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  1. Fantastic

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    So, I wanted a cool GIF Avatar so I could be cool like all you cool guys (you guys are so cool, lol) I made something up, but could not shrink it down. Regardless...it looks pretty cool...
  2. The sad part (for me) is that looks like it was actually a Gulfstream Aqua, White Interior, R-code. To me that would be a dream car. I opted for a 351w because, in my very humble opinion, this is cheaper to obtain, maintain, retain. I suspect a higher power car such as the R-codes have been pushed harder and are more worn than others. I base this on the Camaro guys who are now seeking out the 6cyl cars because they are not beat up like the V8 cars. Still, I can daydream of having an R-Code beach cruiser like that... If the door tag was available for viewing, it would be a treat.
  3. You also have to watch out for NOS stuff because you don't know why it is NOS. In my other hobby we often see NOS stuff for sale because it was a factory defective reject that someone pulled from a dumpster.
  4. Interesting. I replaced both sides with '70 bolt in glass and I have not had an issue other than the window crank handles using the '70 mechanisms were rubbing on the inner panels. I could also comment about the wiring harness in the doors but the f(*&^ing arse wipe at the shop stole those parts. Hey, but my glass fits.
  5. Just saw an ad for a '69 R code shaker repro. Ad claimed all metal as per original, can't tell from original....and priced as if it were an original...lol. I've always cringed at the price of shakers. Knowing there are as many, or more, 351w cars out there, I would think the market would be there for that part at a fair price point. They currently sell for more than the original price of the whole car.
  6. I hope to put the decals on at some point, but I want to wait until I take care of a few issues. My car is very "originalish" looking other than the brake upgrade which pushed the need for those rims. In going with that, and the look of the car, I was thinking of getting my decals done black on chrome. Nobody else has that, so it would look original but be unique, like my car.
  7. Well of course I love your build. Gulfstream Aqua with a white interior just screams out summer sun. I note that your tail light panel is blacked out. Is that factory or a change? I know the Boss 302 cars had that, but I don't remember if any others had that as a factory option.
  8. I am hoping to try out a set of normal '04 Bullits to see if the fit is better. Rolling the lips is going to be tricky since the car is already painted. Every step is a new challenge.
  9. I was concerned with safety, so I opted to upgrade my brakes using the kit from Vintage Venom. Using their adapter I installed '04 Cobra rotors and calipers. To allow these larger calipers to fit, I had to use 17" rims. I chose bullitt anthracite rims, 17x8 deep in front, and 17x10.5 deep in back. I still like the idea, but I will have to do more work to get the this set up properly. I can drive the car, but I am fearful of the possibility of the rubber inadvertently bumping a fender or quarter. I am also unhappy with the braking system, and I suspect I need to change the MC, perhaps with a hydroboost setup. I would like to read more about what others have done with theirs. photobucket
  10. Almost Christmas. I've had this car tucked away for a very long time. It seems I've turned into "that guy" that I heard about when I was a kid. The car is seldom seen in person, and I've heard it mentioned in rumors at car shows, lol. At least I don't have it as yard art like those cruel bastards that drove me and my buddies nuts when I was a teen with Mustang fever. anybody drive their classic Mustang in the snow? Not me. Hidden away in a heated garage. Lol
  11. HydiHo sports fans. Been a long while. I have not done much with the car this past year as I'm quite busy building a house. Funny how fast I run out of money with these projects...lol. My mustang is safe and tucked away. I have a standing agreement with my wife that the Mustang will be listed "for sale" but only at the full appraisal price. So, it get's posted once in a while. I'm not worried because there is nobody in this area that can afford such a car. I'm starting to tinker with a few new mods to the car. I picked up some TCP upper control arms, and I will be buying the matching TCP dual adjustable coil overs to go with them. That should get my front end down a bit. Right now the car looks like it is launching. I could lift the back a bit, but I'll wait until the front is sorted first. The other mod I'm looking at is the rear bumper. The factory fit is so gross. I've seen what they look like when they are tucked and shaved like the original design intent. I'm so surprised that some company does come up with a new chrome bumper that is already made to fit properly. If I find one to cut up, I'll start tinkering with this part this winter. But for now.... Happy hibernation season! Fantastic
  12. No doubt. Do you want a numbers matching worn out R-code junker that needs everything replaced, or a fully restored M-code car that has everything already replaced? I've had many people tell me that my car lost value when I replaced the factory heads and intake with aluminum parts. Lol. My car will be like new 50 years from now when the R-code craze is long gone.
  13. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/city-of-halifax/2-1970-boss-302-mustangs/1161787232?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Posted for your interest. Not mine. For sale near me in Nova Scotia.
  14. Fantastic

    weird dream

    I had a strange dream last night that someone gave me a '69 coupe. I mounted the engine in the rear and chopped the whole car until it looked very corvetteish. It was a very odd dream and I woke up wondering what the heck had just happened... Checked my car this morning to make sure I didn't do any strange sleep walking.
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