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  1. Great work! Any details on those trunk pieces? Custom work? And are those the light up door sills? I didn't think they were available for the 69, am I wrong or did you modify/just use a different year?
  2. I ordered my next round of parts from CJ Pony, cleaned up the rest of the steering linkage (torque, grease, cotter pins), and i received and admired the filler neck from stangs-R-me I'm hoping this weekend to fill the power steering set up and test it out, fire up the motor for a bit, install the clutch pedal and steering column, and start looking at pulling the C4.
  3. Does anyone know if the Cougar landau trim from 69/70 will fit? I know the 70 back glass trim is different on the Mustang, I found some Cougar trim on fleabay.... still no dice on the Mustang parts...
  4. Finally finished up the brake system. New booster, pedal bushings, master cylinder, stainless lines, prop valve, everything bled... then I installed my steering valve, cylinder, and all the goods up front. I need to torque everything, grease all the things, put the cotter pins in.. Hopefully that gets done this week. next i need to torque everything in the suspension once its back on the ground. then its out with the C4 and in with the T5.
  5. I took two days off of work this week. I got the stainless brake lines run, stainless fuel lines run, fuel tank installed, wheel bearings/rotors installed, calipers installed, new rag joint, and most of the power steering assembly is ready to go back in. Waitin on one stinkin part that was backordered at CJ pony.... Next up is the pedal assembly with clutch pedal and MDL cable clutch kit... It felt great to finally get a couple days off of work to get some time on the car.
  6. SOLD! Well, not yet.. .look for an email soon though! I'll definitely be contacting you for one. I just put the tank back in ran lines etc and was digging up the old threads on the modification. I'll gladly hand over some $$ to save me the labor on this one. Nice work! The last time I filled the tank some guy was chatting me up about the car....total splash out. embarrassing.
  7. Hello! So my 69 coupe used to be a vinyl top grande. Somewhere in it's history the vinyl top was removed... i'm debating going back to it because i've seen some great paint jobs with the vinyl top that really look good... anyway - to do so i'm missing the trim for the vinyl top anyway - so can i even find a set?
  8. Yesterday I finished painting the frame rails, removed the old beat rear valence, and painted my brackets for the front and rear sway bars. Today I'm going to reinstall them, add a few missing grease fittings to the fresh suspension components, and work on pulling the column, brake booster, and pedal assembly to add new components and prepare for a 5 speed swap. Let's see how far I get after I finish this coffee! ....well, since I'm still the most recent post at the moment - I did it! Installed front and rear sway bars installed grease fittings pulled the column, brake booster/master cylinder, and pedal bracket pulled all the steering linkage. now to clean stuff up, get the cable clutch set up, and put 'er all back....
  9. you can get this too from modern driveline and splice into the wires MD-700-0001 Harness, Reverse Switch, Ford T-5/All TKOs/T-56, Does not fit Magnum $ 19.50
  10. you're not alone!! I'm a coupe guy. every year of mustang, most other cars too. I prefer the earlier chevelles and novas to the tear drop profiles. I appreciate the fastbacks.. just always preferred a coupe.
  11. yikes! Man, my experience with LTL carriers on the receiving end makes this sound terrifying... SO - any estimate on what the new cost is going to be? I assume you'll need to add some handling for crating/protection, shipping dependent on destination zip etc?
  12. nice work! mine were black but i decided to match the block, to be honest - i miss the contrast of the black and blue.. good choice!
  13. HA. yes! I can think of more than one project where unfortunately i needed to use just a slightly larger washer or trim piece than planned....
  14. So, other than an autobody saw - and using the actual template.... any other tips?
  15. Thanks. That's really the angle I was going for, but wanted to check just in case there would be a massive outcry of "NOOO why God Why??" about the OE hood.
  16. So, I picked up an OEM hood from a guy. Got it cheeeaaap. no dents, no holes, little surface rust and some scratches... but a really nice original plain hood. I really want to put a shaker on my car. Shaker hoods are expensive. Is there enough demand out there for original hoods, or should I just cut this one and never look back?
  17. awesome, i cant wait to get one of these!
  18. My findings were similar to this when I started tearing my car apart. glued in the drip rail, but not over the top.
  19. Fired her up, cleaned some dust off, ran over the list of stuff I need to do buy and fix... Its not much... but maybe this year I can get brake lines, fuel lines, suspension, and paint prep taken care of.. Axle was rebuilt last year, all the suspension parts are ready to go, just need to finish up a little bit of paint underneath first... just a few more years...
  20. That looks great! I can't wait to get one of those in my ride. So - would you recommend dynamat or some similar insulation between the headliner and the roof?
  21. First contact party did end up taking it. _Item SOLD _ thanks!
  22. I have seen a 69 at a car show with one of the dual snorkle spectre units and a monte carlo bar - but if you're looking for the pure factory set up, I think you're out of luck.
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