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  1. 69 non-tach dash wiring harness. Used original that I bought for my mach 1. Ended up not needing it, only used it for reference on existing wiring. It will need wrapped. Have pics I can upload if needed. $100 + shipping OBO PM or reply here. Thanks.
  2. Used Weiand Xcelerator single plane intake for a square bore 4v carb on a 351c with 2v heads. Good low end for a single plane manifold. Was going to use for EFI but sold car. $100 + shipping
  3. Good luck, Rsmach. I got the itch too, sold mine also & picked up a 71 Road Runner to restore. It happens.
  4. I'm at work right now. I'll try to find a box over the weekend & get that figured out early next week. I live in a small town, no UPS / FedEx outlets... Saturday's full up or I'd try then
  5. Hey all -- I have some left over / unused parts from my resto. No longer needed, starting another project, cleaning house. Got some dash panel pieces & gauge assembly parts. Not sure what to ask on these? Open to offers / suggestions, would prefer dash panels & gauges go as a lot. Pics: I also have some Global West tubular subframe connectors that I bought new but never installed- SOLD And lastly, here is a set of A-pillar trim for a fastback. These are reproduction pieces that never got used because I found a good set of originals. $50 obo + SH. Just PM me here if needed. Thanks for looking.
  6. Nope I'm running a stock stroke Cleveland. Guess that makes me runt of the litter? lol
  7. Moot point now... she gone. It was a yellow car, Boss motor/trans missing, in need of resto for 7500. Wasn't my car, just ran across it while looking for stuff I don't need & can't afford.
  8. Let's say there's a 1971 Boss 351 resto project I ran across on CL that I'm not in a position to move on. Which there is. Should I post a link here, or is that verboten? I've debated whether to post the link or not. The car isn't mine, don't know the owner, haven't had any contact with them whatsoever. On one hand, I'd hate for someone to miss it if they were interested. On the other hand, if there's something not kosher about the deal, I'd hate to unknowingly facilitate someone getting ripped off.
  9. lol -- I wish I was in that tax bracket. No, I just drove it out to the defunct airstrip outside the small town I live in & snapped some pics. This pony resides in a humble one-car stall. BTW, I googled your car, cool history! Not at all -- in fact, I'm stealing the pic, so we're even :)
  10. Last night I pulled the Grant steering wheel. Today I installed a factory wheel. This is a wheel I've had laying around since1999, bought it with the car as the one that was on the car at the time was beyond shot. Got it pretty cheap, looks like someone did an amateur resto on it a one point. Looks like it's cracked again and probably more on the way. No rimblow switch. At least it's a Ford piece. Been wanting to put it in for a while but haven't felt like shelling out $400 to $650 for a resto or repro wheel. Might have to pop for a new pad though. Stuck a cheap Grant horn button in it for the time being. Fit perfect, like it belonged there. At least I know it won't fall off randomly like the old horn button that came with the Grant wheel. Still need to find a junk switch to fill the channel, or at least put a wheel skin on it. It'll work until I can do better.
  11. Just think of all the 69 Chargers that are DOA because of the DoH...
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