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  1. Supplier has agreed to take them back for a full refund. Guess i'll try to locate some decent original ones. ...thanks..John
  2. I appreciate everyones' comments and thanks for the pics. Mustangstofear: While tweaking might be attainable, when the complete opening of the moulding is smaller than the bucket there's no way to physically widen the opening without kinking. It's like trying to stretch the letter " C" or a horseshoe open..somethings gotta give and either crack or dent. ..John
  3. Hi Vic. I just noticed that you and i were discussing front coil springs in this 70 convert i'm finishing for a friend/customer. I also noticed that my response to you was still sitting in my drafts email :( Sorry about that. I'll probably give NPD a call and see what they say. I'd hate to return them as i'm in Canada and it is a royal " pita" to return things as the shipping is costly. If you have a chance could you send me a few pics of yours installed? thanks a bunch. John
  4. Hello Vicfreg: We've emailed each other before. undamaged original extension and i have another extension here to test with the same results..totally unfit. I wonder where NPD sources theirs from. If i knew that they guaranteed their fit on an original unmolested extension i would purchase these and have them shipped up to me. How's your convert coming along? If not too much trouble can you take a pic of your mouldings installed? thanks.. John
  5. Don't recall seeing that on my 69 sportsroof when i restored it. ..John
  6. Trying to install a set of Scott Drake mouldings on the fender extension. These mouldings are so far off that it is impossible to make them fit. They don't fit the opening and are total garbage. I contacted my supplier, who has been excellent all along and he advises that he will replace them but advised that i probably won't be happy with the replacements as they look terrible as well. Says he has had a ton of complaints about them. This is an original headlight bucket extension so it's not like I'm fighting to get two aftermarket pieces to work together. Has anyone on the forum run into this? I'm assuming that there is only one or two factories in Taiwan punching these out. It amazes and floors me as to why, in this day of cnc mills and computers etc that a NOS moulding can't be copied to fit better than these replacements. And..they're not cheap to purchase! It's not like these need a little bend here and a tweak there....they just don't fit. Frustrating to say the least. Maybe someone on the forum may have a decent used set i can purchase from them or can point me in the direction of a different supplier of decent parts but these Scott Drake copies just aren't cutting it. Thanks...John
  7. I'll check with the owner of the car to see what he wants to do. Thanks...John
  8. Not unless i change back to 3 pin park lights right as the 70 parklites are two pin. And..I just noticed that not only is the park light a 2 pin connector so obviously the 70 wiring harness also has the 2 pin connector to hook to it. This will make it impossible to use that 69 'jumper style' wiring harness which has 3 pin connectors. So i guess i'll be cutting into the harness just short of the green plug and tying into the two signal wires and call it a day. John
  9. Hello. I did that and as expected ( As i just had the harness apart and rewrapped) there is no plugin for the lights. The first plugin is for the prop valve switch..it wraps around the shock tower and then there's the w/w plug. I just looked at the schematic and i can see that the green/white wire in the underhood harness should connect to the left signal bulb of the hood scoop and the white/blue wire should connect to the right hood scoop bulb. Again, i checked out the wiring harness and there is not a plug to mate up to the hood scoop wiring. So, i guess i'll remove the harness along the shock tower and splice in the two wires to a new socket that will mate up to the hood scoop wiring...all i can do. I think it's safe to say that not all 70's came with that plug or else this car is an oddball..lol. Not sure what else to tell ya Thanks again for the help..John
  10. I'll go check that as i rewrapped the harness and can't recall seeing that plug. I'll get back to you and again, thanks for the help. John
  11. Thanks for the prompt response Midlife. Yep, the hood harness for 69 and 70 is the same. So you're saying the harness i have with both 3 pin jumper pigtails can't be used of course and yes it is labelled 1969. And is what you are saying is that the stock 70 harness running along the shock tower already has a plug in to accomodate the hood signals..am i reading you correct when you say it is 'integral' ? Thanks..John
  12. Just wrapping up this 70 convert build and have installed the hood scoop option with signals in the rear. I note the scoop harness I have is the same part number for 69 and 70. However the jumper harness that my vendor supplied has 3 pins where it intercepts the turn signal harnesses at the front and the turn signals on the 70 only have two. Harness is a 'go between' the turn signals at the front and runs back along the shock tower and connects to the hood scoop wiring. Anyone run into this before? Thanks..John
  13. Will do. Just ordered in the rear's as we just moved the rears to the front. I'll post pics as soon as i have them. Tire shop says those are 2 weeks out...:( ....regards...John
  14. Decided to go with 255/45/17 on rear and 245/45/17 on front.
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