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  1. Midlife, are you saying this should be connected to an orange blue wire?
  2. Last week my rear passenger brake light and turn signal stopped working. The regular lights work and I know that they are wired differently than the regular lights. The front turn signal works and I understand that is not uncommon. I know it could be the switch but when I looked at the back wiring I saw a few things that I thought could be the problem. The first one is the ground wire is simply bare and is shredded. The red wire looks like it has been spliced and is also shredded. I will run a new ground wire but the red wire is where my question come from. Should that red wire be spliced like this and if so where should it run and connect to. The side marker light on that side also does work when the lights are turned on. Please let me know any suggestions you have. Thank you, Bob
  3. My 69 fastback is in desperate need of new seats. I was looking into the option of buying new updated seats to make the drive more enjoyable. I am looking into a set of Corbeau sport seats but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on another option. Any opinion would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  4. det0326, how did you fix the belt positioning problem. Did you find something to use as an extension?
  5. Thanks, I ordered the bolts last week from CJ Pony and my shoulder bolts are smaller than my floor bolts. I will check on the ETA of the bolts tomorrow.
  6. Being in the mid-west I have recently taken my car out of storage. After running for a few hours the positive cable running to the starter melted off the Solenoid. The metal end melted and broke off. My thought is to replace the solenoid and put on a new wire end on and see if that fixes the problem. Is this common? Any thoughts on what caused it other than a loose wire or corrosion?
  7. I am installing new three point seat belts in my 69 Fastback. Previously I have only used lap belts. I was able to find the bracket behind the headliner, but have been unsuccessful with finding a working bolt. C.J. Pony parts sells them Fr. Seat Belt Mtng. Kit - Shoulder Straps 4 Pcs. 1967-1973 for $22.00. has anyone successfully used a bolt from a hardware store? Does anyone know the size of the bolt? Thanks, Bob
  8. I have a new to me 69 fastback that came with some issues. It came with a Grant steering wheel (identical to the ones sold at CJ ponyparts) The horn does not work and the turn signals do not cancel after making turns. Is this common in Grant steering wheels or was something not installed correctly? I will take it off and look to see what the issues are but I thought I would start here. Thanks Bob
  9. I went with a Gray and black color scheme. I also blacked out the headlights and rear panel. I would do it all over again and don't regret the choice. My daughters want me to repaint it pink and I stopped saying over my dead body because I don't want them driving a pink mustang to my funeral!
  10. My 69 fastback is an original A.C. California car. I have no future plans to put A.C. in the car but I have several of the original pieces. Is there a market out there for these pieces? Is this something to put on Ebay or craigslist? Thanks for any thoughts Bob
  11. I am looking to install a new speaker in the dash and I was wondering if there was a local store option over the Mustang specialty options out there. Has anyone found a great option?
  12. Does the power for the horn come from the Light switch? Is this the wrong question?
  13. Today I was able to check the fuses and they all look good. I put 12v to one of the wires and the horns worked. What would you suggest as my next step?
  14. Yes that half moon connector is in tact. So do i send the 12 volts through the two black wires coming out of the steering wheel area?
  15. I checked and the blue/yellow wire runs to the firewall and is connected on the other side. The wires are taped up all the way to the front where they are than separated from the lights and are by the horn. So the wires seem unbroken and where they should be. What would be my next step or what should I look at next?
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