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  1. Purchased a 15L to do carbs and small parts..works awesome. Now looking for one to accommodate a cylinder head. Anybody purchase one of these? Thanks..John
  2. Need the passenger side * eyebrow * moulding only. Bought repos but they were no where close to fitting. Thanks..John
  3. Hello Midlife. By cowl strut you mean the support bracket/brace that bolts to the shock tower under the upper shock bracket and gets bolted to the firewall? I see from the wiring schematics that the heavy black power lead for the convertible top switch goes along under that brace. John
  4. I've searched quite a bit on this and there seems to be discrepancies as to where the wires should follow. Does the engine gauge feed and coil wire run up along the drivers or passenger valve cover? Secondly some say the alternator feed wire along with the black main power feed and travel down to the headlight harness...there's no way this harness will do that. I replaced the aprons on both sides so i don't see any holes for the solenoid wires to clip to on the passenger side shock tower/aprons making me think that they weren't fastened there when i removed it over 10 year ago. The voltage regulator harness and the alternator harness are of course one harness. Branching off that is a blue 2 pin plug with a male/female. Travelling from the cowl is the heavy black that goes to the + side of the solenoid. A red/black stripe that goes to the sta terminal of the solenoid. And also along with these wires is a two pin connector (blue) with a male and female. That plugin has a heavy black wire along with a green/red stripe and this plugs into the alternator harness. I'm just wondering where to fasten/run these wires? Theres a 3rd heavy gauge wire that travels out the cowl/firewall and gets attached to the underside of the strut brace and this ends up at the circuit breaker for the convertible top. Finally does anyone have a pic of this breaker installed to show it's orientation. I have it installed with the studs facing outward. Unlike the original this scott drake replacement does not have any markings on it for power in etc. Sorry to be longwinded...thanks...John
  5. Thanks aslanefe. I'll see what i can come up with. I have an order coming so i might be able to add these to it..saves running around looking for it and i can keep working on the stang. Regards...John
  6. Thanks Guys: I have an email to my supplier to see if he has them in stock. I'm thinking that once the pads are installed the cowl just slides under the stainless moulding and that keeps it in place along with the screws at the forward portion of the cowl panel..thanks...John
  7. Under the removable cowl where both wiper arms protrude through are there rubber or sponge insulators under it? It fastens at the front edge with roughly 7 small screws and one at each end with the rubber bumpers for the back of the hood but no attachment points close to the windshield. Does it just slide under the lower stainless moulding along the bottom of the windshield...the moulding that has 7 brackets that are clipped into the moulding and fasten to the firewall? Thanks..John
  8. Supplier has agreed to take them back for a full refund. Guess i'll try to locate some decent original ones. ...thanks..John
  9. I appreciate everyones' comments and thanks for the pics. Mustangstofear: While tweaking might be attainable, when the complete opening of the moulding is smaller than the bucket there's no way to physically widen the opening without kinking. It's like trying to stretch the letter " C" or a horseshoe open..somethings gotta give and either crack or dent. ..John
  10. Hi Vic. I just noticed that you and i were discussing front coil springs in this 70 convert i'm finishing for a friend/customer. I also noticed that my response to you was still sitting in my drafts email :( Sorry about that. I'll probably give NPD a call and see what they say. I'd hate to return them as i'm in Canada and it is a royal " pita" to return things as the shipping is costly. If you have a chance could you send me a few pics of yours installed? thanks a bunch. John
  11. Hello Vicfreg: We've emailed each other before. undamaged original extension and i have another extension here to test with the same results..totally unfit. I wonder where NPD sources theirs from. If i knew that they guaranteed their fit on an original unmolested extension i would purchase these and have them shipped up to me. How's your convert coming along? If not too much trouble can you take a pic of your mouldings installed? thanks.. John
  12. Don't recall seeing that on my 69 sportsroof when i restored it. ..John
  13. Trying to install a set of Scott Drake mouldings on the fender extension. These mouldings are so far off that it is impossible to make them fit. They don't fit the opening and are total garbage. I contacted my supplier, who has been excellent all along and he advises that he will replace them but advised that i probably won't be happy with the replacements as they look terrible as well. Says he has had a ton of complaints about them. This is an original headlight bucket extension so it's not like I'm fighting to get two aftermarket pieces to work together. Has anyone on the forum run into this? I'm assuming that there is only one or two factories in Taiwan punching these out. It amazes and floors me as to why, in this day of cnc mills and computers etc that a NOS moulding can't be copied to fit better than these replacements. And..they're not cheap to purchase! It's not like these need a little bend here and a tweak there....they just don't fit. Frustrating to say the least. Maybe someone on the forum may have a decent used set i can purchase from them or can point me in the direction of a different supplier of decent parts but these Scott Drake copies just aren't cutting it. Thanks...John
  14. I'll check with the owner of the car to see what he wants to do. Thanks...John
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