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  1. A couple of photos befor the Raptor goes on
  2. Thanks Mal we’re on the Gold Coast, wasn’t going to this extent and not converting, personal preference
  3. First time in 2 1/2 years it’s moved on its own wheels, few checks befor it goes back on the rotisserie and the under side is finished, new Dakota dash arrived last week, waiting on billet oil pump gears and lower chain sprocket,
  4. Time for an update, had tossed up strut or tubular front end? Decided on the rrs struts and rack and pinion, phase two brakes, modified the shock towers, made up the engine mounts, fitted engine and transmission, fitted new canton oil pan, trans mount is next
  5. Looking at vintage air, haven’t gone as far as compressor selection as yet
  6. Thanks, I have a wrecked 2017 Gt , so I have all the bits and will be using the seats
  7. Hi all, have tried a search but didn’t come up with what I wanted, which would be a better wiring set up ? The ford racing or Ron Francis for a 2017 coyote and manual trans into a 69 Mustang? Pros and cons as I haven’t used either I am in Australia, so if there are others that may suit I’d also like to hear about them thanks Paul
  8. Doner engine and 6 sp box, from 2017 Mustang
  9. can't believe how time flies, seems like last week i posted not 12 mths ago! been a lot of tidy ups, rolled shell on its side and made up rail extensions, welded the floor in place, more work on the firewall, plenum and dash setup, decided to change direction on engine trans, so sold off all the parts i had and am now on the look out for a coyote engine and transmission
  10. Thanks everyone have what I need
  11. This for vsb-14, heaviest weight of the vehicle in the range, to work out their formula for largest engine fitment,
  12. Thanks, but I need to have what factory rated them at, need for evidence for engineer
  13. Hi all, does anyone know what a429 boss and a gt350 weigh? ( Kerb weight) , have tried searching but there's some conflict between sites, a link to some where would be great thanks paul
  14. Hope all goes well Shaun, you'll have to make it a 5 seater now
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