the firewall? I see from the wiring schematics that the heavy black power lead for the convertible top switch goes along under that brace. John
  11. I've searched quite a bit on this and there seems to be discrepancies as to where the wires should follow. Does the engine gauge feed and coil wire run up along the drivers or passenger valve cover? Secondly some say the alternator feed wire along with the black main power feed and travel down to the headlight harness...there's no way this harness will do that. I replaced the aprons on both sides so i don't see any holes for the solenoid wires to clip to on the passenger side shock tower/aprons making me think that they weren't fastened there when i removed it over 10 year ago. The voltage regulator harness and the alternator harness are of course one harness. Branching off that is a blue 2 pin plug with a male/female. Travelling from the cowl is the heavy black that goes to the + side of the solenoid. A red/black stripe that goes to the sta terminal of the solenoid. And also along with these wires is a two pin connector (blue) with a male and female. That plugin has a heavy black wire along with a green/red stripe and this plugs into the alternator harness. I'm just wondering where to fasten/run these wires? Theres a 3rd heavy gauge wire that travels out the cowl/firewall and gets attached to the underside of the strut brace and this ends up at the circuit breaker for the convertible top. Finally does anyone have a pic of this breaker installed to show it's orientation. I have it installed with the studs facing outward. Unlike the original this scott drake replacement does not have any markings on it for power in etc. Sorry to be longwinded...thanks...John
  12. Thanks aslanefe. I'll see what i can come up with. I have an order coming so i might be able to add these to it..saves running around looking for it and i can keep working on the stang. Regards...John
  13. Thanks Guys: I have an email to my supplier to see if he has them in stock. I'm thinking that once the pads are installed the cowl just slides under the stainless moulding and that keeps it in place along with the screws at the forward portion of the cowl panel..thanks...John
  14. Under the removable cowl where both wiper arms protrude through are there rubber or sponge insulators under it? It fastens at the front edge with roughly 7 small screws and one at each end with the rubber bumpers for the back of the hood but no attachment points close to the windshield. Does it just slide under the lower stainless moulding along the bottom of the windshield...the moulding that has 7 brackets that are clipped into the moulding and fasten to the firewall? Thanks..John
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