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  1. +1. Illuminates the switch when you pull the headlight switch out to the parking lights position. Light goes out when the headlight switch is pulled out to turn on the headlights.
  2. Maybe time for a rebuild by Tachman.
  3. Yeah, and what's up with going to the junkyard and removing a 68 coupe windshield to replace the one he dropped.
  4. The plastic backing is why I like them. Much more durable than the original style...doesn't tear from the clips when removing and replacing the panels.
  5. Make sure the bulb sockets are tight/grounded in the housing.
  6. Cool. Did you notice the 1966 interior shots.
  7. 225/60/14 BFG Radial T/As (sig pic is not updated)
  8. Ouch. I feel your pain. Couple of years ago when cutting the speaker holes in my deluxe door panels with a box cutter, it slipped slicing my left thumb down to and including the tendon. Probably shouldn't have been working on the car at 1 am. I wrapped my thumb with a paper towel and secured it with masking tape and drove myself to the emergency room. Had to have plastic surgery. It actually hurt more when the doctor was manipulating the cut and poking around than the actual cut. Took some time before I got the feeling and range of motion back. Good work/luck on the project too by the way.
  9. Yeah, weird alright, but great incorporation of the your Mustang.
  10. Looking for an underhood light for my 69.
  11. The key switch is designed to go on at park and off when pull to headlights. Try a new headlight switch. Even though the headlights work, it affects the others too. If not that, check the ground wire connection in the harness behind the gauges.
  12. Non adjustable standard engine mounts. I heard conv & non-conv mounts are different, could it be that I got the wrong mounts? Gearbox is a rebuilt unit.
  13. I recently reinstalled my 4-speed (had been converted to auto) and when I'm shifting (clutch engaged) during turns (turning steering wheel) my steering wheel hits/drags against the equalizer bar briefly. The equalizer bar was still in the car with the auto and I replaced the engine mounts, steering box and rag joint. Any ideas on the cause?
  14. Welcome to the forum Chris. From the UK? Any pics of your car? I have 225x60x14 on mine and had that size on others I've had as well. I would go with that size.
  15. Thanks for the replies guys and thanks for the link 427Stang.
  16. Anyone able to provide a height measurement from the middle of the window for their sportsroof door glass?
  17. I thought coupe and convertible door glass was interchangeable so I bought a passenger side coupe door glass off E-bay and when I got it found it to be shorter than the original piece by almost 2". The shape and brackets (glued to it) are the same but the coupe glass I received is about 14" tall in the middle and the original convertible glass about 15 3/8". Are they different or did I get glass from another vehicle?
  18. Changed the fuel pump, filter and lines in engine compartment and still have the problem. Any other suggestions?
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