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  1. Thanks mate, we’re lucky the fire behind us a few months ago has been put out I think, unfortunately it claimed binna burra lodge( Gold Coast ). These photos are from a friend of mine on the Nsw south coast near Bega on Saturday
  2. Hi, booster and master are out of a late 80’s Aussie Falcon, both have been modified to sit that way
  3. Engine Spaghetti , fuse panel, computer and battery to be mounted behind the rear seat
  4. A little more progress, picked up the custom fuel tank, building brackets for the brake and clutch reservoir, have run and mounted oil cooler, oil filters and air con system
  5. Was made by Custom Wrecks, he’s on Facebook, photos don’t do it justice
  6. A model of the car as I got it, my daughter had it made for a Xmas present
  7. Hi, it’s a Porsche silver, body will be same color, not sure on stripes yet
  8. Looks worse than it is, there’s quite a bit of room around it, the rocker covers to towers are the closest, had to do a bit of modding to the booster so the master could sit at 90deg , just need to sort remote reservoirs now
  9. Thanks, took a bit to get the angles right but worth it
  10. Strut brace made up, a bit more color added
  11. A few more pics from the last week, new MMR oil pump gears fitted, new billet lower timing chain ⚙️ , engine fitted, new crossmember finished , ties lower control arm mounts and provides a jacking point, fitted and car back on all fours
  12. Did a bit more this week, engine bay painted, apart from a couple of runs in the clear, it turned out quite well
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