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  1. Roger that was posted in 2015. I think I have one of these if you're interested. Best regards..John
  2. I do have one with trim and bucket etc but unfortunately missing the tab. I came across a kit a while back that included a new tab and the adhesive to make it work along with instructions. Have never done it but looking at it, it certainly wasn't hard. John
  3. Pulled the trigger on the Koni's today. On sale at Summit if anyone is in the market. John
  4. Yes, Vic..i see summit has the Koni's on sale right now. So that just might be the route to go for this car. My son deals with Summit (Atec) through his business. Regards....John
  5. Hey Vic. I couldn't find a numeric listing for the mustang on Bilsteins site. I'm wondering if the ones from the mustang shop go through someone else's hands before getting to them. Ill see if my customer wants to splurge for these. They'll cost a ton more if i get them from Sot or opentracker due to the currency exchange..shipping and fees.
  6. Thanks Vic. She looks awesome under there! The Mustang Shop up here in Calgary sells a set of 4 but it looks like their own numbering system. https://www.themustangshop.ca/product/9026832/658496
  7. Yessir. And that's where i get the 65/66 info. John
  8. Brian the 1st # comes up as 65/66? Same for 70? John
  9. The 70 convertible i just finished had both wire connectors for the trunk light and the sail panel lights( fastback) above the drivers side wheel well sticking out of the taillight harness. One was hot all the time for a mercury switchin the trunk lid and the other was hot only when the door was opened. I plugged into the sail pillar wire to run 2 small led lights in the side panels to light up the entry as there are no lights back there worked well. This car did not come with a convenience group. Ill post a pic. John
  10. Anyone have the part numbers for the bilstein street shocks front and rear? My research says these are the choice shocks for the convertible. However i can't seem to find individual part numbers. Thanks..John
  11. Shipping from here in Canada will kill ya too. John
  12. Hey Tmiles. Sorry for the late response..been away from the forum. Reason i ask is that i am in Canada so i imagine shipping would be cost prohibitive. John
  13. Where are you located? ..John
  14. Looking great Vic! I sent you a pm last week. John
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