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  1. Hi, I gave a sheet metal shop diagrams of what I wanted and they folded to suit, I then welded them in with some tweaking, I’ve also fitted a support on the inner rockers, similar to a convertible
  2. This is the only photo I have atm, wires for control box all run under the console on the trans tunnel, rear seat has a decent gap on the hump. Their encased in a zip loom protector, so if need I can open it up easily. The main battery leads run up either side of the floor
  3. Hi Vic, it’s a kit that’s installed, can get them on eBay ,I mounted the solenoid towards the back of the door and attached the rod to the inside snub button rod, I ran wires inside from each side to the control box under the dash, previous post shows how I did the extra wires running from doors to pillars, only photo I can give you is of the actuators if you want
  4. Just finished the stereo and boot install
  5. We’ll after having it for 13 years and rebuild over the last eight,she’s finally registered and driving , it’s been a long road.
  6. Rear seat / side panels and door trims back from trimmers, came up well, almost ready for the road
  7. Made the tabs out of alloy so it’ll bend easily then panel bonded them to the trim while they were in place
  8. Thanks, I’ve made up some brackets and have panel bonded them on today, I’ll post some pics when they dry
  9. Hi all, just had my windscreen fitted, I have the clips for the lower trim but how or what connects the lower trim to the guards? And can you buy them? Thanks in advance
  10. Air box finished, came out pretty good
  11. Thanks, it’s getting there slowly
  12. Been busy building an airbox so the boss scoop is functional and engine can have clean air, taken a while, still needs painting just trying to decide either silver or black? And finished the gauges
  13. Bit of an update, side windows in, central locking in, head unit in, almost finished wiring.
  14. Thanks but need to know where what each wire does? I’m replacing a gm style switch with the original one
  15. Hi all, would someone have the wiring diagram for the headlight switch please or point me in the right direction thanks paul
  16. Converting mirrors to power, used Toyota Corolla motors with a little modification, still have to get mirrors cut
  17. headlight buckets assembled, inner trims repainted and polished, just waiting on chrome trims then I’ll fit. Seatbelt brackets made and fitted, rear retractor mounts were challenging
  18. They are from vintage leds, https://www.vintageleds.com/store/p9/64.5-70_Reverse%2FAmber_Turn_Lights.html , they are original casings, I fitted their led park light/turn signal board,
  19. Hi mike, Sorry for the delay, here is the paint code , it is a standox paint code Platinum silber 865608 formula id 4821643 it is a Porsche colour hope this helps, it is a very nice color that has depth, mine has been flow coated which makes it look much better
  20. Hi, I will post when I have it wired, at present they are only fitted in place, if I get some time I’ll try a dummy wire up to show
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